Year End Letter from The Fuller Project
Dear Colleague,

Amid major world events in 2016, The Fuller Project reported on the news that affects women, and on the news that women made.

Feminist activists around the world beat a steady drum, from Turkey where women march to end femicide, to Saudi Arabia where women compel political and economic openings, to Colombia where women brought factions to the table for peace. Reporting on watershed moments such as these, we raised activists’ voices, sharing stories of change with the world.

As the image of a Syrian child on a Turkish beach rocked the world, and Germany opened its borders, we reported on how global crises affect women. We tracked a young journalist running an underground newspaper in Syria, and told the story of Syrian women fleeing to Europe in search of opportunity and education. Our coverage of the New Year’s Eve attack in Cologne focused readers on German and foreign  women, and we reported on  Europe’s failure to address refugee women’s needs. The migrant crisis empowered right wing parties in Europe; we reported on the women in Poland who took to the streets to ward off anti-abortion legislation.

2016 was a pivotal year in the US, with the change to a socially conservative administration after 8 years of progressive leadership. Noting that only 1 percent of presidential debate questions were about women, we pushed for more attention. Soon after our report on the dangers of an all-male cabinet, the incoming administration tapped many more women for leadership positions.

We launched The Fuller Project in 2016 and found that editors and readers alike are hungry for more and better news about women from all walks of life. In 2017, we will bring these stories to you and to millions each week with independent, investigative reporting and with a focus on solutions that move us forward.

We are proud to introduce the newest member of The Fuller Project team, Ashley Rogers. Ashley joins us from Women for Women International and now serves as our chief of growth and strategy.

We invite you to play an active role in advancing conversations on issues affecting women. Please consider making a on-line gift to The Fuller Project before our fiscal year ends on  December 31 . Thank you for your support.  

Sending best wishes for the New Year.                                                              

                     Christina Asquith