January Senesh@Home Distance Learning,
Testing Requirements and On-Site Testing at Senesh

As we approach winter break, we continue to take measures to keep our community healthy and our school doors open 

January 4-15: Senesh@Home Distance Learning
Details will be shared with you by the Lower and Middle School Directors. 

We ask all families to follow our community guidelines during the two weeks of distance learning that follow winter break.
  • Wear masks and social distance.
  • Limit playdates to outdoors only, one-on-one interactions, and children are masked.
  • Avoid group gatherings. This includes multi-family get-togethers, group playdates and sleepovers, team sports, and birthday parties.
  • Indoor classes outside of school are not recommended at this time.

Required COVID-19 Staff and Student Testing
  • All students and staff are required to receive a COVID-19 PCR/Nasal Swab Test on January 12 or 13.
  • Testing can take place at Senesh (see below) or at a testing site of your choice.
  • A negative COVID-19 PCR/Nasal Swab Test is required to return to in-person learning on Tuesday, January 19. 

NEW: On-Site Testing at Senesh for Students on January 13, 3:00-5:30pm
School will dismiss at NOON on January 13; all staff will be tested in the early afternoon and testing for students at Senesh will occur from 3:00-5:30pm.

Who is administering the tests? 
  • We are fortunate that Citywide will administer COVID-19 PCR/Nasal Swab Tests for Senesh students, staff, and regular lunch volunteers. 
  • Insurance is accepted; and no additional charge is required. 
What do I need to do so my child can be tested at Senesh at this time? 
Do I need to accompany my child? 
  • Yes, as this is the first time testing is happening at Senesh, we will conduct all tests outdoors and a parent/adult must be with the child when waiting in line and when the test is administered as Senesh staff will not be on site to supervise students.
When do I arrive? 
  • Arrive to school during the dedicated hours of 3:00-5:30pm on January 13.
  • No specific appointment times will be set, based on the protocols of the team administering the tests. 
  • Families will need to remain outside the gated yard in a line.
How do I get results?
  • You will receive test results in 24 hours with a phone call if the test is positive, or via email from Senesh if the test is negative.
  • A Negative COVID-19 PCR/Nasal Swab Test is required to return to in-person learning.
Can my whole family get tested?
  • No, this service is for Senesh students, staff, and lunch volunteers only.
What if I prefer to take my child elsewhere for testing? 
  • You are welcome to have your child receive a COVID-19 PCR Nasal Swab elsewhere. 
  • Antigen rapid tests will not be accepted as they are not as accurate. 
  • This test must be taken on January 12 or January 13. 
  • Test results should be emailed to ncabot@hannahsenesh.org and nurse@hannahsenesh.org.

Required Ongoing Surveillance Testing On Site at Senesh
  • One third of Senesh students and staff learning on site will be tested on January 25, February 1, and February 8, 2021. 
How will on-site school testing work?
  • Senesh will provide testing on site at Senesh during the school day.
  • Students will be escorted by Nathalie Cabot and/or the Nurse to the nursing area where the test will be administered. 
  • The test will be administered by Citywide.
How will I know when my child/ren will need to be tested?
  • You will receive an email communication relaying the week your child must be tested when we return from winter break.
  • Students will be in the same group as our last round of surveillance testing: Group 1, 2, or 3.
  • Group 1-January 25; Group 2-February 1; Group 3-February 8.
What if I do not want my child to be tested at school without my being present?
  • If you prefer, you can take your child elsewhere to get tested, but the test must be received on the required date or the weekend/two days preceding that date.
  • We will only accept a COVID-19 PCR/Nasal Swab Test. Antigen rapid tests will not be accepted as they are not as accurate. 
Can my child come to school while awaiting test results?
  • Yes. Students may attend school in-person while awaiting test results.
How do we receive test results?