July 2017
Marin's Favorite Social Club for Folks with Memory Loss

Lots of happy activity in and around Senior Access.

Introducing our new CGO



My name is Dana Pepp and I am Senior Access’ new Chief Growth Officer (CGO).  I am so happy to be part of the Senior Access team!


My mission and role are to help Senior Access to grow, to ensure that every family touched by dementia will have access to Senior Access.


We plan to expand our services:  social day programs for seniors with dementia (both outings and the Club), community brain fitness classes, memory screenings (in English and Spanish), caregiver respite and a caregiver support groups.


We invite you to be a part of our Growth Campaign. In order to increase our outreach, re-brand and provide more significant financial aid to families, we are looking to our donors, foundations, partnerships and grants for financial support.


Please join us our Growth Campaign, so that every family touched by dementia will have the opportunity to join the Senior Access family.


We’d like to hear your thoughts and receive your support and your donations!


Together, we will make Senior Access accessible to all families touched by dementia.




Dana Pepp

Chief Growth Officer


P.S. I look forward to hearing from you!  Please feel free to contact me via email (dpepp@senioraccess.org) or phone (415.491.2500, ext. 110 or direct line:  415-526-0050).


Latino Senior Outreach

Senior Access is pleased to share that we received a grant from the Alzheimers Foundation of America (AFA) to outreach and engage Latino seniors in Marin.

The Senior Access AFA team, led by Cynthia Seymour, is training local bilingual, bicultural community members to facilitate memory wellness classes, brain fitness and memory screenings throughout Marin.  Our classes and screenings are all conducted  in Spanish and will raise awareness in the Latino community about memory care and memory loss.   We plan to continue these efforts to reach all communities throughout Marin.

This program was funded by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA). 

Wish Jim Happy 70th Birthday

No Gifts for Jim, but donations for Senior Access gratefully accepted.

Senior Access is a non-profit - 501(c)3 - that through it’s Outing Club, Day Club and Caregiver Support Groups enhances quality of life offering respite for families in Marin touched by dementia.

Food, Drink and Entertainment provided

All Jim’s homies from various Congregations, San Quentin, Cursillo, Kairos, Senior Access, JCC, Peet’s, neighborhood, family and sundry friends will be here for a “roast” hosted by Marin’s clown jester, Michael Pritchard.

RSVP to jward@senioraccess.org by August 10.

Caregiver Retreat - Save the Date
Our now semi-annual Caregiver Retreat is scheduled October 5, 2017, 10am - 3pm.  Lisa Poncia, of Poncia Law will be giving a legal update as pertains to families who caregive for a loved one with memory loss.

With prior arrangement, your loved one can be dropped off between 9am - 4pm the day of the event.  Email ahaight@senioraccess.org to reserve your loved one's spot during the day retreat.

The retreat will be at St. Columba's Inverness, 12835 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. in Inverness.

Overnight for $50 may available as well, stay tuned for more information.

We will post more about this event soon.

Thanks to our retreat sponsor   St. Columba .
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