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December 2016
Senior Sweetheart Finds His Forever Home
11-Year-Old Toy Poodle Gets Adopted
At the beginning of November, an 11-year-old Toy Poodle mix was found running around the Red Rocks Community College campus. A Good Samaritan brought the tiny dog, who only weighed seven pounds, to Foothills Animal Shelter. Sadly, his fur was severely matted and it was discovered that he had no teeth remaining, likely due to advanced dental disease. Luckily, he was in good condition otherwise, and had a spunky, sweet temperament. No owner came to claim him, so the Shelter shaved his coat to remove the mats, named him Murray and placed him up for adoption.

November was Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and Foothills Animal Shelter, along with other shelters throughout the country, use the month to highlight the benefits of adopting senior pets. Murray was featured on the Shelter's Facebook page in a short video that garnered thousands of views. It was obvious that there was something special about this little guy, and during the last week of November, Murray found his new forever home.

Home for the Holidays
Bring Home a New Cat This Holiday Season
Bring Home a furry feline friend for the holidays this year! For the month of December, all cats 6-months-old to 6-years-old are $25, and cats 7-years and older are just $10! Don't miss out on your opportunity to celebrate the holidays with the purr-fect pal! The regular adoption process still applies and the spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip and free health check are included.

Winter Weather Tips for Your Pets
Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy This Winter
Winter in Colorado is marked by days of cold and lots of snow. Here are a few tips to make sure your four-footed family members stay safe and warm during this time of year: 
  • Don't leave your pets outside in cold weather. They are much happier, healthier and safer indoors. Remember, if you are cold and ready to go inside, your pet probably is, too!
  • Warm engines in parked cars can attract cats and other small animals that may crawl under the hood to keep warm. Always bang your hood or honk your horn before starting your car to avoid injury of any animals hiding underneath.
  • Salt and other snow-melting chemicals are very harmful to pets if ingested. Be sure to use pet-friendly ice melts that are available at many pet supply stores. If you walk your pet on pavement that may be treated with chemicals, wipe their feet thoroughly when getting back inside.
  • Refrain from taking your dog in the car with you when you run errands in bitter cold temperatures. Just as a car can act as an oven during summer months, it can also act as a freezer in the cold and can sometimes be as frigid as being outside in the weather.
Read more tips and tricks for keeping pets safe during winter

Pet Licensing
Did you know 75% of all dogs within Jefferson County are not licensed? That means 3/4 of your dogs might not be able to ever get back home to you should they get lost. A license not only protects your beloved pet, but also supports Foothills Animal Shelter and the thousands of orphaned pets we care for each year. License Today
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Welcome Home
In November, 461 pets in our care found forever homes and 113 lost pets were reunited with their families! We appreciate your continued support as we help orphaned animals get the best chance at a better life.
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