The recent election in the States and the Brexit both show how totally out of touch established political parties are. In their eyes, in the rarified atmosphere and world they have created for themselves, they believe they are all seeing and all knowing as to the needs of the masses. They are so pure and delusional that they drink their own bath water.

The reality is that they have no idea as to the wants, needs and identity of the electorate they profess to serve. They have lost sight of the basics of a balanced and fair society.

Their much chanted mantra of focusing on the middle classes is meaningless jargon. Who really is this middle class entity any way? I thought our society had worked hard over the last century or two to do away with the class system.

It will, I'm sure, surprise politicians to understand that the 'middle class' are  the workers. We are the manufactures, the health care, educational, professional, retail and service industry people who work to not only support themselves, but to also pay taxes that pay politicians, and allow them to live without fear as to where the next pay cheques is coming from.

Politicians, wake up. Make decisions and policies that support the backbone of this country, not your so called middle class but the workers, the people that actually produce.



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