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September 2017

The cool weather in Connecticut seems to have arrived earlier than usual - just in time for the start of a new academic year. And yet triple digit temps continue on the West coast, a hurricane named Harvey reeked havoc and took lives in Texas, and devastating floods killed over a thousand people in India. It's exactly times like these that compel me to reflect on what is of utmost importance in my personal life and what it means to live each day with purpose. As an Executive Director, I am also compelled to consider the idea of purpose as it relates to the Yale Humanist Community. Why are we here and what is our objective? How is our purpose connected to what is of utmost importance in people lives? It's a lot to consider and I am willing to admit that my small donation to help with hurricane relief, and YHC's program planning, can seem somewhat insignificant in times like these.

My dear colleague, and the person who first introduced me to Humanism, William R. Murry, died last month. Part of my grieving process included re-reading his books. In Becoming More Fully Human he writes about living with purpose and says, "Our lives gain meaning insofar as we participate in the process of life enlargement and enrichment and oppose all those things that would diminish and destroy life. When we understand ourselves as part of a universal process, we can realize that we are not disconnected, unrelated individuals, but rather part of a greater whole and that what we do matters. ...Although it may seem that our individual contribution is insignificant, it is part of the sum of all human actions which together will shape the history of our species. In a word, creation is unfinished; it is up to us to help finish it."

With purpose and gratitude,

P.S. Can't wait to see some of you on the New Haven Green, September 10th at 1PM for Humanist Haven! 
Bring a beach chair or blanket to sit on.  
If it rains we'll meet at The Grove.
Here's what's in store at Humanist Haven this Fall. 
 And you don't want to miss
Paul Golin, Executive Director of the Society for Humanistic Judaism - September 17th!
What is Humanism to y ou ?
One of our YHC friends says: 
"Humanism is the foundational ph ilosophy underpinning the meaning of life: There is no greater honor than to help someone else grow. Public behavior trumps personal belief. "
You can submit your answer to the question at this link.

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Feel free to reach out by calling us at 203-900-7942 or emailing:  

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You can also email or call to set up an appointment to stop by our office at The Grove, 760 Chapel Street, New Haven. We'd love to see you!
Look what's coming up at YHC!
Yale student dinners 
at SillimanCollege every Wednesday from 6-7:30PM, starting September 13th.

A Brief Introduction to Humanism, Sunday, October 1st, 2:30PM at The Grove.

Sagan Day Celebration,
Saturday, November 11th, 7:30PM with NYC film maker, Chris Johnson, the YHC Boutique, and delicious desserts!

For more info on these events check out  or email us at
Our theme is...
During this academic year at YHC we are working with quarterly themes to ground our Humanist Haven topics and provide focus for discussion, programming, and service. The plan is to provide a variety of resources on the theme and encourage you to delve into exploration! 
Our theme for September through Novovember is purpose  and you'll find a resource list on our website. Please check it out and let us know if there are additional resources that you'd like to add. 
(Who or what to follow?) 
Discussion Group
With Tom Krattenmaker

Will return on October 8, 2017, 1PM  at The Grove 
and will meet the 2nd Sunday of each month.
Our activities are open and welcoming to everyone!
Struggling with addiction? Join us for SMART Recovery

Are you struggling with addictive behaviors? Our weekly SMART Recovery support group meets every Wednesday, 7PM at
The Grove
760 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT
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