September 2011 




Fall is my favorite time of year in Colorado.  There is something about the cool air, the changing colors of the leaves and of course, football season :)  Embrace the change of the season and any changes in your business that are moving you forward!


In this issue you will find some helpful tips regarding the year end, a great tool and resource in the featured business and some key characteristics of great leaders.


Blessings and gratitude,



Characteristics of Leaders  


In most organizations there are people titled "Manager" but not "Leader".  As a matter of fact, the term leader is reserved for the high ranking in the C-suite of an organization - (CEO, CFO, COO, etc).  We seldom hear terms like "mid-level leaders" or  "upper-leadership".  Why is that?! 


In my experience, the word leader evokes thoughts of special characteristics and abilities - primarily to positively influence the masses.  In An Integrative Theory of Leadership, leadership is described as the "process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task".

The people that I consider great leaders, not only have the characteristics above but also take initiate, are highly productive, are excellent communicators, manage themselves and interactions well, value and deliver quality work products, strive for a true team environment, support themselves and others in their career path advancement, maintain personal balance, set healthy boundaries, and often times have to "manage up"


Leaders understand that they are a role model to others.  They know they are a facilitator of effective communication.  They realize their duty to empower, inspire, and influence others and receive great satisfaction from a win-win relationship.  


The phrase "managers manage things and leaders lead people" really hits home for me.  In many of the companies I have worked, people were indeed expected to manage things (projects, products, etc.) and were not empowered to lead effectively.  These managers had achieved excellence in their engineering discipline, had years of successful project management experience and were considered experts in their fields and yet, they were not empowered to lead.  


These managers received "leadership training" that addressed how to manage projects, budgets and matrices.  They did not receive guidance on nurturing, influencing and empowering others.  They also were not required to develop the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to be effective leaders.


There are many managers out there that mange projects successfully but are in the unfortunate situation that others are actually expecting them to lead others.  They are being set up to fail and being set up to fail is not good for the individual or the organization.  No way, no how, never!!


For those who are in a managerial role and believe you are also expected to lead, here are a few things to consider.

  1. Focus on people not just projects.
  2. Include "relating, modeling and inspiring" in your job duties.
  3. View your staff as resources contributing to success.
  4. View yourself in a support role to your staff - ultimately their success is yours too. 
  5. Strengthen your communication style by being intuitive, persuasive, and by becoming a visionary.   
  6. Learn and develop effective coaching skills, process and methods.
  7. Create a win-win environment.  

Fortunately I have worked for a handful of managers who were also excellent leaders.  These men and women not only inspired, influenced, empowered and nurtured their staff, they motivated everyone to succeed - and we did!    


What leadership traits do you already possess and operate with and what traits need to be developed? 


Monthly Insights:


I have always enjoyed digging deeper to understand myself, my traits, and tendencies so that I could improve my connection with others and efficiency with work and personal life.  Because I have taken many assessments over my career, I got to the place of looking at them to confirm what I had already assessed before.  They became a validation tool.



I recently took the CORE Map Assessment that verified my extroverted, intuitive, and thinking traits.  The results also spoke to  the positive and negative aspects of these traits that become present when I am under stress.



To be honest, the negative aspects of my inherent traits made me pause. It was different for me to think about the negative side of what I considered my best traits.  With this new awareness I can make adjustments and put measures in place such that the negative side of extroversion is lessened.



The deep insight that I had as a result of the CORE MAP experience is, that while I know myself very well, the layers at which I can look at who I am and make adjustments for improvement are vast.  And if I continue to dig, I can see myself in new ways and grow from it. 


What aspects of who you are can be looked at in a different way so that you can develop and grow even better than you are now?

Issue: 4  
Kim L. Miles

Quote of the month

"Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them."



Featured Business: 

Darla Gills - Send Out Cards Appreciation Marketing Expert 


When I met Darla Gills, I could tell she was authentic and completely present in our discussion.  She is truly warm, sincere and a great person to know. 


Darla is a distributor for Send Out Cards (SOC) and offers additional services to support you in appreciating your clients through sending cards and gifts using the SOC System.


Darla takes appreciation marketing a step further with her additional services of card design, contacts entry, and management of your SOC account.


If you are not utilizing SOC or Darla's appreciation marketing services already, please allow her to show you how she can help you keep your client relationships where they need to be for success all the way around.


As Darla says "If your not appreciating your clients, someone else is". 

Featured Book: 


Stuck - 12 Steps Up the Leadership Ladder

by Sandra Ford Walston 


This is an incredible guide that takes women from stuck thinking to a courageous living in both personal and professional life.  By identifying the Five Levels of Courage Consciousness and 12 steps to move up the leadership ladder, this book provides awareness and actions anyone can take for massive development and growth. 


This book can be purchased at



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