September 2013

It is hard to believe it is Fall already and the kids are back in school! We had one of our busiest summers yet with lots of kiddos having fun on the Ranch.  We were blessed with a large number of youth volunteers and, without them, we could not have helped so many children.  After a couple of quiet first weeks in September, the Ranch is now hearing the noise of youth coming out to attend our Fall programs again.   It will be a new season filled with memories to be made and dreams yet to be realized.  


HOPE RIDES at Silver Buckle Ranch



Help change the world one life at a time!

Silver Buckle Ranch is a place where lives are changed. But sadly, there are many kids who do not have the funds to attend our activities such as Ranch HANDS. We ask that you search your heart and consider sponsoring a child today, knowing that you will have made a difference in a life.


We are looking for both private and corporate sponsorships for the children that apply for this Program. The cost is $35 a week or $350 for a full session. Any amount will help. Anyone can make a difference! It all adds up and goes so far.  Read the stories in this newsletter of just a few of the children that need your help.  Make a difference in a child's life today.


 You can donate any amount on our website home page.




Read Their Stories


Family looking for support for 3 children:

My daughter has participated in your Ranch HANDS Program this past year and it has helped her tremendously with her anger issues.  Recently our family has suffered a traumatic loss when my nephew, her cousin, was killed in a car accident in Ridgefield. He also had two younger siblings. These three children are all dealing with this tragedy very differently. One has been very quiet and does not want to be away from those she loves. The youngest wants to talk about his brother non-stop and wants to know every detail of what happened. My daughter is in between, either very quiet and sad or wanting to know everything. However, when we get home and it's just us, she has reverted to her violent rages. They are all dealing with this and trying to figure out so much right now. I just finished having a home visit with one of her therapist and psychologist and it was brought up again how important animal therapy is to her. I know three scholarships would be reaching, but I feel equine therapy could do a world of good for all three children. Funeral expenses have depleted any extra savings. These kids are going through so much right now, and I feel like the least I can do is ask. I so appreciated my daughter's previous time on the Ranch. 

Thank You


Mom needing help for her 2.5 year old daughter:

She will be attending an equine assisted activity sessions with our pony, Buttons


We are new to the Vancouver area. I am a single mom and currently unemployed and having trouble getting into school. My 2.5 yr old daughter is autistic and an animal lover. Moving here has been challenging for her.  We do not know anyone so she is lonely and has no friends.  When we moved here, we discovered she loved toy horses. When attending the Clark County Fair, we found out that she calms down when around horses and wants to ride them. Now she is obsessed with anything horse related and begs to go see the real horses all the time. I cannot afford for her to take lessons right now, but I know this would help her in many ways with her therapy and making friends. Please help make her dream of riding horses come true. Thank you
Help a young boy attend Ranch Hands:
I have a boy who is energetic, fun loving and just loves life.  Last year, after the first 9 weeks of school, we went to a teachers conference.  The teacher wanted us to put him on medicine for ADHD symptoms because he wouldn't sit and listen.  I have learned that my son is a hands-on learner.  So my husband and I had to make some tough decisions, either I work full time while he is in school or home school him. We chose home school.  I believe Ranch HANDS will help him with his self esteem, confidence, teach him to follow through on a task and then enjoy the rewards of doing so.  I believe it will help him gain self-respect as well as teaching him to slow down.  I have been told that we don't all wear the same size pants and children don't all learn the same way.  Ranch HANDS will help him learn many life skills in his own way.
For a girl struggling with life:
I am seeking a scholarship because my daughter could really benefit from your care.  I am a single mother.  I had her at the age of 19 and have been on my own up until I got married.  Her step-father ended up molesting her and she didn't tell me until two years after it happened. We are now divorced.  Her paternal father has been in and out of her life.  It has been over a year since she has seen or heard from him.  She recently told me she doesn't like herself and has been cutting herself to feel better.  I am deeply saddened by this because she is beautiful and smart.  I go to school full time and also work but we are on a limited income.  I would love to put her in your program to help her find herself, her self worth and esteem again.  Thank you for your consideration.
These are just a few stories from families brave enough to share them with us and you so their children can come to the Ranch.  We have many more stories similar to these that we can not share. Please see if you can find a way to help one of these children or any child that needs to come to the Ranch.  Contact us for more information on how you can help.
Thank You!
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Silver Buckle Ranch Mission Statement

Silver Buckle Ranch empowers hope and changes lives through ranch and equine assisted activities.


Silver Buckle Ranch is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in Brush Prairie, WA. Our mission is to provide behavioral and social healing through equine assisted activities, ranch experiences and mentoring. Our programs foster the treatment of health, emotional, behavioral and relationship issues while facilitating the learning and development of important life skills such as respect, responsibility, trust, citizenship and compassion. By investing in youth and families, Silver Buckle makes a positive and lasting impact in the community while offering an alternative option for local health and human service providers.


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