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Volume 7 Issue 7September  2013
Countdown to Christmas!!
I know, it makes me break out in a cold sweat too..but it's only 14 Saturdays until Christmas. And Christmas shopping can put a major dent in your budget if you don't prepare for it so this months' newsletter will focus on ways to save you money in the upcoming holiday season. This first article gives you a plan on saving for Christmas & how best to make that work for you. Yes, it might be too late for this year BUT you can look at what you spend this year & make preparation for next year!

 Christmas Memories

The holidays aren't always about the gift; the memory is what is more lasting. And you can make memories without blowing your budget. How about a homemade decoration or the time spent with a Christmas book? Check this link for some amazing ideas that make memories but don't drain your wallet.

Stuff that Stocking without "destuffing" your Wallet

Stocking stuffers don't have to be high dollar gifts. This article has some great ideas for stuffing that stocking or you can use these for those gifts you always forget you need. 

Stuff that Stocking! 






Christmas in September? 

Retailers are rolling out Christmas items earlier every year. It can be irritating but it can also benefit you by letting you get a head start on Christmas shopping. And layaway is a great way to get items you need without laying down a chunk of change all at once.

Read about how retailers are trying to help you prepare for the holidays.Christmas in September 










 Christmas for Under $100? REALLY?

I know, it sounds unreal but it can be done IF you are willing to shop somewhere besides the mall.



Read how one woman purchased all her gifts for less than $100.


Under $100 Christmas











Save $500 By Christmas? 

Yes, if you follow the hints in this video you can find ways to save money for Holiay Spending.


And once the holidays are done, save the money for NEXT years' gift giving.


  Save $ 500 by Christmas? 








We would love to hear your money saving ideas for the upcoming holiday! Please go "like" the Choctaw Asset Building Facebook page to share your ideas as well as get money saving tips on a daily basis.

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