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September 2014
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The Mission of the Pensacola Runners Association is to promote, support and develop running and racing along the northern Gulf Coast. Our objective is to provide information, education, training, social and sporting events for competitive and non- competitive runners and walkers of all ages, races, genders and abilities.


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From The Top


By Charles Gheen  


The long, hot and humid summer is coming to an end as fall is right around the corner. We've coped for many months, running, walking, biking, swimming, working out and cross-fitting early in the morning before 6 am and on into the early evening after 6 pm. 

So much of the time those extreme hours made little difference. We drank gallons (it seemed) of water and sports drink. Drenched in sweat, our breathing was labored. We sometimes sought refuge inside on treadmills and elliptical trainers and in pools. Why do we continue to do it all?

The reasons are the same as every summer: for our physical, mental and emotional well-being, for the social and competitive aspects of it all and for the camaraderie and accountability we share with our fellow athletes here in Northwest Florida.

The temperatures are dropping and you can soon get back to pushing yourself. You survived the blistering Florida summer and now you're ready to go. A great place to start might be the Pensacola Seafood Festival Don McCloskey 5K this Saturday.

Keep training,



Pensacola Seafood Festival Don McCloskey 5K  
 Is This Saturday September 27th!

WHERE: beautiful downtown Pensacola. The race starts at Government and Tarragona Streets near Seville Quarter. The McGuire's pipe band will begin the event which passes the
Community Maritime Park stadium, the Pensacola Bayfront, Veterans Park, Seville Square and the historical district before the finish at Ferdinand Plaza.

REGISTRATION: online and mail-in registration ends TODAY (September 22nd).   Late registration will be available at Packet Pickup, Friday, September 26th, at Seville Quarter from 3-7 pm. You can pick up your packets early Saturday morning from 6-7 am, but there is NO race day registration. Go here   Pensacola Seafod Festival Don McCloskey 5K Information  to register TODAY.

we need you if you are not participating in the race. Please contact Iginia Parish at
for more information. 
IMPORTANT STUFF: the post-race celebration and awards will be in Seville Quarter in Phineas Phogg's. The Pensacola Runners' Association Volunteer of The Year Award will be presented at that time.

Runner Of The Month
Nina Louviere

Nina lives in Pace and you've probably seen her at many of the local races when she's collecting her awards - she's racked up an impressive number in the last few years.

Born and raised in the area, she currently works as a Consultant for  McKesson and travels extensively for her job working with clients on information systems.

She always has loved the outdoors and spends recreation time boating, at the beach and running. She ran as a young person, drifted away from the sport, then took it up again about 10 years ago and is hooked. She's always stayed in shape and been physically fit.

As noted her job takes her around the country and she runs in every city she visits which has included some rave runs in New York City, Denver, Miami, Mobridge, SD, West Virginia and other urban and rural areas. She says she loves hitting the pavement everywhere she goes and that running allows you to see things you would not ordinarily view.
Mary Emmons, Jeff Galloway, Nina Louviere At The Peachtree Road Race
Nina says she runs because you can do it anywhere and she can challenge herself and feel a sense of accomplishment each time she runs. She trains with a consistent group of friends who push each other.

Her favorite runs are the Fiesta of Five Flags in Pensacola and the Savannah Rock N Roll Half-marathon. She says it's an accomplishment each time she crosses the Finish line, but Savannah sticks out in her mind as something special.

Nina's Daughter, Krystal, is a runner as well and they recently spent a week in Manhattan that included taking in many of the sights in that amazing city while running. They ran extensively in Central Park and in other famous areas.

She has a great outlook and says "life is short, enjoy your health and freedom. I love living in the USA". Look for her at your next road race.     
Corry Station CPOA Crimestoppers 5K 

This event might be the feel-good race of the year because you know you're running for an incredible cause EXCEPT the circumstances surrounding it are a tragedy. The event is held in memory of Tyler Alexandra Jefferson, a young sailor from Texas, who was out running early on November 12, 2009 when she was shot and killed near Corry Station. The event raises funds for a reward (over $30,000 thus far) leading to the capture of those responsible.

The race brings together the Corry Station personnel and the west Pensacola community surrounding the base in memory of this young woman. She had graduated from her high school in June, entered the service, finished boot camp and was starting her Navy career when this happened. Crimestoppers started a fund to solve this horrible act and the Chief Petty Officers' Association at Corry Station began the race to augment the fund.
Randy Patterson Won The Overall Male Walker
The race this past Saturday had great conditions, a tougher-than-expected course with hills, a stiff headwind and a great band afterwards at the party. Abbey Mongosa and Andrew Baierwalter were the Overall Female and Male winners. Navy, Marine and Army personnel also ran the race in formation and added a lot of spirit to the event.  During the course of the run the field dropped flowers on the place where Tyler lost her life.

Someday someone will step forward and tell what happened that morning. Someday Tyler Jefferson's murderer will be found and the healing will continue.
Cynthia Lyons - Age Group Award Winner

Kids And Running

by Susan Martin

When my oldest son was in 3rd grade, he came home from school with a race flyer for a 1-mile community fun run. At that time, I was a very busy working mom of 3 children and a former runner. The next Saturday, I joined my child on the fun run and rejoined the running world. Since then, my children and I have enjoyed many of the local running events together.   


If you are considering bringing your children to an upcoming PRA event, the Road Runners Club of America has developed guidelines for youth running which focus on FUN participation, learning the fundamentals of running, and developing a healthy lifestyle:

  • Make running fun
  • Focus on participation and self-improvement. In grade school, running should be about participation and not be about being the fastest kid in the school
  • Emphasize good technique. Eliminate bad habits such as excessive arm movement, twisting of the upper body and over striding
  • Limit systematic training and competition before puberty. Excessive systematic training may interfere with normal growth and cause injury in a child
  • Participate in age-appropriate running events. Children age 6 and over may want to participate in a 5k run with a combination of running and walking
A great kid-friendly event is the Downtown Parade Christmas Dash which is scheduled for December 13, 2014. This is a 1-mile fun run along the parade route which occurs immediately before the parade. It's fun for the kids to have the people who are lined up to watch the parade cheering on the runners and walkers. 
Racewalking - Distances And Beginnings

By Steve Lipe 
PRA Board of Directors

Races have been walked at distances as short as 3k (1.9 mi), at the 1920 Summer Olympics, and as long as 100k (62.1 mi). Records are especially noted for the 50 mile race walk (80.5K). The men's world record for this distance is held by Israeli Shaul Ladany, through his race of 7:23:50 in 1972 in New Jersey. He shattered the world mark that had stood since 1935.


Racewalking developed as one of the original track and field events of the first meeting of the English Amateur Athletics Association in 1880. The first racewalking codes came from an attempt to regularize rules for popular 19th century long distance competitive walking events, called Pedestrianism.  


Pedestrianism had developed, like footraces and horse racing, as a popular working class British and American pastime, and a venue for wagering. Walkers organized the first English amateur walking championship in 1866, which was won by John Chambers, and judged by the "fair heel and toe" rule. This rather vague code was the basis for the rules codified at the first Championships Meeting in 1880 of the Amateur Athletics Association in England, the birth of modern Athletics.  


With football (soccer), cricket, and other sports codified in the 19th century, the transition from professional Pedestrianism to amateur racewalking was, while relatively late, part of a process of regulation occurring in most modern sports at this time.


Racewalking is an Olympic athletics (track and field) event with distances of 20k (12.4 mi) for both men and women and 50k (31 mi) for men only. Racewalking first appeared in the modern Olympics in 1904 as a half-mile walk in the 'all-rounder,' the precursor to the 10-event decathlon. In 1908, stand-alone 1,500m and 3,000m racewalks were added, and-excluding 1924-there has been at least one racewalk (for men) in every Olympics since.  



The women's racewalk became an Olympic event only in 1992, following years of active lobbying by international female athletes. A World Cup in racewalking is held biennially, and racewalk events appear in the IAAF Athletics World Championships, the Commonwealth Games, and the Pan American Games, among others.


Since 2003, the IAAF has organized an annual worldwide competition series in which elite athletes accumulate points for the right to compete in the IAAF Race Walking Challenge Final and to share over $200,000 of prize money. The series of televised events takes place in several countries each year including Mexico, Spain, Russia and China.  


On a personal note, Racewalking has been a huge help for me, both physically and mentally. I look forward to each race with both excitement and butterflies. No matter how many I have done, my anxiety is high before the race starts. I can't stand still and I pace all over until the start. I am to the point where nothing short of a hurricane will stop me from doing a race.  


I have competitively walked in 5k, 8k, 10k, and half marathons in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois and Ohio. I am hoping one day to compete in a Senior Games/Olympics in the 5k and 1500m events. I have walked in temperatures of 100 degrees and high humidity to 9 degrees with 5 inches of snow and ice stinging my face, in the pouring rain, in blowing and stinging sand, mud and ankle deep water. I have been fortunate to meet people in both the walking and running community and everyone is very supportive.  


I am currently a Board member with the Pensacola Runners Association as a racewalking representative. I would like to get more awareness of this sport out to the community whether you do it competitively or just for the exercise.



by Corey Dell

PRA Board of Directors 

        As triathlon season slowly comes to an end, are you thinking of any goals you would like to meet next year?  Reflecting back on my triathlon season, I feel like it was somewhat of a bust because I wasn t able to do a lot of the smaller triathlons this year.   


I successfully completely 70.3 Panama City, but in my eyes I feel like I only completed 69.1, since the swim was canceled. I also completed an Olympic distance triathlon and I will be doing one of my favorite events, the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon in the next few weeks.   


If I could have changed anything about this year, I wish I hadn't gotten injured.  But, I am more knowledgeable about the importance of stretching, so I'm hoping I will have a better triathlon racing year in 2015.  


With that said, I've signed up for my second Half-Ironman which is going to be in the Big Easy, New Orleans, LA, in April of 2015.  Yes, this means training starts during the holiday season.  Hopefully this will help prevent some of the extra holiday pounds.  =)  Hopefully I see each and every one of you out and about doing physical activity.  Until next time,  


Happy Running!!      

Corey Dell
Corey Dell From Healthy Lives



Mental Wins

By Alex Bell

My boss tells me I say "awesome" too much, but I like to keep mentally positive about things and if I say everything is awesome then it starts to feel that way. Training and racing are no different.


This past weekend I went out on my first real training run since taking last week off because of my annual sinus infection (seriously within a ten day range each year). I was pretty apprehensive because I still didn't feel 100% and after a warm-up I felt off still, but solid. As I started running repeats on the beach bridge, watching the dolphins breaching in the water below me, staring out over the island and the water, I realized how much I love that spot. It's even prettier as the sun comes up and casts pinks and oranges across the sky. I wasn't feeling so great, but the scene I was in was wonderful.


There's something great about pulling in the positives in your surroundings. Weather, scenery, wellness, function, attitude: all of these things are attributes to look at. Finding one, just one, which gives you a positive feeling and focusing on it is a very powerful training tool.


On trip 5 up the bridge I started feeling really out of it and decided I should just head home and relax. All in all, I feel smart about calling it early. I'm starting to kick this infection, plus I got to enjoy a beautiful scene with some decent weather.


That sounds so much better than complaining that my pace was crap today; I missed a week of training and it set me back; I cut a key session short today and will probably have to take tomorrow off throwing my schedule out of whack.


Which attitude do you have?

The Santa Rosa Island Triathlon 
 Is Looking For Volunteers!

If you are an experienced race volunteer or a triathlete, the SRITRI needs you! Please email Volunteer Director Angelika Cope at .

Packet Pickup for the SRITRI is on October 3rd and the race is the next day on beautiful Pensacola Beach.

Fitness Onboard Volunteers Provide Swim Support In The Gulf Of Mexico