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September 2015

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Tend the Crop - the Design Emerging

How exciting!  You've set a creative intention and in doing so, planted a seed for a change to occur.  You've overcome the inertia and inevitable resistance to change, allowing momentum to build.   Now what's needed to keep things unfolding gracefully?

It's such an achievement to get over the first hurdles that it can be tempting to sit back and think all the rest should be plain sailing.   But as all good farmers know, the job is not done until the crop is harvested.   Now it's time to nurture the emerging crop so it reaches its full potential.  What do you need to look out for?
  1. Take care of the crop.   Are there things showing up that are like weeds and need to be removed? Does the crop need watering, fertilizing?   With your intention, there may be things that need attending to in order that the prime crop flourishes.   I've often found that a change, even a welcome change, brings up personal issues for people which need to be embraced.  Do whatever is needed in order that movement of the intention can be maintained.  Is there more discussion needed?   Is there healing required - in self or others?  Tend to these matters.
  2. Remember the intention.  Bring to mind and heart the initiating power which you are stewarding and allowing to bring forth a creative design.   Have you remained true to that power or have you co-opted that power for another purpose?  Examine your heart to ensure that you are doing your part and letting Life reveal its design. 
  3. Review what's emerging - is the crop what you imagined?   Does Life have something else in mind to which you need to adjust?  If so, what adjustments are needed?  Be flexible here - Life is in control and your skill is in allowing that to be so.
  4. Give thanks for the process that's revealing the crop.   However the crop looks and whatever you may need to do to tend or adjust to the crop, the reality is that a miracle of creation is occurring.  New life is emerging.  Give thanks for that!
As you remain open to the initiating intention and curious and flexible as to Life's design that's emerging, you'll be fully participating in the joy of creation.  We are designed to be creators and this is one of the key joys of living a human life.  Savour it!

Here's to the ease in Life
Andrew Horwood   
Love & blessings
Andrew Horwood | Program Director at Riverdell 

We have some wonderful programs to enliven you this Spring.  Don't miss out!  Access our online calendar  here 
Wednesday Mornings from 11.30am
Free  (donations accepted)
Come and experience an Attunement, a non touch energy support technique.
Click here to learn more about Attunement

Sunday Mornings
Sunday October 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th.  Chanting at 9.30am, Presentation & Morning tea 10am-12 noon
A time of inspiring presentations, performances, creative expression and group attunement, followed by a refreshing morning tea.  All welcome.  Find out more  here
Stillpoint Meditation
Wednesday October 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th.  9.30-11.00am  Fee: $7.00 per session
Deepen your experience of meditation, and discover inner peace, assurance and serenity.  
All welcome and no prior experience necessary.   Click  here for more information.
Miracle of Silence
Saturday 3rd October 12.45 - 5.00pm
Full fee $40.  
Join us for this half day of silence as you discover and commune with your inner essence. 
Click  here for more information.

Follow Your Bliss - FREE public talk
Tuesday 6th Oct, 7.30 - 9pm
Prince Albert Hotel, 109 Murray St. Gawler
Come & discover what it means to follow your bliss, why it's important & what your bliss is.  This talk is presented by Larry Pearlman, radio show host and author of "Journaling The Journey: 25 Spiritual Insights to Light the Way". See below or make a booking here

How Do I Find My Bliss So I Can Follow It?
Saturday, Oct 10th, 1 - 5pm
Fee: $20
Explore the topic of 'bliss' in more depth, in this inspiring afternoon workshop.  Click here for more information or see below in this newsletter.  

Discover Energy Healing
Saturday, Oct 17th, 9.30am - 5pm
EARLY BIRD Fee $90 if paid in full by Oct 3rd, Full Fee $150
Attunement is a non-touch spiritual alignment practice that increases the experience of your inner Spirit. Start a new healing path at this day long event!  Click here for more information and to book.


Members Afternoon. Calling all Emissaries of South Aust Members
Saturday, Nov 7th, 1.00am - 5pm
Please come and join us on this important day. We will consider the Emissary Spiritual Development Pathway and Riverdell for Now and in The Future. Refreshments provided. 

Art of Living Seminar. 
Jan 10 - 17, 2016   
Looking for an in depth spiritual training or a stimulating retreat?  With faculty of Cliffe Connor & Keahi Ewa from USA together with Andrew Horwood, this week long seminar is a great way to start a new year.  More details to come soon. For course outline click  here

Follow Your Bliss - Free public talk
Tues, Oct 6th, 7.30 - 9pm 
Prince Albert Hotel, 109 Murray St. Gawler
Come and join Larry Pearlman, author & presenter from USA, at this FREE public talk.   We've all heard that we should "follow our bliss" but how many of us really are?  In fact, do we really even know what that means?  
We'll consider the questions:
  • What does it mean to "follow your bliss"
  • Why is it crucial to you?
  • How do you discover what your bliss is and then how do you follow it?

To read Larry's blog titled Find Your Bliss click here

For more information and to register click here

How do I find my Bliss so I can follow it - workshop
Sat, Oct 10th, 1 - 5pm
Riverdell Spiritual Centre
Fee: $20

This workshop also facilitated by Larry Pearlman will cover more depth than the public talk and will explore:
  • How to find the vocation / avocation that lights up your heart
  • How to separate true intuitive knowing from other voices in your head
  • A consideration of what is blocking you from living your true passion
  • An opportunity to plan the first step in living a more joyful life

To read Larry's blog titled Find Your Bliss click here

For more information and to register click  here

Discover Energy Healing
Saturday, Oct 17th, 9.30am - 5pm
EARLY BIRD Fee $90 if paid in full by Oct 3rd, Full Fee $150
Energy medicine is becoming more and more popular.
Attunement is a non-touch spiritual alignment practice that increases the experience of your inner Spirit, it's a wonderful approach to living your life. For more information and to register click  here

You Tube of the Month - Super September at Riverdell



Celebrating Greatness  
In this edition we continue our series of 'Celebrating Greatness', sharing the greatness of "ordinary" people who are opening up to new possibilities and to being leaders in their own lives.
This month Rachael Anderson  shares her thoughts and insights.
Rachael offers Yin Yoga classes at Riverdell Tuesday evenings

Here I Stand
There is great importance these days on the number of letters after ones name or the amount of qualifications we need to have. To be honest that has never motivated me. I have never been swept up  in the need for more money or to reach a certain position of power amongst my peers. That is simply not wealth to me.

I have always tried to dedicate myself to the service of others. I don't really know why to be honest except that
had some deep seated need to help and maybe see life from someone else's perspective.

I worked in the community with people with severe physical disabilities. My job was to help them d o the simple things we abled body people take for granted. I have worked with people who were deaf, blind, cognitively impaired, amputees and those born with conditions like cerebral palsy just to name a few. 
The more time I spent with people with limiting abilities the more I questioned the haves and have nots of  life Why do some people have to suffer whilst others don't? Where would I find true compassion and where was the humanity in the world? I'm sure my endless questions, rages and tears must have left God exhausted.  read more click here
Poem of the Month
by Vicki Edwards

How can you?
How can we sell the sky
when it is within us?
How can we own
that which has always been given us?
Yes, Angel Being of Love as you are.
You span cosmos,
live inside Tree,
sprout with Water bubbling
and bouncing over Rock;
summon Eagle each breath taken.
Take your place Angel of Light,
take your ordained place
in full Sunshine,
brush up your heart in wine.
it is you I call,
you I am calling,
You of Sun Moon gathered
and Starry Night reflecting .

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