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Newsletter for September 2015

Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento

 2425 Sierra Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95825
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Month of Sundays 
10:30 a.m. at 2425 Sierra Blvd.
September 6

A Work in Progress

Rev. Roger Jones and Rev. Lucy Bunch
with Lay Leader Mary Howard and pianist Ina Jun

Recognition of September Birthdays too!

Join us for our first service at 2425 Sierra Blvd. in 13 months!  Not every part of our expanded building will be finished when we move in.  Perhaps we have some adjustments to make and bugs to work out in our use of it or our equipment.

It's a work in progress, as it will always be.  So are you! 
Spiritually speaking, each one of us is a work in progress.  
We gather in community to support one another in the search for growth, healing, purpose, and hope.         
We strive to build a better world by working together.  
On this day before Labor Day, let us encourage the work that is always unfolding in us and around us.
In Religious Education:  All-Community Celebration and Tour with Miranda and Volunteers
September 13 at 10:30 a.m.

Gathering of the Waters--
Annual Ingathering Service for All Ages

With Rev. Roger Jones and Rev. Lucy Bunch; 
Music by Keith Atwater and Ina Jun
Lay Leaders Kevin Sitter, Mary Howard, Molly Stuart

Bring small jars or bottles of water that represent your summer activities, whether near or far:  an ocean, glacier, lake, river, public pool, garden hose, or kitchen faucet.  We celebrate coming together for a new church year by mingling the waters. 

This UU tradition takes place in many congregations on the continent this time of year. 

Please contact Rev. Roger if you have a loved one's name to be read aloud in the Memorial Roll Call of those members and friends who have died since we've been away from home.
September 13 at 3:00 p.m.

Ceremony of Re-Dedication:  
Celebrating the Return to a New Home

Sermon:  "From Sanctuary to Caravan," by the Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley (Program and Strategy Officer, Unitarian Universalist Association headquarters in Boston).

Invited guests:  Rev. Doug Kraft (former UUSS Minister), Hon. Ken Cooley (California Assembly), Hon. Eric Guerra (Sacramento City Council), and other denominational, interfaith, business, and government guests. 

With Rev. Roger Jones, Rev. Lucy Bunch, Keith Atwater, Ina Jun, UUSS Choir, guest instrumentalists, UUSS President Linda Clear and Board Members, Building Project Steering Committee Members.  Linda Roth, Event Committee Chairperson

Join members, families, friends, and neighbors for a special worship service with guest preacher and our choir singing a piece we commissioned from Professor Lucy Holstedt and a guest preacher.  We will conduct a blessing of our building renovation/expansion.  Reception to follow the service 

We are all invited to make a special contribution to 
the Building Renovation Fund in honor of this occasion 
and in celebration of our shared accomplishment. 
September 20

Touching Hearts through Bullet-Proof Glass: 
The Human Face of Immigration Detention

Rev. Roger Jones, JoAnn Anglin, Susan Lange, Alma Lopez and others.  Lay Leader Christopher Jensen.

Every month we visit immigrants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the county jail. These friendship connections reduce isolation, restore dignity, and break down walls of separation.  Yet we find ourselves changed, also. We learn that friendship can go both ways, even through the thick barrier of prison glass.  Faithful Friends (Amigos Fieles) are volunteers from UUSS and UU churches in Davis, Auburn, and Grass Valley.  Come learn what we have learned of the human face of a complicated immigration system. 
 Discussion to follow with our speakers, who include Joan Lacktis from Grass Valley and Tim Burkhart from Davis . 
September 27

Spiritual Economy

Rev. Dr. David Usher, with Rev. Roger Jones
Lay Leader Carl Gardner, UUSS Choir, Keith Atwater & Ina Jun

What does it take to be spiritually healthy?  What is the balance between doing and not doing?  Come enjoy our guest preacher's perspective while he exchanges pulpits today with Rev. Lucy!

David is Interim Minister at the UU Community of the Mountains, Grass Valley. Originally from Australia and a life-long Unitarian, he has previously ministered in Britain and New Hampshire.  He came to Grass Valley from being District Minister for Unitarians in London and the South East.  Rev. Lucy Bunch is preaching in Grass Valley.

After coffee:  "New UU Groups around the World," with David Usher and Roger Jones.  Come learn about expressions of UU faith in Africa, Indonesia, Bolivia-history in the making!  David was the Founding President of The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists.

October 4

From Indifference to Engagement
Rich Howard, preaching.  Lay Leader Christopher Jensen
Musicians Keith Atwater and Ina Jun

Recognition of October Birthdays, too!

When does spiritual practice become spiritual bypass?  
When we become aware of crossing this line, how do we move to re-engage life in all its messiness, complexity, and joy?  
UUSS member Rich Howard will explore the many dimensions of both indifference and equanimity to help us distinguish between these two "near enemies." He will illustrate this distinction with examples of current spiritually-grounded actions for climate justice to inspire, engage, and enjoy on the path to the UN Climate Conference in Paris.

Rich Howard has been a Unitarian Universalist since 1979 and a member here since 1989.  He is a retired environmental scientist.  Since retirement, he has prioritized studying and teaching insight meditation, working for climate justice, traveling with his wife Mary, studying birds in the wild and teaching about them, and helping UUSS finance and build its new home.
September Outreach Offering to Mustard Seed School

We give away half of every Sunday offering to one organization per month.  Our July contribution to Welcome Home Housing was $1,449.  In September, our offering is shared with Mustard Seed School. Mustard Seed is a free, private school for children three to 15 years old.  It provides a safe, nurturing, and structured environment, a positive learning experience, happy memories, survival resources of food, clothing and shelter referrals, medical and dental screenings, immunization updates, counseling for children and their parents, and assistance entering public schools.
  Senior Minister's Message
Moving Day!  And a Moving Occasion

By Rev. Roger Jones

Sturdy and stalwart volunteers are moving our hymnals, name tags, altar cloths, banners, rainbow flag, and other supplies back to Sierra Boulevard after our long year as guests at Sierra Arden Church!  Volunteers, staffers and construction workers are installing A/V equipment and furnishings as they make a few more tweaks to our sanctuary, stage area, welcome hall, kitchen, offices, and restrooms.

Yes, it's moving day! 

I'm grateful for countless hours of service and leadership given to the vision of this expansion project over the past few years by many generous and loving people.

I'm amazed by all of you who pitched in to meet the challenge of being guests of another church, moving us in and out every Sunday at a brisk pace, helping newcomers find the Welcome Table and the Connections Table in coffee hour (and helping them find coffee).

I appreciate the patience, encouragement, and team spirit you have shown! 

I'm grateful for the generosity of many members and friends whose financial donations are making possible this bold and beautiful building for the next century.  I'm thankful for the gifts of those deceased friends who remembered UUSS as a beneficiary in their estate planning.  Their generosity is the foundation for this major project.

Your money, time, talent, and goodwill have built our new home--while building our confidence as a strong community of all ages and a force for healing in the world.  Thank you.

And it is also a moving occasion. 

I think of the several dear members who passed away during the year.  When we look around the room on upcoming Sundays, we will note their absence.

I think of the babies born and the other children blessed in our Child Dedication Ceremony during our year away.  I think of the many new members who have joined UUSS while we were away.  They are actually moving to a new home!

UUSS is not the same congregation as the one that moved away 13 months ago. 

Beloved people, I want to say Thank You! Congratulations!  Welcome Home! 

Yours in service,

P.S.-I hope you'll attend the Rededication Ceremony worship service at 3:00 p.m. September 13, and I hope you'll join me in making a Special Gift to the Building Project in recognition of this special occasion in the life of our community. 
Where's Roger in September?

I'll be at church every Sunday-hope you will too!  Office hours: Monday 10:00-2:00 and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, and by appointment.  E-mail Sabbath is Tuesday.  Study day and sermon agonizing day is Friday.  

Don't take it personally when I disappear soon after church one Sunday per month; Irwin Rosenblum and I lead a two-hour Youth Coming of Age class all year--for nine youth and nine volunteer mentors.  I'm Roger Jones Minister on Facebook and @pastorcranky on Twitter.
Kids, Parents, Everyone!

Starting this month we will have a Time for All Ages in services before the youth, children, and volunteers go out to Religious Education.  Most often, this will be a story told with a circle of young people gathered up front.  If you have talent and interest in telling a three-minute story, let a minister know.  Once a month, it will be a sung recognition for everyone with a birthday in the month.  Occasionally it will be a New Member Ingathering ritual, or a Baby Blessing and Child Dedication ritual.  Maybe it will be a piece of special music or a liturgical dance.  Of course, nearly every month we have one whole service for all ages.  Watch this newsletter.  See you in church!
In Loving Memory:  Losses in Our UUSS Family
By Rev. Roger Jones

In March we lost our long-time member Marie Flanagan, who died at age 93.   Her family and friends will gather for a brief service in her memory at the memorial garden this Sunday, August 30.  We will gather at 2:00 p.m. near the UUSS sign that fronts Sierra Boulevard.  Gifts in her memory may be made to the UUSS Endowment Trust.

We feel deep shock and terrible sadness at the sudden passing of Thomas Griffin (82), the long-time companion of Doris Janes and a friend of the congregation.  Tom died of cardiac arrest August 14 while eating dinner with Doris and friends.  The shock and sadness are heavy for all of us who knew Tom--a tall, smiling man with silver hair and a twinkle in his eyes.  You may remember his pride at having his two little grandchildren at our June All Ages Camps.  Please keep Doris and family in your thoughts and your care, as well as Tom's children and grandchildren. 
I will officiate at a service for Tom Saturday, September 26 in the UUSS Sanctuary at 3:00pm.

The August Unigram told us of the loss of our long-time member Lou Watson (86).  We will plan a time for his UUSS friends to gather in remembrance of him and his many contributions to our facilities and our community.  Gifts in his memory may be made to the UUSS Endowment Trust.  Dan Greene (90) and Janie Greene (85) passed away in July, two weeks apart.  They had been members since 1957.  Rev. Lucy officiated at their memorial service on August 7.  Memorial contributions in their name may be made to Sacramento Loaves and Fishes.

Our member Elizabeth (Betty) Faist, who was active in our Women's Alliance, passed away April 14; I officiated at her service on June 20.  We are grateful for a thoughtful gift made recently to the Building Renovation Fund from Betty's estate.   
Assistant Minister Message
Black Lives Matter
By Rev. Lucy Bunch

If you are active on Facebook you have likely seen posts about the Black Lives Matter movement, which has gained momentum since the shooting of an unarmed man in Ferguson Missouri one year ago
 in August and the subsequent shootings of unarmed black men.   Many UU churches have raised banners in support of the movement.  The Cedar Lane Church in Bethesda, MD, is one of them.  Their banner, pictured above, has been vandalized (and replaced) twice.  

Perhaps the people who vandalized the sign felt strongly that "all lives matter."  More likely the vandals felt threatened by the idea of oppressed people having a voice, or worse that others would speak up on their behalf.  Of course all lives matter - as Unitarian Universalists we are called to honor the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  But the Black Lives Matter movement is not about worth - it is about justice. 
Rev. Dan Schatz had this response to a complaint about the Black Lives Matter banner at his congregation: 
"Thank you for writing with your concern.  Of course all lives matter.       Sadly, our society has a long history of treating some people as less         valuable than others.  Study after study has confirmed that in equivalent situations, African Americans and Latinos are treated with deadly force far more  often than White people, and authorities held less accountable. Unfortunately, racial bias continues to exist even when it is no  longer conscious-this too is confirmed by multiple studies.  To say that Black li ves matter is not to say that other lives do not; indeed, it is quite the reverse-it is to recognize that all lives do matter, and to  acknowledge  that African Americans are often targeted unfairly and that our society is not yet so advanced as to have become truly color blind.  This means that many people of goodwill face the hard task of recognizing that these social ills continue to exist, and that White privilege continues to exist, even though we wish it didn't and would not have asked for it."  You can read the full text of his letter here .

At our General Assembly in Portland this summer, the delegates (including our own from UUSS) voted to approve the action of immediate witness in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.  The action calls on each UU congregation to engage in intentional learning spaces to organize for racial justice, to work toward police reform and prison abolition and take initiative in collaboration with local and national organizations fighting for racial justice against the harsh racist practices to which many black people are exposed.
You can read the full text of the action here: 
Our UU Youth caucus initiated the action of immediate witness.  The action ends with these words:
"No matter who you are, black lives matter, and a system of fair, transformative, and restorative justice that is accountable to communities is something to which each of us has a right.  Unitarian Universalists and our greater society have the power to make this happen.  Let's do it!"
My heart and ears are open to your thoughts. 

Where is Rev Lucy in September?
I will be with you for the first three Sundays in September.  On September 27, I am preaching at the Grass Valley UU congregation in a pulpit exchange with their minister, David Usher, who will be preaching at UUSS.
My regular church hours are Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday afternoons. If you would like to meet with me, it is always best to call or e-mail in advance so I can be sure to be available.  Monday is my Sabbath and I try to avoid e-mail on that day (but fail miserably).
Music Program News
By Keith Atwater
We are all looking forward with excitement and joy to returning to our renovated, expanded home.  As I was thinking about the "live" acoustics inside domed buildings, I remembered a remarkable moment during a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa.  While seeing monuments celebrating the end of apartheid and the dawning of a new, peaceful, multicultural society, I found one bronze tablet citing their remarkable constitution (which echoes all our UU values) under a dome designed like a traditional African dwelling.  A very old and poor man, who said he was from Nelson Mandela's tribe (Mandela is "Madiba" in Xhosa), played "N'kosi Sikelel'I Afrika" on his recorder and then sang that song - part of the new South Africa's national anthem - with passion and dignity.  How touching to hear #171 in the UU hymnal resonating there in that context!  Now I imagine many powerful words, sights (our banners!), and sounds central to our lives filling our new space!  In Zulu: "n'kosi" (bless) our church, our community, our country, and our world.
Creating Fun and Community
By Linda Klein

Wouldn't a marathon all-church games night be fun?  Or an all-ages dance or maybe an all-church Bingo night or New Year's Eve party?  How about a car wash or a wine tasting event, a talent show, or a music night/sing-along/hootenanny?  We are looking for existing church groups who are interested in creating community and fun, first within your group and then for the whole church community.  The idea is for joyful all-ages events that as a by-product can also add to our fund-raising for the budget or for  particular items in our Fill the Building fund.  Ideas are NOT limited to adult groups; youth and RE groups are encouraged to start the action too.  Are you intrigued?

The new Fund Raising Strategy Team (FRST) includes Cathy George, Eric Ross, Shirley Hines, Karen Gunderson, Linda Klein, and Roger Jones.  We have come up with some great ideas for these small community-building events which can also work as fund-raisers for UUSS.  We fondly remember church dances, New Year's Eve parties, and other great all-ages events of the past.  Let's get them rolling again.  Talk to or e-mail any member of the FRST team if you're game.  Let's start the first year in our new building adding to our community spirit and enjoying each other even more.
October 18 Congregational Meeting Notice
By Gordon Gerwig, Secretary, Board of Trustees
Mark your calendars for the yearly fall meeting of the Members of UUSS, Sunday morning, October 18, 2015, at 2425 Sierra Blvd.   The meeting will begin at 11:45 a.m. and end by 1:00 p.m.  Nursery care will be extended until the meeting ends.  Sign in and receive your agenda and ballot right after the service.  We'll have updates from the Board, Treasurer, Building Project and ministers.  Our major business will be voting to choose 12 Community Partner organizations to receive half of every Sunday offering in calendar year 2016.  Nomination forms available September 20 in the UUSS Office (but current recipients are automatically listed on the ballot.)  Friends and visitors are welcome to attend the meeting but we need a quorum of voting Members to conduct business.
 "Fill the Building!" Update
Our year at Sierra Arden United Church of Christ has come to an end.  Our hosts were generous and friendly, but it just wasn't home.  Many of us missed the banners, the warm wood and cushioned chairs.  As we transition back to our new, remodeled building, we will see both old and new elements.  The wood and banners will still be there, but all the chairs will be new, thanks to your generosity.  At publishing time, we have sold 350 chairs!  Congrats, and thank you!

In addition, members have donated money toward new curtains, kitchen equipment, a loop system for people with hearing loss, repurposing of our redwood trees, office furniture, upgrades to the new library, and new audio visual equipment.  For the latter, two generous members gave $3,000 if we could raise matching funds in two weeks.  We exceeded expectations for new microphones, speakers, and other equipment that will enhance our Sunday experience.  

So we are well on our way to paying for all of audio and projection equipment, hearing-assistance equipment, furnishings and decorations.

As we settle into the new building, we will more than likely discover other items to add to our wish list.  Just like owning a home, there's always more to do! 

How can you donate?
  • Stop by the Fill the Building display after church to give your cash or check to the volunteers.
  • Call Michele Ebler, our Bookkeeper, at 916-483-9283 (ext. 205) with your credit card information.  If you already have a credit card on file, just leave your name and the amount to donate.  Easy as pie!
  • Send a check to the UUSS office at 2425 Sierra Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95825.
When we walk into our new building, it will be filled with all the new chairs and equipment you have so generously purchased.  Thank you!
Winter Garden Plots at Our UURTHSONG Garden
By Glory Wicklund

If interested in a Winter gardening plot, they are available for October 2015 through March 2016 for $20.  Contact Pat Skeels or Glory Wicklund.
Autumn Equinox Ritual and Potluck, September 19
By Laurie Jones
Join us at UUSS on Saturday, September 19, for a labyrinth walk, potluck, and celebration of the coming of autumn.  CUUPs is the Covenant of UU Pagans, celebrating eclectic earth-based spirituality.  (Did you know that the word "pagan" is from the Latin, meaning "peasant" or "from the country"?)
-- 5 p.m. Labyrinth walk (indoor/outdoor)
-- 6 p.m. potluck
-- 7 p.m. ritual/celebration

We can talk about being back, or for newbies, about being in UUSS.  Also, in this season of maturity, we can discuss the process and status (or lack thereof) of how to be an Elder, Crone, or Dangerous Old Woman/Man, from anthropological sources (e.g., Native American, African) and/or from books by Clarissa Pinkola Estes in continuation of our spring equinox discussion of her book Women Who Run with the Wolves.

Please RSVP Laurie Jones by email or (916) 342-3226.  Free, but donations are appreciated to offset building expenses.  All are welcome, including children.
Spiritual Deepening Circles
Lets Go 'Round Again
Spiritual Deepening Circles at UUSS

All are welcome to join

Are you looking for ways to connect with members of the UUSS community?  Wanting to talk about what is important and meaningful to you?

Everyone is on a spiritual journey.

Spiritual Deepening Circles will give you a chance to reflect on your journey in community and take steps to deepen your spirituality and connections.

Groups of about 10 each will meet twice a month, October through May in a member's home or at UUSS.  Curriculum is designed by the ministers to promote deep listening and reflection.
For more information, registration forms are available at , or at the Adult Enrichment table in Pilgrim Hall, or at the UUSS Office.  Sign up by September 21.  Circles start the second week of October.
Book Discussion:  "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate"
Sponsored by Earth Justice Ministry, Kathy Styc, Chair

In July, we had a great potluck and discussion of Fred Pearce's book, Confessions of an Eco-Sinner.  He examines the environmental and social impact of normal household items.  This book was published by Beacon Press, and an interview broadcast on C-SPAN2 with the author was hosted by First Parish Church (Unitarian Universalist) in Cambridge, MA.  Click here to see the 90-minute interview with Q&A

On Friday, September 25, 6:00 to 8:30 pm we will have our second potluck and discussion.  The book is Naomi Klein's 2014 book, This Changes Everything:  Capitalism vs. the ClimateKlein states that climate change is an alarm that calls us to fix an economic system that is already failing us in many ways.  She meticulously builds the case for how massively reducing our greenhouse emissions is our best chance to simultaneously reduce gaping inequalities, re-imagine our broken democracies, and rebuild our gutted local economies.  The changes to our relationships with nature and one another that are required to respond to the climate crisis humanely should not be viewed as grim penance, but rather as a catalyst to transform broken economic and cultural priorities and to heal long-festering historical wounds.  She documents the inspiring movements that have already begun this process:  communities that are not just refusing to be sites of further fossil fuel extraction but are building the next, regeneration-based economies right now.  (Description from

Used copies are available on line, and it is at the Sacramento Public Library.  But you don't have to read the book to participate.  There is a 90-minute CSPAN presentation and interview with the author at this link  as well as other interviews and reviews on line.  Please join us in the Fahs Room for a potluck (optional) and discussion of the book.  Contact if you have any questions.
Adult Enrichment
How She Moves Me:  Reclaiming the Values of the Sacred Feminine
With Rebecca Pottenger, Tuesday, September 22, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Delving into the ancient Sumerian myth of the goddess Inanna, this presentation and discussion with Rebecca Pottenger, a licensed therapist in Sacramento, explores how ancient goddess mythology provides a template for the integration of spirit and nature, masculine and feminine, and a more responsible, humane, and inclusive way of relating to ourselves and the world around us.

Tuesday, September 22, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Suggested donation to UUSS is $5 to $20.  To attend please sign up by September 20, at the Adult Enrichment Table in coffee hour or e-mail Rebecca.
A Liberal Religious Investigation of Evil
With Caleb Davis, Rev. Lucy Bunch, and Rev. Roger Jones

Seven Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., October 6 through November 17
UUs affirm everyone's dignity and inherent worth, so how do we make sense of cruelty?  Why are people selfish, greedy, and violent?  If God is Love, why does God allow evil to happen?  Is evil a presence, or an absence?  How do we respond to it?

In addition to discussions, video clips, and lectures, we'll use the book, Evil: An Investigation, by Lance Morrow.  Discounted copies available soon.
UUSS has been invited to be a testing site for this new curriculum by its author, D.C.-area minister Anya Sammler.  Join us!  Please plan to attend all sessions, barring a prior commitment, so we can give complete feedback to the author.  Minimum 12 people, maximum, 21.  Register by September 27 at the Connections table.  Course fee $30 to $75 (sliding scale donation to UUSS Adult Enrichment).
Monday Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes are taught by Paige Labrie.  Try a first class for free.  Classes are $8 each if you sign up for a two-month series or $10 on a drop-in basis.  All Welcome!

Chair Yoga - Mondays, 10 to 11 a.m. in the Fahs Room
Mat Yoga - Mondays, 7 to 8 p.m. in Room 7/8
Wednesday Silent Meditation at 5:30 to 6:00
With Rev. Roger Jones and other quiet people
You are welcome to gather any Wednesday evening in Classroom 6 for opening words, then 22 minutes of silence.  By sitting and breathing together, we support one another in the practice of mindfulness.  No experience required; no fee, but in the Buddhist tradition we welcome "dana" or freewill generosity toward UUSS.  Wednesdays, September 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30 at 5:30 p.m. in Classroom 6 at UUSS.
The Global UU Story:  We're Part of a Diverse UU World
By Rev. Roger Jones

Come see how a liberal faith emerges in various locations on the globe over different eras of history. At noon on Sunday, September 27:  "Emerging UU groups in Africa, Europe, and Asia" with Rev. David Usher, founding president of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists , a group that is now 20 years old.
UUSS Book Readers:  Blood on Snow

In September, the UUSS Book Readers will be reading and discussing Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo.  The meeting is Tuesday, September 29, at 7 p.m. in Room 12.  For more information, email  Jim Glidden or call me at (916) 649-9697.

Hear 100 Years of UUSS Women's Alliance History
By Vivian Counts

Alliance meets on Thursday, September 10, at 10:45 a.m. in the Fahs Room.
Rev. Roger Jones will speak to us on the history of our Alliance.  Founded 100 years ago, Alliance is the longest-running program in UUSS history.  Roger has conducted personal interviews and done archival research on the group for his Doctor of Ministry program in church history at Pacific School of Religion.
The first meeting of the new season is a luncheon, so please make a reservation before September 8.  Email Vivian Counts or call her at (916) 483-8827.  We will have quiche, green salad and dessert for a $3 donation.
Literacy Little League Marks 20th Anniversary
By Jeff Voeller
It's the 20th anniversary for Literacy Little League, the volunteer reading tutoring program at Edison School, for which many UU members have volunteered over the years.
Literacy Little League is unique because it offers tutors a chance to connect with one student while reading and discussing short but challenging non-fiction books.  You will read with the same child once a week for forty minutes for the entire school year. Substitutes are available if you are traveling or unavailable, and you can sign up to be a sub.  Tutoring takes place from 1:45 to 2:25 with Edison's outstanding, expert Resource Teacher present as always.  All materials and training are provided.  The new Common Core reading standards make demands on background knowledge and analytic thinking that can best be taught through one-to-one instruction.  Therefore, more than ever, we need YOU.
WHO:   Third graders, age 8 to 9, who are able to read most words but need help with language comprehension and background information.
WHERE:  The NEW Edison School, now Thomas Edison Language Institute on Hurley Way between Morse and Fulton Avenues (Formerly Jonas Salk Middle School), 2950 Hurley Way.
WHEN:  Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from 1:45 to 2:25.  Tutoring will start in mid-September.
If you have questions, feel free to ask these people who are, or have been, volunteers with this program:  JoAnn Anglin, Vivian Counts, Cathy George, Linda Hoganson, Doris Janes, Doris Simonis, Jeff Voeller - to name a few. In addition, the director of the program is Dorothy Marshall and her number is (916) 488-2578.  The orientation, scheduling, and sign-up session is Friday, September 11, at 2:30 p.m. at St. Marks Church, 2391 St. Marks Way, Sacramento.  You may also email Jeff Voeller or call me at (916) 456-1422. Please contact one of us to let us know you would like to attend the orientation.
Welcome Home, Religious Education
By Miranda Massa
It feels wonderful to be back on Sierra Boulevard.  Seeing UUSS families gather in our newly remodeled space is comforting and joyful.  This RE year will certainly be grand as we come together again to build deeper friendships and make new acquaintances at the place we started out.  If coming home to UUSS sparks interest in wanting to volunteer in our program, please let Rev. Roger or me know.  There are many ways to get involved and your commitment doesn't have to be on every Sunday.  Any presence definitely puts smiles on our faces!

It feels wonderful to be back on Sierra Boulevard.  Seeing UUSS families gather in our newly remodeled space is comforting and joyful.  This RE year will certainly be grand as we come together again to build deeper friendships and make new acquaintances at the place we started out.  If coming home to UUSS sparks interest in wanting to volunteer in our program, please let Rev. Roger or me know.  There are many ways to get involved and your commitment doesn't have to be on every Sunday.  Any presence definitely puts smiles on our faces!

It feels wonderful to be back on Sierra Boulevard.  Seeing UUSS families gather in our newly remodeled space is comforting and joyful.  This RE year will certainly be grand as we come together again to build deeper friendships and make new acquaintances at the place we started out.  If coming home to UUSS sparks interest in wanting to volunteer in our program, please let Rev. Roger or me know.  There are many ways to get involved and your commitment doesn't have to be on every Sunday.  Any presence definitely puts smiles on our faces!
RE Class Info

We have new paint on the walls and new carpet in some of the classrooms. Our rooms loo k wonderful and we are eager to get our program under way.  

This year we have four fired up Spirit Play Co-Champions: Alecia Sanchez and Megan Snyder will facilitate the Kindergarten to 2nd grade Spirit Play children; and Shannon Williams and Carrie Cornwell will lead the 3rd to 5th grade Spirit Play children.  This is the first year we have divided our Spirit Play program in order to make the stories and content more age appropriate.  

Kate Anderson, our new lead Jr. High Youth Group (JHYG) Advisor, envisions engaging the youth through games that provide a vehicle for exploration of the Six Pillars .  

Our Senior High Youth Group (SHYG) continues with the same adult leaders, Marion Randall, Dirk Tuell, Anita Lee Lundin, Jeyn Jaffe, and Yvonne Addassi.  Our different volunteers bring their varied knowledge and passions to this work.  The children and youth of RE are certainly lucky to have such dedicated volunteers.  We thank each of you tremendously!
Junior High Youth Group (JHYG) 6th, 7th, and 8th grades
JHYG will be meeting on the 1st and 4th Sundays only of each month.  
Please note:  this JHYG schedule modification does NOT change the Spirit Play or Senior High Youth Group (SHYG) meetings.  JHYG families, please mark your calendars for a brief advance family orientation in Room 6 on Sunday, September 20, after service.  Guardians and youth will have the opportunity to meet Kate Anderson as she takes the time to share her JHYG curriculum ideas with you all. 
Your RE Registration Forms Needed for 2015-16
Sunday, September 6, is the first day to register your teenager, child, or baby for the new year of Religious Education programs and nursery care.  This form is necessary every fall for church staff and RE volunteer leaders to connect with you, to keep your children safe and to know how we can best serve your family.  This form is required prior to Sunday RE class attendance.  The form will be available at the RE Table in the lobby on your way into church .  Contact Miranda  for more information.
Youth Coming of Age (COA)
Rev. Roger and Irwin Rosenblum are excited to be co-leading the Coming of Age program together during the 2015-2016 Religious Education year.  We have nine fan tastic youth participants paired up with nine spectacular mentors assembled together creating a great group.  COA helps adolescents discern for themselves what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist, individually and as part of the larger faith community.  The required orientation is 11:45 a.m. August 30, in the Fahs Room.  The first COA session is after service on Sunday, September 20, in the Fahs Room.  If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Roger or Irwin Rosenblum .
RE All-Families Potluck
Ann Marie Kennedy, Jason Auriemma, and their kids Maya and Marcus invite UUSS RE families to a potluck dinner in the dining room and on the beautiful grounds of their downtown Sacramento co-housing community, at 412 T Street, Saturday, September 19, 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Dinner at 5:00 p.m., games at 6:00.  Kids are welcome to bring a game to play inside or outside.  Please bring a dish to share in the potluck.  Suggested:  last name A-J salads or side dishes; K-P main dishes; Q-Z desserts.  BYOB, but adults please monitor.  RSVP:  please reply to Ann Marie  by September 13.
Re: RE
-Back to Sierra Boulevard on Sunday, September 6!
-Spirit Play Champions, Carrie Cornwell, Shannon Williams, Alecia Sanchez, and Megan Snyder will be hosting Spirit Play Orientations on Sunday, September 20 and 27.
-September 13 is our All-Ages Wate r Communion service.  Bring a small amount of water representing your summer adventures!
- Building Re-Dedication Worship Service, Ceremony, and Reception take place September 13 at 3:00 pm. We hope to see you there!
-RE calendar details and other information at this link  .
- I hope you are able to stay up to date with reading the biweekly  RE Outreach, as it is always a great source for information, events, and other neat things about our wonderful program.
Theater One Announces Full Season
By Susan Madden

Theater One at UUSS is proud to announce its season for 2015-16.  You won't want to miss these terrific shows, so mark your calendars:

"The Last Days of Judas Iscariot", October 9 to 25 (Note: Strong language. Not for children or the faint of heart.)
"Alice in Wonderland", November 13 to December 5
"Steel Magnolias", February 12 to March 6, 2016
"The Odd Couple", May 6 to 22
Compassionate & Reflective Listening Workshop Sept. 19 & 26
By Rev. Martha Hodges & Rev. Roger Jones

Sooner or later, we all face a similar situation:  A friend or loved one is in serious trouble.  Maybe it's a cancer diagnosis, or the loss of a spouse or child. Maybe your friend has lost his job or his savings.  Maybe your coworker is at the end of her rope, caring for an aging parent with dementia.  Maybe your teenage child is convinced no one likes her. Or maybe your friend is simply depressed, barely able to get out of bed in the mornings. 

How can you help? What can you say? Tongue-tied and feeling helpless, we may find ourselves spouting platitudes and false reassurances, or even turning away to avoid our own sense of inadequacy when someone we care about is hurting.

This two-part workshop will give tips on what to say and what not to say.  It will help us be better listeners in all areas of life.  It is offered by the Rev. Martha Hodges, former minister of our sister church, the UU Community Church, with Rev. Roger.  We later will be recruiting volunteers for UUSS's new lay pastoral visitors team.  

Join us from 9:00 a.m to noon on two consecutive Saturdays, Sept. 19 and 26, in classroom 9 at UUSS.  A light breakfast will be provided. We will talk about how we can all learn to be more supportive and helpful to those in need and help them connect to their own wisdom and strength by listening and offering companionship through trying times. Please call the UUSS Office to register with Elaine by Sept. 14 so that we can prepare sufficient materials--and enough coffee!

Regular Office Hours and Holidays for September

The normal office hours are Monday 

thru Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. 

The office will be closed on 

September 7

for the Labor Day Holiday.

Serving Our Congregation
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          Denis Edgren, Treasurer                  Gordon Gerwig, Secretary
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Janet Lopes                                        Dennis Pottenger 
Skylar Primavera, Youth Trustee                     
Contact Board members by email:
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           Linda Roth                                           Carol Jacobs, Board Liaison                                 
     Contact Program Council members by email:
Rev. Roger Jones, Senior Minister
Rev. Lucy Bunch, Assistant Minister
Stanton Vedell, Communications and Facilities Coordinator
Michele Ebler, Bookkeeper
Elaine Cooper, Receptionist
Miranda Massa, Religious Education Coordinator
Keith Atwater, Music Director
Annie Green, Krystal Gollaher, Childcare Providers
Aaron Molina, Sunday thru Thursday Custodian 
Miguel Neri Friday and Saturday Custodian