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September 2016                                                                                                          

I Found My Niche!

"I am honored to be a part of something so big and I know I will make a big change in our community" said Yvette Abreo proudly.

Five years ago Yvette moved to a new location and just couldn't seem to find any work.  After sometime she decided to go back to school full time and that's where she met Tracey Rick. Tracey Rick was the shelter manager for Family Assistance Program's Domestic Violence Shelter, Hope House. Tracey was in the need of shelter staff and Yvette was still in the need of a job. Yvette started as shelter staff learning all she could about domestic violence and before she knew it, she was Case Manager. Helping clients during one of their scariest moments of life, Yvette felt so much passion.

Not long after, Family Assistance Program started to develop the Growe Program. The Growe Program was geared toward the LGBTQ community and mental health. It was not long after Yvette became a part of the program when she realized she had found her niche, offering guidance to help people achieve goals.

Yvette is now the Program Manager of Family Assistance Programs, Probation House and has recently been involved in a sister program of Family Assistance Program called, Inland Region Equality Network or I.R.E.N. Currently I.R.E.N is campaigning "Get Out To Vote" and it is showing people how to use voting privileges.

"I am honored to work for Family Assistance Program.  They have been around for 31 years, and they are a pillar. As a parent and spouse of the LGBTQ Community I share the same investments and interests in society as anyone else. The LGBTQ community shares the same goals, the desire for healthy families, and structure in the home. I see the battle of equality every day. No services available, the feeling of being alone, and I don't want people to feel that way." Yvette said passionately.

Yvette is confident that with her passion and her peers at Family Assistance Program she can help people feel confident with their sexual preference and or identity. "Family Assistance Program has never made me feel biased about my identity, but I see it in others and I am willing to help anyone, even if they are not part of the LGBTQ community. Ultimately, we are still all sharing the same journey" expressed Yvette.

As I.R.E.N is expanding its future plans, Yvette has been asked to become the Executive Director of the program. I.R.E.N will be consulting individuals and organizations on positive lifestyle changes. They are going to educate, motivate, and assist through consulting practices. Yvette is proud to have civic engagement in social justice, involving ALL individuals including the LGBTQ community. 

  How Do You Define Success?   
By: Darryl Evey

I was evacuated from my home in Wrightwood during the recent fire.  It was the first time I felt homeless in many years.  It was strange to have no clothes to wear and no place to sleep.  The difference from last time I was homeless is that I had 20 friends who called and offered to let me stay at their house.  This experience taught me compassion for people who are homeless and appreciation for friendship.
We work hard to ensure that our clients are respected and treated with empathy.  Most of our staff has experienced what the clients are going through.  Most of our staff have been victims of domestic violence or human trafficking, or have been homeless for one reason or another.  This is important because it allows the staff to empathize.  There are things you don't realize until you have actually been there.  This is why all important programming decisions are made by the direct service staff working with clients.  They are the most qualified to make the decision that is right for the clients they serve.
Just during my short bout of homelessness, I had a hard time tracking the day and time.  We get into a pattern of going to work and then coming home and relaxing before going to bed.  When that pattern is disrupted, it is hard to keep track of time.  I would frequently be working and then realize it was 8pm. I had to check my schedule and phone several times a day to remember what day of the week it was.  I almost missed a couple of meetings because I was confused.  Maybe this is why homeless people struggle with keeping appointments that they need in order to find housing and jobs.  I will be more patient with people because I do not know what they are going through.
My friends really came through for me.  I received calls and texts from people each day checking on me.  They were there to make sure that I was okay and had a place to sleep.  I often get the feeling that if I died no one would care.  The outpouring of love and support made me feel that maybe a few people might miss me.  The experience made an impact on the importance of friendship.  I was touched by every phone call, text and email.  This reminded me that I need to be a good friend.  I must be doing something right, but I am going to try harder to be the kind of friend people want to have around.
Bottom line, this fire taught me to be patient with people and to be a better friend.  I know it did a lot of damage but at least something good will come of it.

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Family Assistance Program Presents: A Celebration of Families Award Gala and Masquerade Ball, SNEAK PEEK!

Family Assistance Program is preparing for our 2nd Annual, A celebration Of Families Awards Gala. We are getting ready to present five different awards to some of the most extraordinary families of our community. These families are your neighbors, your friends, your children's classmates mother, people who you see every day that deserve to be recognized but have not been. These families are the families that give, even when they do not have much to give. These families succeed some despite all odds being against them. These families are making a difference in so many people's lives despite age, financials, or adversities.
Let's take a sneak peek at a few of the winners that will be recognized. Zaina Carryl is a 5 year old little girl whose favorite thing to do is visit the local hospitals and pass out flowers to patients and to the elderly in nursing homes. Zaina has a natural caring instinct and has changed the lives of many people in the Barstow community.
Roxanne Oleson gives more than just her time to the community. As a cancer patient, Roxanne gave something she wasn't sure she had much of and that was time. Volunteering at Relay for life working a booth the ENTIRE time, this woman gives everything she has for the betterment of our community. She raises monies, awareness and spreads so much love, the community could not wait to give back to her.
We will be sharing the stories of five deserving families and you do not want to miss out on this evening. Join us October 1st, 2016 at the Green Tree Inn, from 6 O'clock in the evening until 10pm. We will watch heartfelt videos about our awardees stories. We will enjoy a wonderful dinner followed by dancing and silent auctions. You will be inspired. You will be uplifted. You will not want to miss this!  
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If you would like to show your support or sponsor this event please email Jontea@family or call 760-512-3555


Collaboration Is Success
We couldn't be happier to report some of the recent breakthrough we've seen in the lives of our program participants! Thanks to collaboration between our clients, The Open Door Empowerment Advocates, and local law enforcement, two traffickers have been put behind bars. One of the traffickers has already accepted a sentence, the other has been arrested and is currently in custody. Most of us will never understand the fear, shame, and plethora of emotions a Survivor experiences during a trial like this. Standing up to a trafficker can be the battle of a lifetime, from a Survivor's perspective. We could not be prouder of our clients' bravery and courage, and we are privileged to be walking alongside them in this journey. We cannot thank our Empowerment Advocates enough for the strength and support they provide during such cases and on a daily basis. No one should have to fight alone and we are honored to be a part of such a strong organization willing to do what it takes to see freedom in our community. 
While the reality of trafficking and exploitation in our community can be disheartening, we look forward to the hope ahead and these rays of sunshine beaming through clouds of discouragement. We are strongly challenging our community members to become more involved in these efforts. Since The Open Door Program launched in April, we have educated over 400 community members and professionals about what human trafficking and exploitation looks like in our community and how we can work together to see it abolished. Most people are shocked and were still unaware that sexual exploitation and trafficking happens in the United States before our presentation. Hearing from Survivors and our highly qualified team has really opened the eyes of hundreds and ignited a fire in our community to do more. 
"I just wanted to let your organization know what an excellent training you and your team provided to the City of San Bernardino Code Enforcement division.  The subject matter was presented in a manner that was sensitive, informative, interesting, which allowed us to be engaged the whole time.  I think this is one of the best training's our office has been provided with and I look forward to any future presentations.  Thank you for coming!" -Rebecca Daugherty, Code Enforcement Officer II, City of San Bernardino 
Seeing our team really steaming ahead is exciting and inspiring! If you would like to be a part of it by hosting a presentation or have any questions about getting involved please email our Outreach Coordinator, Holly Pratt, at 

Working Together For The Better Of Our Community

Family Assistance Program takes pride in helping members of our community and that includes other agencies and businesses. Here are a few we have partnered with this month! 

Family Assistance Program chosen as 2014  Neighborhood Builder.
The Fam Spot opens doors to allow High Desert Youth access to resources.  Drop-in and Hang Out. Read More
Thankful for the staff we have and all their hard work. 
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Reason for choosing Human Trafficking as our choice for donation.

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A Message of Hope for Women on Probation
A Message of Hope for Women on Probation