Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning with this Scripture he told him the good news about Jesus.  Acts 8:35
Your prayers have been felt and people are turning to God.  Please continue to pray as we undertake the steps to "Help Churches Help People Encounter Jesus".
As Janice and I were heading back to Louisville from speaking in Oklahoma, we spent the last night of the trip in a hotel in Missouri.

We now have a puppy and as you may know they need some special attention during their training season.  I was the lucky one who took our new puppy, Harry, outside to do his business before going to sleep. 

It was during that time that I met a man named Joel standing outside. We talked about several things including his impending divorce after 23 years of marriage and its effect on his 3 children. The story he was telling me made him cry.  I listened as he relayed all his hurts and failures and it was evident that he was spent. We talked some more and eventually, while Harry played at our feet, Joel prayed with me and surrendered his life to Jesus. 

I gave Joel one of our Bibles and my contact info so we can help him get connected to a good church in Minnesota, his home. Please pray for Joel as he returns home a changed man.

Won't you join me in praying not only for Joel, but for you and your church as well, and while on your knees, don't forget to continue to pray for Promise of Hope as we "Help People Encounter Jesus".
Sept. 5 was  Labor Day when m y friend, Pastor Carl McCray of Burgin Baptist Church in Burgin, KY, and his student pastor, Tim Bell, brought Mark Crosby, a young man previously homeless whom Burgin Church adopted, by the house on the way to drop Mark off at Bellarmine. Mark surrendered his heart to Jesus at the house today. That is worth celebrating!!

Sept. 10-11 at  Life Community Church in  Murray, KY, Pastor: Chuck Houston
2nd Amendment Rally.  
A well prepared event with 40 in attendance of which 5 indicated they surrendered their lives to Jesus.   A lady came to the book table  and told me that a Vietnam veteran that she had been praying for for years came  with her . She was ecstatic that this night  he gave his heart to Jesus. There  was a Doctor of Pharmacy present who  many, in the church,  have been praying  for for years. He marked his card that he surrendered his life to Jesus that night

Sept. 11, Sunday AM Service -  First  Responders  Sunday
Several police  officers attended in uniform and as they left,  we  gave each of the police officers one of our  blue NT Bibles. At the end of the service, 8  people came forward indicating that  they had surrendered their lives to Jesus.  One of which was an older  man in his 70's. A local bank president who was present raised his hand indicating that  he had surrendered his life to Jesus, for a total of 13 souls saved this weekend.

Sept. 13, I spoke at the  Taylor County Baptist Association in  Campbellsville, KY to 40 people.

Sept. 17, the  Crittendon Baptist Association in  Cynthiana, KY presented a Trap Shoot sponsored by Pleasant Green Baptist Church.  We had 2 grown men and 2 boys pray to receive Jesus. Pastor Mitch said that one of the men was a man they had been praying for 4 years to come to Jesus .  A lady came   up to me after the event, crying. She said that she had been praying for her husband for 2 years to surrender to Jesus. He was the other man who accepted Jesus that night.
Sept. 18 at the Sunday Service  7 came forward indicating that they had surrendered their lives to Jesus. Great service.

Sept. 22, I spoke for Mt. Zion Baptist Church at  Monticello, KY which presented a community event, "Vote No Rally"  to encourage the community to vote "No" on the ordinance to allow alcohol sales in portions of the city.

Sept. 24, We enjoyed seeing some old friends from the outdoor world, James Scott and Mark Scroggins, at the Hunting for Jesus Revival at Southwestern Christian Church in Weatherford, KY where 9 people surrendered their lives to Jesus.
  I received the following text from Mark Scroggins:
"Hey Chuck--this is Mark Scroggins.  It was sure good to see you today.  We really enjoyed the message.  I want to thank you for coming so far and your commitment to sharing Jesus.  I know it wasn't the biggest crowd--but I had been praying that the two boys that came with me would come.  I just had it in my heart that if they would come that maybe just maybe God would touch their heart.  Well that's exactly what happened.  One of them prayed with you at the end and the other texted after we left that he wasn't saved and wanted to meet. We all went back to the park and James , Lisa and I  got to share with them more and he told us he wanted to pray to except Jesus.  So right there at the table as we were all holding hands he prayed to receive Jesus.  I wish you could have seen the smiles on their faces.  I know right now your probably exhausted from traveling--but I want you to know that God used you to touch these boys hearts.  Their lives are changed forever and am so thankful and excited.  Thank you again for coming today. 
God Bless,
Thank You Lord for the opportunity to serve You.

Successful Marriage Class
Bro. Randy from First Baptist Church Bentonvillle Arkansas wrote:
"When you came and spoke, I purchased one of your Choosing your way to a Great Marriage studies and went though it with my wife Linda.
We then offered it to the church and had over 40 couples sign up and go though it the last four weeks, as Linda and I facilitated and shared our journey of 34 years of marriage. Attached is a photo of the group. The devil is trying to destroy the home and God's great design for it. We have offered many types of marriage events, but I will probably offer this again based on success and feedback. 
Pray it blesses you and your wife for writing it.
Keep on preaching the gospel!

Chuck & Janice McAlister, authors of  Choosing Your Way To A Great Marriage

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