Welcome to Fall 2016, Nanooks! We hope you had a great summer and are as excited as we are that you're here! Whether you're a freshman enjoying all that Orientation has to offer or a returning student about to get back into the swing of things, it's time to gear up for a semester full of hard work, fun times, and all the free food you can get your hands on! Classes start on Monday!

Welcome Back Bas h
The first couple of weeks of the semester are full of events for everyone to participate in. Whether you're into Toga Dances or Pokemon Hunting, there's something for you.
Jump in on the festivities! Click the pictures to the right to find out what's going on.

Blast Off!

Kick off your semester right with our Fall 2016 Blast Off! It starts at 5:00pm on Monday in the Brooks Building Gathering Room.

This is our first event of the semester and is a great introduction to an awesome community! We'll be serving up some home-cooked spaghetti, telling you all about the events we have coming up, introducing clubs that may interest you, and giving away door prizes!

Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center On-Site Registration

To all of those that qualify for tribal health insurance:

Don't miss your chance to conveniently register for health care with Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center (CAIHC)! CAIHC serves Indian Health Service beneficiaries residing in Interior Alaska. In order to use their services, however, you must register! Luckily for you, CAIHC is coming up to campus to make the process easy for you next week on August 31 and September 1 from 9-4:00pm in the Brooks Building Gathering Room. Don't be caught hurt or sick without health insurance, register asap!

Positive Connection Nights

Each month we host what we call a Positive Connection Night. They're aimed at providing you with a home-cooked meal and something fun to do with friends! In the past, we've played Native Games, done crafts, played Jeopardy and Family Feud, watched movies, and more! Start off your weekend at RSS with a Positive Connection Night!

We'll be having our first PCN on Friday, September 9 at 5:00pm. Join us for moose soup!  

Gathering Room Schedule

Everyone is invited and encouraged to come to all of our events! That's why we make it super easy for you to find out what's going on. We put as much as we can in this newsletter, but because it only goes out once a month, there are some events that are inevitably absent. Because of this, we curate an event calendar on our website. We also frequently update our Facebook page, so be sure to like us! Finally, we send text messages on the day of our main events. If you'd like to receive them, just reply to this email, contact your advisor, or give us a call at (907) 474-7871.

100 Smiles

UAF, having begun in 1917, is turning 100 next year! Help us celebrate by putting on a smile and jumping in on the huge group photo with other students, staff, faculty, and alumni! The photo will be taken on Tuesday, August 30, at 1:15pm in Constitution Park. Be sure to wear some gear and show your spirit!

Important Dates

Be sure to take note of the following dates - especially the fee payment deadline. After September 12, a $100 late fee will be charged to your account if you haven't either paid it off in full or started a payment plan. An additional $100 reinstatement fee will be charged to re-enroll you into classes.
Aug. 29 - First day of instruction
Sept. 5 - Labor Day (offices closed - no classes, registration or fee payment) 

Sept. 9 - Deadline for adding classes, late registration, student- and faculty-initiated drops (course does not appear on academic record); 5pm in person, midnight at UAOnline

Sept. 12  - Fee payment deadline;  5pm in person,  midnight  at  UAOnline
Fee Payment

Fall 2016 is the first semester that UAF will be charging a 2.75% fee to process credit/debit card payments. Keep this in mind when you go to pay off your student account. To put it into perspective, here's a table showing what that fee would look like in relation to your bill.

Amount Owed
Additional 2.75% Fee
Total Amount Paid
$27.50 $1027.50
$2000 $55.00 $2055.00
$3000 $82.50 $3082.50
$4000 $110.00 $4110.00
$5000 $137.50 $5137.50

If you want to avoid paying a fee, you can still make a payment using a check, money order, or cash.

Fred Meyer College Night

Whether you're setting up your room, in need of school supplies, or stocking up on food, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss! 

Tonight, at 11:59pm, Fred Meyer will open their doors to UAF Students. This is a huge event with free giveaways, great music, and deeply discounted items. Whether you need clothes, pencils, toothbrushes, or furniture, tonight's the night to get the best deals. Shuttles will run from 11:45pm until 2am between MBS and Fred Meyer West. Don't forget your Polar Express card!

UAF FreeStore

Are you in need of anything? The UAF FreeStore may have it! The FreeStore is a permanent swap-site with a waste-cutting goal. They have free clothing, dorm and household items, books, movies, gadgets, accessories, and more! It's located on the second floor of the Lola Tilly Commons. Stop by between 9-4:00pm Monday through Friday and check out their inventory!

Join a Club!

A big part of college life is getting involved in things that you're interested in. Not only do you get a chance to make a difference or submerge yourself into your hobbies, but you get to do it with other, like-minded people who have similar goals in mind. Those friendships that you create may be just the thing you need to forge ahead. Also, a ton of clubs provide free food, so there's that.

Here are some of the clubs we're involved with:

Aarigaa is a group for students to come together to learn about God, worship, and spend time with one another.
Aarigaa Fairbanks Director: Tricia Ivanoff (907) 625-1622

Alaska Native Education Student Association (ANESA)
ANESA is a student organization for students interested in becoming elementary or high school teachers. All students are welcome to join whether or not they are majoring or interested in this area.
Staff Advisor :  Colleen Angaiak  (907) 474-7871

American Indian Sciences & Engineering Society (AISES) 
AISES is a student organization for students majoring or interested in the natural sciences, computer science, engineering, wildlife, mathematics, health fields, as well as students who intend to be math and/or science teachers.
Staff Advisor: Olga Skinner
(907) 474-7871

Alaska Native Social Workers Association (ANSWA)

ANSWA is a student organization for students majoring or interested in social work, sociology, psychology, human service technology.
Staff Advisor: LaVerne Demientieff (Social Work Department)
Staff Advisor: Gabrielle Russell
(907) 474-7871

Festival of Native Arts 
The Alaska Native Studies Department hosts the annual Festival of Native Arts in March. Volunteers are needed to assist the student-operated organization. Your energy and ideas will contribute to this successful event.
Contact  Alaska Native Studies Dept, (907)474-6889 or (907)474-6528

The Iñu-Yupiaq Dance Group is a student dance club that performs many Inupiaq and Yup'ik songs and dances. Everyone is invited to participate.
Contact: Rural Student Services (907) 474-7871

Native American Business Leaders (NABL)
NABL is a student organization for students majoring or interested in accounting, applied accounting, applied business, business administration, economics, or rural development.
Faculty Advisor: Sam Alexander (907) 474-5571

Native Games 
This is a group of students that get together to play Native games.
Staff Advisor: 
Gabrielle Russell
(907) 474-7871

Native Student Union of UAF
Group of students with intentions and ideas for a positive change in politics.  Everyone is invited to attend the meetings.
Faculty Advisor: Charlene Stern (907) 474-5293 

Unangax̂ Language and Culture Club 
The Unangax̂ Language and Culture Club is a club focusing on the Unangax̂ (Aleut) culture to revitalize the language and share another Alaska Native culture with the UAF campus.
Student Coordinator: Bobbie McNeley bobbie.mcneley@gmail.com  

If you're interested in learning more about these clubs, swing by our Blast Off event! We'll be talking about these and more at 5:00pm on Monday in the Brooks Building Gathering Room. 

Rural Student Services Office Hours

Fall 2016 Office Hours:
Monday through Friday - 8-5:00pm

If you need to schedule an appointment with an advisor, please call (907) 474-7871 (locally) or (888) 478-1452 (toll free within Alaska).

You can also schedule online at:  

Office location: Second Floor Brooks Buildling
Email:   uaf-rss@alaska.edu
Website:  www.uaf.edu/ruralss/
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/uafrss/