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JONG, Erica (b1942)

Erica Jong (1942-) is an American novelist and poet, known particularly for her 1973 novel Fear of Flying. The book became famously controversial for its attitudes towards female sexuality and figured prominently in the development of second-wave feminism. According to Washington Post, it has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

This collection includes; 1 Autographed Letter Signed (ASL) ; 1 Typed Review Proof Draft (signed) ; 2 Books (signed) ; 10 Photos and 2 Ephemera.

Some content: * Uncorrected page proof copy of the American edition of Fear of Flying, green wraps printed in black lettering, reviewer's copy (Terry Stokes, therapist, lecturer, teacher and stage performer, who reviewed the book in the New York Times, Nov. 11, 1973) with many passages underlined by him in pencil and red ink, with marginal commentary, lower front cover wrap chipped, large 10/29 in red marker on front wrap, spine bit faded, sheet signed by Jong pasted on verso of the back wrapper, with 17 pp. of two drafts of his review and outline with changes/corrections in red and black ink  ...    Click for more information and photos;
On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 900 USD OR $ 1,100 CDN        #7661


UNTERMEYER, Louis [1885-1977]

Louis Untermeyer (1885-1977) was an American poet, anthologist, critic, editor and translator of more than one hundred books for readers of all ages.. He will be best remembered as the prolific anthologist whose collections have introduced students to contemporary American poetry since 1919. Untermeyer was appointed the fourteenth Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1961.

This collection includes 1 Autographed Letter Signed ; 4 Typed Letter Signed ; 2 Other Typed Letters ; 3 Books and 1 Ephemera. Covers time period from 1925 to 1969.

Some content; 1 Autographed Letter Signed (ALS);
* ALS to William Rivers Washburn, 13 November 1929, with envelope, re the Phelps article, the Tennyson poem, and going abroad during the winter and then returning to the Adirondacks. * TLS Typed signed poem entitled "Portrait of a Machine", 1 p., n.d.* TLS to Mr. Carter, 7 July 1925, re Yesterday and Today: A Comparative Anthology of Poetry...   Click for more information and photos;
On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 1,400 USD OR $ 1,710 CDN        #7662

WILLIAMS, Emlyn [1905-1987]

Emlyn Williams, in full George Emlyn Williams was a Welsh-born actor, playwright and author of some highly effective, often macabre plays. He give the world his celebrated plays, "The Corn Is Green," and "Night Must Fall". He became the actor Charles Dickens reportedly always wished to be when he became "Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens" in a venerated series of one-man shows.

This Emlyn Williams collection includes 1 Typed Theatre Script ; 4 Books ; 2 Ephemera and 1 Photo. Time period covers is primarily 1935. All material is related to Williams's celebrated play, Night Must Fall, a psychological thriller, when he became an overnight star.  Williams played the lead role of a psychopathic murderer. The play was noted for its exploration of the killer's complex psychological state, a step forward for its genre.  It was first performed in 1935 and then made into a film in 1937, 1954, and 1964. The 1937 film by MGM, which starred Robert Montgomery, Rosalind Russell, and Dame Mae Whitty, was named the best film of the year by the National Board of Review.

Some content examples; 1 Typed Theatre Script; * Original typed theatre script of A Night Must Fall, SM's copy (stage manager's copy), page size: 7-1/2 x 13 inches, 54 blank pages with SM's handwritten notes and amendments, plus 45 pages with typescript of the play.. Produced by Miles Malleson, the original production of Night Must Fall premiered May 31, 1935, at the Duchess Theatre in London. The formal West End opening was preceded by a preliminary tour of Edinburgh (April 29, 1935), Newcastle and Glasgow...   Click for more information and photos 
On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 1,500 USD OR $ 1,830 CDN        #7663

GALT, John Esq. [1779-1839]

#1) [1820] Attractive engraved portrait, signed by John Galt 
#2) 1825 Canada Company, minutes of the intended arrangements between Earl Bathurst, His Majesty's Secretary of State, and the proposed Canada Company  15 APRIL, 1825 
#3) 1825 A Bill to Enable His Majesty to Grant a Company, to be Incorporated By Charter, to be Called "The Canada Company," 18 APRIL, 1825
#4) 1825 A Bill to Enable His Majesty to Grant to a Company, to be incorporated by Charter, to be called "The Canada Company,"  AMENDED BILL MAY 2, 1825
#5) 1825 An Act to enable His Majesty to grant to a Company, to be incorporated by Charter, to be called "The Canada Company," JUNE 27, 1825
#6) 1828 A Bill entitled an Act  to alter and amend an Act for enabling His Majesty to grant to a Company JUNE 23, 1828.
#7) 1828 An Act to alter and amend an Act for enabling  His Majesty to grant to a Company JULY 15, 1828.
#8) An Act for Granting certain additional Powers and Authorities to the Canada Company JUNE 23, 1856
#9) 1833 The Autobiography of John Galt
#10) 1894 A Canada Company Office Toronto (with logo) receipt -   Document signed
#11) hand-written Canada Company letter Sept. 20th, 1841 signed by Frederick Widder to Dr. Robert Alling of Guelph Document signed
#12) hand-written Canada Company letter Dec. 21st, 1860 signed by Frederick Widder to Sheriff Robert Moderwell of County of Perth in Stratford document signed...    Click for more information and photos;

Price: $ 3,000 USD OR $ 3,650 CDN        #4654

VARIOUS authors

47 small pieces of legal signed document for road maintenance and repairs from 1853- 1856 in Mono Township.

These 47 documents vary in size and condition with an average size of  7" x 3 " and average condition  good however a number of old water stains to sides. Virtually all are docketed with a number and or description and many are signed by the person receiving payment.
A fascinating collection of pre-confederation documents relating to the  building and improved roads infrastructure in Upper Canada, specifically Mono Townships which is just north of Orangeville.
Some background on road maintenance receipts such as these 1853-63 ones issued primarily relating in Mono, Upper Canada.   These Mono Township receipts were for the regular form of "statute labour" performed by able bodied men acting under an overseer (ie, for the township.)
...   Click for more information and photos

Price: $ 825 USD OR $ 1,000 CDN        #4351
16 BOOKS ...


1877. New York, Lovell, Adam, Wesson
First edition, first printing, unrestored with ads. Rare. 7-5/8" x 5-1/4 inches. vi, 678pp., [8]ads, very good condition.

The Golden Dog was issued in February 1877. Unfortunately, Kirby received little financial benefit from his masterpiece. Because the original publishers failed to copyright the novel, its author neither received royalties nor kept control of the text.

"The novel's action takes place just before the fall of New France, when the supporters of the popular Chien d'Or trading house, headed by the bourgeois Philibert, struggle against the decadent and corrupt Grand Company of the Intendant BIGOT...    Click for much more information and photos.

Price: $ 2,000 USD OR $ 2,400 CDN        #0558  

FARIBAULT, George Barthélemi [1789-1866] edited by


1840-38. Societe Litteraire et Historique De Quebec
First edition. 2 volumes in one: 155pp. & 207pp. Rebacked 3/4 calf, original marbled boards, new eps. Title in gilt on spine. Bottom corners lightly worn. Book condition: Very Good + Edition.
#1: Collection De Memoires et De Relations Sur L'Histoire Ancienne Du Canada, D'Apres Des Manuscrits Recemment obtenus des Archives et Bureaux Publics en France, Relation de ce qui s'est passé au siège de Québec, 155pp. 1840,  Impr. de W. Cowan et fils. First edition. (various pagings), ii, 7, 14, 32, 36, 24, 8, 8, 29. Collection of eight reports or relations each one having their own pagination.
#2: Mémoires sur le Canada, depuis 1749 jusqu'à 1760. En trois parties; avec cartes et plans lithographiés. 207pp 1838, First edition. Imprimerie de Middleton & Dawson VII, [1], [1]-207pp. [1], [3 appendice, corrections],[1]. Includes 13 maps and plans (some very faded) including 7 folding plates... Click for more information and photos.
Price: $1,250 USD OR $ 1,500 CDN        #3691   

MOODIE, Susanna [Susannah Strickland] [1803-1885]  

First edition. 2 volumes, Vol. 1; xx, [1]-293, [1] Vol. 2; [4], [1]-294, [2]. 8vo, 3/4 green leather with marbled boards, corners bumped, internally very minor foxing to end papers and first couple of pages, else very good condition. A very attractive set of the first British 2 volume edition in very good condition.

Susanna Moodie wrote these series of twenty-eight sketches, based on her difficult experiences and what to share these, thus she was "prompted by the hope of deterring well-educated people, about to settle in this colony, from entering upon a life for which they were totally unfitted by their previous pursuits and habits."

"Roughing It in the Bush, became a best seller in both England and the United States. One of the characters in the book was called Little Addie and Mrs. Moodie based it on her daughter Agnes."... Click for more information and photos.

Price: $ 795 USD OR $ 965 CDN       #1236     

TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.)  [1802-1899]

1836. London, Library of Entertaining Knowledge
First edition, second printing.   4 x 6 1/2 inches, viii, 351. with half-title, 21 wood-engraved plates & illus. (incl. frontis.)
Contemporary 3/4 calf, and marbled boards (matching marbled page edges). Leather spine with elaborate embossing and a dark red and black  leather label with gilt type. Edges somewhat rubbed. A near fine and attractive copy of an important book.

Composed of letters written by the author to her mother and friends in England, the Backwoods includes much useful and interesting information on home-making under pioneer conditions, pioneer recipes for making maple sugar, vinegar, &c... Click for more information and photos.

Price: $ 695 USD OR $ 840 CDN        #2553     

RHYS, Captain [Charles] Horton (1824-1876)

1861.  London. Charles Dudley
First edition.  Octavo. 3 p.l.,[3]-59, 59-62 repeated with asterisk, 60-140 pp. Four plates (three tinted, one colored).
* Frontis: Horton Ryrs plate with facsimile signature tinted plate
* An Iceberg by Moonlight coloured plate
* "Now then what do you want" dog tinted plate
* Newport Crowded Beach tinted plate
Lacking the plate of his leading lady, Catherine Lucette as is often the case.

A funny, detailed account of a tour through Canada and the United States on a wager that the author could not survive purely on the proceeds of an amateur theatrical troupe he was to form. Travel is mainly in the towns of Canada East and West in 1859-60, on a wager that he could pay his way with his talents. Rhys traveled specifically through Quebec, Montreal, Kingston, Cobourg, Peterborough, Toronto, Belleville, and Niagara in Canada, and through Baltimore, Detroit, New York, and Rhode Island in the United States
... Click for more information and photos.
Price: $ 400 USD OR $ 480 CDN        #2892      

[HAWKINS, Alfred [1802? - 1854]]

1844. Québec. W. Cowanand Son.
First edition. 3.5  x 5.5 inches, viii, [1]-198 pages, vignette, 4 plates and 1 foldout map. Bound in brown cloth with faded gilt lettering on the spine. Blind stamped design on the worn covers. Rebacked with original spine laid in. There are 15 plates, vignette and a frontispiece  in the contents page called for however, only 4 plates and a vignette present however, the map "Plan of the City of Quebec 1842" not called for but mentioned in the preface, is present.  Overall very good condition.

The foldout map "Plan of the City of Quebec, dated 1842" measures 15'' x 20''. Map has had some minor paper repairs and  is in very good condition, with lightly toned, with some light foxing.
The vinette and 4 plates present are;
Falls of Montmorenci (Vinette), Quebec Driving club (p.68), Congressional and St. Patrick Churhes (p.90), Parliament House (p107), and Marine Hospital(p.111)...  Click for more information and photos 
Price: $ 425 USD OR $ 500 CDN        #3055          

SAXE, Maurice, Field-Marshal Count de (1696-1750)

First Edition in English. 4to (8-1/4 x 10-1/2 inches) full original calf, professionally rebacked, false spine bands, maroon leather spine label, gilt printing, pp. x, 195, (1) page advertisements for other books by the publisher, 40 copper plates on 34 pages. Good copy, top inch of title page trimmed without loss of text, some edge wear to binding, former owner's name inside front cover.

A classic military work by one of the world's most famous soldiers. Observing that the art of war is a science with no certainties or absolutes, Saxe (1696-1750) divides his book into two parts, the first examining the raising, feeding, clothing, exercising, paying, encamping, and moving of an army and its various parts, and the second covering the sublime or strategic aspect of combat, including attack and defense in various terrains, how to interpret the signs of enemy plans, and so on... Click for more information and photos.

Price: $ 350 USD OR $ 425 CDN        #0826            

WATTS, Mrs. Alaric (Edited by)

First edition. 3- 3/4 x 6 inches.  x, [1], 240pp., 6pp ads.  Original half-bound green Turkey morocco with worn corners and front and back boards. Half title, engr. front. & title, all plates present; illustrations slightly spotted. Contemporary  gift inscription on leading front end paper - Oct. 1829. Very Good condition overall.

p. 114  Author of the Rival Crusoes [Agnes Strickland [1796-1874]]. Lady Lucy's Petition; [Prose/14 pages]
p. 232  Ms. Strickland, [Agnes]. Christmas Boxes; [Prose/8 pages]
With contributions by Barry Cornwall, Mrs Hemans, Mary Howitt, Mrs Opie, Thomas Pringle, Miss Strickland (Susanna Moodie & Agnes Strickland), &c. Plates after T. Gainsborough, M.A. Shee, H. Singleton, &c...  Click for more information and photos. 
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 90 CDN     #1723      

LEMOINE, Sir J(ames). M(acPherson).  [1825-1912]

1876. Québec. Augustin Cote & Co.

6-1/2 x 8-3/4 inches, xv, 466pp. [15] leaves of plates (1 fold.)  No ads - after page vi and at the back. Light green cloth with embossed type and illustration on front cover of "Monument of Ste Foye" plus decorative borders impressed. The spine in particular is different from the other two 1876 copies of this publication we have. No elaborate border above and below the type on the spine...  Click for more information and photos.
Price: $ 65 USD OR $ 75 CDN        #0516    

MAHAN, Captain A[lfred]. T[hayer] [1840 - 1914]

1905. London, Sampson Low, Marston & Co.
First UK edition. Two volumes, each 8 3/4 x 6 inches). Volume 1. pp.xx, (4), [1]-423, with 11 illustrations including frontispiece plus 6 maps and battle plans. Volume 2. pp.xviii, (2), [1]-456, with 16 illustrations plus 19 maps and battle plans.
Mahan examines the causes of the conflict, arguing that its roots went back to the seventeenth century. Although naval battles in the war of 1812 were small-scale rather than large fleet actions, Mahan shows that they were nevertheless crucial to the outcome.

Owned by Robert Malcomson who  wrote a number of books on the War of 1812 including Lords of the Lake in 1999. Volume one of this book set is inscribed " R. Malcomson July 1999 from Francis Edwards Books London which is likely when he was in England for research purposes... Click for more details and photos.  
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 90 CDN        #2947           

JOHNSON, E.[Emily] Pauline (Tekahionwake)  [1861-1913]

1913. Vancouver
7th edition. 4-3/4 x 8 inches. (20), 138pp. Original dark green leather spine, no type and lighter green cloth boards with imprinted colour image and type on front cover with wearing on board edges. 8 black and white photos and many line drawings within text. Insides clean and in very good condition. Previous owner's name on front end paper.

This Harris work was first published in 3 volumes with title: Emigrant family: or, The Story of an Australian settler. - London : Smith, Elder, 1849; this is the first one-volume edition, for the first time under the author's name.
"These legends (with two or three exceptions) were told to me personally by my honoured friend, the late Chief Joe Capilano, of Vancouver, whom I had the privilege of first meeting in London in 1906, when he visited England"... Click for information and photos.
Price: $ 25 USD OR $ 30 CDN        #0489            

1904. Chicago, Theo. Noel Co.
First edition. 6 x 9 inches, 348,[1]pp. Portrait. Illus. Original very dark burgundy cloth with gilt type on spine and gilt signature of Theophilus Noel on front cover and blind embossed decorations.
Important because of the light it throws on Sibley's campaign in the Southwest. ..CWB During the early part of the war, Confederate Gen. Henry Sibley led his Texans to victory at Valverde and at La Glorieta Pass in the New Mexico Terr'y.  
In fact Sibley's Brigade was the only brigade to participate in the 3 most significant campaigns in Texas.

Added ephemera with this book, Letter (very early direct mail!) from the Theophilius Company in Chicago asking the reader to review and provide reaction. Signed via rubber stamp!... Click for more information and photos.  
Price: $ 60 USD OR $ 70 CDN        #1074             

CHARNOCK, John  [1756 - 1807]


1806. Boston, Etheridge & Bliss.
2nd US edition. 8vo, 323pp. plus appendix, p.325 to p.350. Frontis portrait of Nelson page missing the  bottom 1/2 inch of page but not affecting type or plate. New 1/2 leather with red labels and gilt type on spine. New marbled boards and new plain end papers.  internally with tone  aging to some pages
Detailed historical account of one of England's most revered military heroes.
Charnock was a naval volunteer, and his work is based largely on letters he had collected for a general naval history
...  Click for more information and photos
Price: $ 125 USD OR $ 150 CDN        #0354          


1902. Boston, Published by Cowles
First edition. 9-1/4 x 5-3/4 inches, xiv, [1]-991pp., rebacked preserving original red cloth spine and boards.
 The diaries, letters, and records of Captain Charles A. Phillips, the battery commander from October 1862 until it mustered out in June 1865, serve as the centerpiece of this informative masterpiece.

Exploits of these cannoneers describe in detail actions at Yorktown, Hanover Court House, Mechanicsville, Gaines Mills, Malvern Hill, Second Bull Run, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Rappahannock Station, Mine Run, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna, Bethesda Church, Petersburg, Weldon Railroad, and Hatchers Run. This battery suffered the greatest percentage of loss in battle of any light battery in volunteer service... Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 50 USD OR $ 60 CDN        #0422               

GRANT, Ulysses S.

1885-86. New York, Charles L. Webster & Co.
First edition. 8vo, 584pp.; 647pp. Deluxe full sheep binding rebacked with relaid spines and tan morocco; red and gold titles. Some marks soiling on spines otherwise, overall very good+ condition
Index in Volume II, With 49 maps and illustrations, Two steel-engraved frontispiece portraits and two etched views, all with tissue-guards

Hundreds of pages of information on Grant's career and the Civil War Included are war maps, a pull-out, steel-cut engravings, and a  facsimile hand-scribed and signed copy of Lee's surrender... Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 120 USD OR $ 145 CDN        #0404                

1888-91. New York, Published by Charles L. Webster
Shoulder strap first edition. 2 volumes. 5-1/2 x 9 inches. Original green  cloth stamped in gilt, both are bright.
Volume One: 1891 published. 500 pages. Owners name with inscription written on front inside cover.  There is some foxing on the blank pages in the beginning. Minor rubbing to edges.
Volume Two: 1888 published. 485 pages.

Overall condition of both volumes is very good and a very attractive set... Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 75 USD OR $ 90 CDN        #0420       

BROCK, Sir General Isaac  [1769-1812]

A unique, rare and important piece of Canadian military history.
[20pp. with blank on recto of docket p.20] 20cm x 32cm (7-3/4 x 12-5/8 inches)
This is the official 20 page 1810 report on the Court Martial of Private Alexander Waddle, at Fort George in Upper Canada, presided over and signed by Brigadier General Isaac Brock, President, and military commander of Upper Canada and soon to become the 'hero of Upper Canada' Counter-signed by the Governor of Canada, Sir James Henry Craig.

Alexander Waddle of the 100th Regiment was convicted by Brock's 2 day court martial for desertion.

'Brigadier General Isaac Brock' as President, presided over the hearings. There were thirteen other officers who were members of the Court Martial some of which which included; Lieutenant Colonel John Vincent, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Ellice and J B Clegg performing the legal role of Judge Advocate.
This is signed: 'Isaac Brock B[rigadie]r Gen[era]l L[ord] Presid[en]t' also by Clegg and counter-signed: 'Approv'd J H Craig Gen[era]' and a 2 page "Defence" signed possibly by Alex. Waddle...   Click for more information and photos
Price: $ 12,500 USD OR $ 15,175 CDN        #6664

DE PUISAYE, Joseph-Geneviève, Le Comte (the Count) [1755 - 1827]    

PUISAYE (Joseph of). Signed letter "Joseph cte D.P." addressed to the General Jean-Victor MOREAU. S.l., [probably 1793, and not on 19 Sept. 1796 as indicated by an old note]. 1 p. 1/2 folios, letter cut into two with the folding and repaired on the back but almost separated. 
Fascinating content. A somewhat sycophantic entreaty to turn Moreau to the Royalist side. The dating appears to have been written right after what the bio on Moreau in Wikipedia bio calls his "distinguished retreat." There is also no evidence it was ever received by Moreau. If it was received unsolicited, why on earth would Moreau not have destroyed such a dangerous invitation?
The timing on the part of the Count is odd. One also  wonders if the letter was perhaps a retroactive attempt to discredit Moreau. (i.e. manufactured evidence...Click on for more information and photos;

Price: $ 1,500 USD OR $ 1,800 CDN   #3521

BUTLER, Walter [1752-1781]  
Autograph Document Signed twice, once in the text and once at the end, by Walter Butler as attorney for the defendant in a case before the County of Tryon Inferior Court of Common Pleas, 8-1/2 x 7-1/2 inches, Walter studied law in Albany and was admitted to the bar in 1775 shortly before the start of the American Revolution in upper New York state. Very good condition.

Walter Butler (1752-81) Loyalist who became a captain in Butler's Rangers, formed by his father, John.  He was captured in 1777 by Continental Army troops commanded by Lt. Col. Marinus Willett, but escaped after a few months.  He was probably the most hated Loyalist in America...
It is said, the  news of his death caused great rejoicing in New York's Mohawk Valley.
"So feared was the Butler name," George Francis Gilman Stanley has said, "that the rebels of the Mohawk valley rejoiced more over the news of his death than they did at the surrender of [Charles] Cornwallis at Yorktown."... Click for more information and photos

Price: $ 1,500 USD OR $1,820 CDN  #3647

BATT, John Thomas (1746-1831) & MONTAGU-DUNK, George, 2nd Earl of Halifax (1716-1771) (subject

A small 3-3/4 x 5-7/8 inches  [30pp.] manuscript notebook devoted to J.T. Batt's executorship of the 2nd Earl Halifax dated 1771. (covering from May 18, 1771 - October 3 1771). Notebook supplied by 'Robert Thatcher Stationer, on Dukes Court, near St Martin's Court, London. Sells all Sorts of Stationary, Bibles, Common Prayers &c at the Lowest Prices' (label on front pastedown). Limp roan, paper-backed covers; unlined paper (vertical chainlines) interleaved with purple blotting paper. 

Batt begins his diary with an account of one of the last suppers he enjoyed with his ailing friend George Montagu Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax, known as 'father of the colonies' for his success in fostering American trade and founding Halifax, Nova Scotia while serving as President of the Board of Trade. The diarist reports that George III's physician Dr Noah Thomas was also in attendance... Click for more information and photos
Price: $ 850 USD OR $ 1,025 CDN     #7417

Province of  Canada Government

Small 4to. Legislature Council 1st Session 5th Parliament. Rebound with new spine. Many log entry summaries from the 5th Parliament (1854-55) laws passed. Railway Bills, Banks, Church Relief, Mining, Telegraph, Masonic, College, and more! 190 pages are listed and indexed however some pages are missing (taken out LONG AGO). Full Index. Very nice Canadian historical item.

The 5th Parliament of the Province of Canada was in session from 1854 to November 1857. Elections were held in the Province of Canada in July 1854. Sessions were held in Quebec City until 1856 and then in Toronto. In 1854-55, measures were introduced to abolish seigneurial tenure in Canada East and the clergy reserves in Canada West... Click for more information and photos  
Price: $ 650 USD OR $ 785 CDN     #2735

HUME, Joseph (1777 -1855)

Autograph Letter Signed. One page, 6-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches. Dated Bryanston Square. 9th Dec[ember], 1831. With seal affixed to face of letter. Some paper attached to reverse from being previously mounted and removed. With noted, otherwise in very good condition.
Sending notice of receipt of a committee resolution, and agreeing to present the committee report to the King.

Joseph Hume (1777 -1855). Scottish doctor and Radical MP.
In 1818 Hume entered the House of Commons for a second time, and made acquaintance with James Mill and the philosophical reformers of the school of Jeremy Bentham. He joined with Francis Place, of Westminster, and other philanthropists, to help improve the condition of the working classes, labouring especially to establish schools for them on the Lancastrian system, and forming savings banks.... Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 60 USD OR $ 72 CDN     #4474

DOUGLAS-MENZIES, Lucinda [b1956] (photographer)  

Large silver gelatin 2004 photograph of Derek Walcott and Ben Okri by Lucinda Douglas-Menzies, three-quarter length, both seated, smiling at one another. Douglas-Menzies' label on verso with details of the shoot,  128 Kensington Church Street, 2004.
Paper size: 15 x 13-1/2 inches
Image size: 10 x 10-1/2 inches
Fine condition. Provenance: Lucinda Douglas-Menzies. The Roy Davids Collection (Bonhams).

Derek Walcott [1930-2017] was a Saint Lucia poet and playwright.  The Nobel Prize in Literature 1992 was awarded to Derek Walcott.
Ben Okri [b1959] is a Nigerian novelist, poet, and essayist. His honors include an OBE, Italy's Premio Palmi and Premio Grinzane Cavour, the World Economic Forum's Crystal Award, and the Paris Review's Aga Khan Prize for Fiction.
.. Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 500 USD OR $ 600 CDN     #7546

Unknown photogrpaher

Steamer photos circa 1925 with a stamp on back  STORY PHOTO COM. FT. WM.
Each photo size:
Paper: 2-5/8 W x 4-3/8 H inches
Image: 2-1/4 W x 4 H inches.
Very good condition...
  Click for more information and photos

Price: $ 25 USD OR $ 30 CDN  #2494

JENNINGS, William Nicholson [1860-1946]

Five Niagara Falls photos circa 1911, all signed and or inscribed by Jennings at the reverse. Measurements: Each is 10" x 8".  Condition: Very good, some losses and creasing.
Some uncommon photos taken by Jennings. The photos of Niagara Falls are excellent examples of Jennings photography beyond Philadelphia and an important part of Jennings personal history and profession. 
In this set there are three similar prints made of of the foot of the American Falls. Three are prints of the same image each with different exposures and thus visual effects.
Provenance: From the estate of Lois C. Jennings, wife of Ralph Jennings Sr. who was the son of William Nicholson Jennings (1860-1946)...  Click for more information and photos

Price: $ 295 USD OR $ 355 CDN  #3107

SMYTH (Smith), Sir HERVEY [1734-1811]  
Circa 1765. Very early edition. This hand-coloured engraving was trimmed to the edges 292mm x  442mm  ( 11.5 x 17 3/8 inches) and mounted to a dark card stock. The English only title was mounted on the reverse on the reverse of the dark mounted card.  Good condition only. 

"In 1758, while in command of the 'Buckingham', 64 guns, he intercepted a French convoy protected by the 'Florissant', 74 guns, and two frigates. The 'Buckingham', is depicted in the right background of the portrait, flying a commodore's pendant and a white ensign...  Click for more information and photos  

Price: $ 175 USD OR $ 210 CDN   #3265

BUTLER, Lady, Elizabeth Southerden Thompson (1846-1933) after   
Paper size: 26-3/4 x 17 inches
Image size (not text): 25 x 13-1/8 inches Circa 1876.
"The Charge of the Six Hundred" by Lady Elizabeth Butler.  Black and white photogravure (not a steel engraving), copyright, The Fine Art Society London
Survivors walking back after the failed charge of the Light Brigade; wounded, bandaged. and dazed figures, some mounted soldiers.   
Elizabeth Thompson, later Lady Butler, was perhaps the leading painter of this genre of the late nineteenth century...Click for more information and photos: 

Price: $ 800 USD OR $ 970 CDN   #3686

HABERMANN [HAVERMANN], F(ranz). Xaver). [1721 - 1796]    
31 x 39 cm. (n.d., after 1770). Cont. handcoloured engraving optical print by F.X. Havermann. Strong and dark impression on strong paper. Paper with chains. Original colors. Wide margin at the top. Lower margin missed. Wide lateral margins. Paper with foxing and browning. Small tears. Overall good condition.

A lovely view of a street in the main plaza of the lower part of Quebec. The wide boulevard is filled with marching soldiers and people going about their daily business. With captions in French and German below the image. .. Click for more information and photos  
Price: $ 225 USD OR $ 270 CDN   #3159

WILKE, David, (1785-1841) (after)     
Image: 28-1/4 x 16 inches.
Paper: 29-1/4 x 18 inches.
Black and White engraving. Removed from frame with image and type below image in very good condition. Small 1/2 inch vertical tear under E in gazette but not touching E.  The  border outside this area which was previously framed is in poor condition. The poor border would not be seen matted.

Chelsea pensioners sitting round a wooden table outside the Duke of York inn, one reading the paper with the news of Waterloo to the many people gathered around with them. .. Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 150 USD OR $ 180 CDN   #3609

[HEARNE, Samuel [1745 - 1792]]     
 1797. 8 X 5 inches, Copperplate engraving printed on wove paper in 1797. "Sam Hearne del. Wise Sculp. Published by J. Sewell, Cornhill, March 1st, 1797."  There is nothing printed on the reverse side. Some foxing, otherwise good condition of this scarce engraving.

Although best known for his overland explorations in what is now the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Samuel Hearne (1745 -1792) is also one of the most significant figures in the development of Hudson's Bay Company. .. Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 50 USD OR $ 60 CDN   #2994

EDEN, Robert Anthony, 1st Earl of Avon (1897-1977)  
5 x 8 inches, was folded now flat, typed signed letter to John E. (Edwin) Hunt of New Zealand. On  Donhead House Shaftesbury blind embossed letterhead (Anthony Eden lived at Donhead House for a year following the Suez Crisis of 1956). Dated July 31st, 1958. Marked PERSONAL. Writing with appreciation and comments about the Suez Crisis of 1956,, and noting: "I was quite sure that in time the purpose I had in mind would be understood. My only regret now is that the two years which have elapsed have made the task a very difficult one for the free world". Very Good condition .... Click for more information and photos  
Price: $ 950 USD OR $ 1,150 CDN   #5054

Scarce. 1914 Goad (Charles E.) Insurance Plan (FIP) of City of Montreal, fire insurance plans, on a scale of 50ft to 1 inch, detailing street names, building numbers, stories and usages.
5 plans only;
#4 (Victoria Square, Craig West, St. James, Notre Dame West, St. Antoine)
#8 (St. James, Notre Dame West, De Bresoles, Leroyer, St. Paul, Commissioners)
#19 (Clarke, Ontario East, Montreal East, St. Catherines East, Ave de Hotel de Ville)
#40 (Lachine Canal, St. Patrick, Manufactures Lane, Richardson)
#47 (Wellington Basin, Mill, Bridge, Riverside)
with sheets of title and index, lithographed maps in original hand-colouring, each sheet c.635 x 530mm., right sheet edges affected by wormholes and dampstaining, with some loss, particularly to title and index sheets, loose as issued.... Click for more information and photos
Price: $ 350 USD   OR $ 420 CDN     #2924

MOWAT, Sir Oliver [1820-1903]

1899. 13-1/4 x 8-1/4 inches, was folded now flat, typed and handwritten manuscript on one side, brown paper. Red embossed Lieutenant Governor of Ontario seal, in very good condition.
Signed by G. E. Lunsden, and Oliver Mowat

MOWAT, Sir Oliver [1820-1903] Lawyer, politician, judge, and office holder. Mowat was the third Premier of Ontario, the eighth Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and one of the Fathers of Confederation.

George E. LUMSDEN (1847-1903) After a career in journalism, George Lumsden entered the Ontario Civil Service in 1880... Click for more information and photos;

Price: $ 225 USD   OR $ 280 CDN     #3136

Margaret Crewe signature on 4-3/4 x 3-3/4 inch envelope dated 1926. [accompanied by a letter from her secretary, J. Corbett and dated 1st July, 1926.
Envelope is wrinkled on left side with the writing going through the M in Margaret in the signature otherwise in good condition.
Margaret Etrenne Hannah ('Peggy') Crewe-Milne (nee Primrose), Marchioness of Crewe (1881-1967), Political hostess; second wife of 1st and last Marquess of Crewe; daughter of 5th Earl of Rosebery... Click for more information and photos 
Price: $ 75 USD   OR $ 90 CDN     #4468

3-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches. 1909 postmarked dated Post card showing black baby girl on an old wooden crate with watermelon next to her.

Washa Ont., &  Ramona Ont. Split circulars postmarks with a 1¢ stamp.
Creased left and right corners otherwise, very good condition..... Click for more information and photos.
Price: $ 35 USD   OR $ 40 CDN     #6846

Scarce: Only 4 copies located in three locations;  TPL (2 copies), Library of Parliament and McGill
The Earl of Durham Reports from Canada on the  Rebellion in Lower Canada, 1838.  Dated Downing-street, 20th January 1838. (Presented by Her Majesty's Command) Ordered by the House of Commons, to be printed, 23, January 1838
Paper No. 325. 2 August 1838. Folio, 10 pp+ 2pp., sewn as issued, deckled edge paper, slightly dusty at edges, wide margins,  three light horizontal mailing folds otherwise very good condition.

Return to an Address of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the 30 July 1838. Volume 325; Volume 1838 of Parliamentary papers for copies of all appointments made by the Earl of Durham to the Special Council of Lower Canada, and copies of all ordinances passed in such Special Council, together with the dates of the same respectively, of any proclamation issued by the Earl of Durham on the 28th of June last, and of all minutes of the proceedings of the Special Council of Lower Canada on the 28th of June last  Ordered to be printed 2nd August 1838. Colonial Office. Lower Canada....   Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 500 USD   OR $ 600 CDN     #0734

6-1/2 x 8 inches unpaginated. New red leather spine with gilt type and new endpapers. Over 70 pages with one and up to 10 signatures per page - over 200 signatures. An autograph book covering over 50 years from 1894 to 1947. Very good condition.

Numerous signatures, remembrances, comments predominately by ranking officials in the Church. Interesting entries from Bishops, Archdeacons, and many others from all over the world including Asia, Africa, New Guinea and many other fascinating origins, in excess of 200  signatures. A number of loose autographs, notes and newspaper clippings throughout are also included.
...  Click for more information and photos.  
Price: $ 300 USD   OR $ 360 CDN     #1871

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