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President William McKinley is shot.
September 2017 
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RMRReport Maker Reports
Not finding a report that fits your needs? We have a PastPerfect solution for you! PastPerfect 5.0's Report Maker is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that allows you to create and design custom reports in a variety of areas across PastPerfect. 

To create a report, click on Report Maker from the Main Menu. Choose which table to pull your results from and simply follow the Report Maker wizard in creating a filter statement (e.g. records that were updated since June 2016) and choosing which fields to include and sort by (Object ID, Object Name, etc.). PastPerfect will automatically select a report layout based on your selections, but you are able to choose a different layout from the Report Output Options as well as manually modify the report.

If you need help getting started on a Report Maker report, you can call our office at 1-800-562-6080 and a member of our Support Team will be happy to assist you. You can also find more resources and tutorials in our User Guide, Knowledge Base, and YouTube channel:
ThisILoveThis I Love
Every volunteer and staff member has a few collection items that capture their imagination in a special way. We've started a series to highlight these items and share them with the museum community. This contribution comes from Joanna Church, Collections Manager, at the Jewish Museum of Maryland.

"This transferware saucer shows an idyllic little view of Maryland's Washington Monument (the first monument in the country dedicated to George Washington, as we'll happily remind you). Part of a series of 'Old Baltimore Views', the saucer was made in the early 20th century for Hochschild, Kohn & Co., one of Baltimore's largest department stores. Like many of the city's major retail outlets, Hochschild-Kohn was founded and owned by Jewish merchants, and for many decades it staked a claim on the hearts (and the wallets) of Baltimore residents. I love this piece not only because I am a fan of transferware ceramics, but also because it demonstrates that so much of our mission can be reflected in one small artifact: Maryland history, the history of the local Jewish community, and the everyday lives of those community members...shopping at Hochschild-Kohn, bringing home some commemorative china, and drinking tea."

Thank you to the Jewish Museum of Maryland for sharing your collection online!

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SpotlightOnline Collection Spotlight
"Documenting one of the earliest streetcar suburbs in the United States, our collections represent a unique resource for scholars, students, and residents of Chevy Chase.  It is also one of the few planned residential communities in the nation in which the original developer, the Chevy Chase Land Company, has maintained a presence for more than 120 years." www.chevychasehistory.org/chevychase/cchs-archival-collection

View the Chevy Chase Historical Society's Online Collection.
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