September 2017
The District's next Regional lands in Spooky Nook (Lancaster) so get your creepy on and make plans for this premiere event. The dates run through Halloween, of course, from October 30 to November 5. The new playing space at Spooky Nook has plenty of clean, open space. For all the information, check out the website here.

District 4 Officers  
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Dan Boye

Meyer Kotkin
Bill Bauer

Pat Civale  

Joann Glasson 
President's Message
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There is no message this month from the President. Please check back next month for this feature.
From the District Director 
joann glasson
[This month, Joann reports on her appointments to the 2018 Goodwill and Charity committees. You can click here to read all about the hard-working and dedicated volunteers from around the district who received these honors. --Ed.]
District 4 Schedule    
District 4 STaC
August 28 - September 3
October 7
October 7-8
October 28

Lancaster Regional
October 30 - November 5
November 23 - December 3 
NAP District Qualifiers  
NAP Logo
Just a reminder that the time for NAP club qualifiers has passed, but the district level qualifying games will take place in October. See the District 4 Schedule section above for the dates for your flight and click on the links for additional information.
Need Silver? Look for STaCs
Need silver points? Keep your eyes open for a STaC (Sectional Tournament at Clubs). A District STaC runs through September 3. Check the ACBL website or with your club to see if it's running this STaC and for others later this year. You can win silver points for high finishes in your club game; really successful games can earn bonuses at the end of the week.
The Philadelphia Nationals Are Coming!   
It might seem several seasons away, but it's really not too early to start thinking about the Philadelphia Nationals coming this spring. The dates are March 8-18, 2018. Nationals offers events for players of ALL levels, including people who have never even played before! (Tell your friends who want to learn the greatest game.)

* The first weekend offers special opportunities for players with fewer than 300 masterpoints.

* There's a special "Learn Bridge in a Day" seminar for people who would like an introduction.

* Join us for welcome events and great hospitality.

* Corporate sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available.

For all the details, click here for the Philadelphia Nationals website and learn everything you might want to know.
News from Around the Units 
four corners
Unit 112: Central New York
DeWitt Henricks
Unit 112 Sectional (Cicero)
September 9-10

September 23-24

Unit 112 Sectional (Webster)
October 14-15

Unit 112 Sectional (Endwell)
October 28-29

Unit 112 Sectional (Waterloo)
November 11-12

There is no Unit 112 report this month. Check back next month for an update.  
Unit 120: Northeastern Pennsylvania 
Fay Pacchioli

Architzel Memorial Game
September 24
Unit 120 Sectional
September 15-17 
Instant Matchpoint Game
October 25

The UNIT ARCHITZEL MEMORIAL GAME will be held on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 24 AT the Central House Resort, 81 Milanville Road, Beach Lake, PA 18405. Two sessions of Bridge - Play one or both - Cost for Unit 120 members is $25.00 with or without dinner. Separate section for Intermediate/Newcomers. Deadline for reservations is Wednesday, September 20th.  Call Fay Pacchioli 610-442-0742 or email her at .   
UNIT 120 SECTIONAL - SEPTEMBER 15-SEPTEMBER 17 at the Quality Inn, 880 Kidder Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Open Pairs on Friday and Saturday at 10:00 am. With a second session at 3:00 pm. Separate section for Non- life masters - 0-50, 50-150 and 150-300. No player may have more than 300 points. Special room rates at the Quality Inn $75, 570-8244-8901 or the Fairfield Inn $109, 570-208-4455.
The Unit Patriotic Party in Stroudsburg on August 13th  was a great success with 15 tables In the afternoon session and 12 tables in the evening session.
Overall - 1  Gene Waltz & Judy Stein
Overall - 2  Karen & Stanley Yellin
Overall - 3  Valerie Barber & Barbara Miller
Overall 4  and 1  in B and C - Gretchen Jack & Beverly Bright.
Evening game -  
N/S  - 1  in B and C - Ellen Preece & Helen Tanski
E/W - 1  in B - Kevin Husband & Jackie James
1  in C - Mike Kohler & Larry Kemmerer
Afternoon game - 
N/S - 1  in A & B - Diane & Stan Berkowitz
1  in C - Joe Distini & Doreese Torrey
E/W 1  in  B & C - Beverly Bright & Gretchen Jack
A Board of Directors meeting was held between the two sessions and several newcomers were elected to the Board. The BOD now consists of:
     2017 - 2019  (2 year term)                                                                                                                                      2017 - 2018  (1 year term)
Bill Orth, President                                                                                                                                                      JoAnn Mauger
Walter Mitchell, Vice President                                                                                                                                  Thomas Myers                                   
Mary Zabresky                                                                                                                                                            Steve Mansour, Treasurer                 
George Mansour                                                                                                                                                           Kate Shumaker
Sara Eisner                                                                                                                                                                   Fay Pacchioli
William Haynes                                                                                                                                                             Joan Winters
Ellen Preece                                                                                                                                                                 David Forth
Helen Tanski
Doreese Tory
Christopher Stephens
Joe Distini
Jim Mazeika
NEW LIFE MASTER   Helen Tanski, Lynn Gonchar, Irv Lebowitz, Ellen Preece
Junior Master  Rob Schanker
Regional Master William Buchin, Christopher Stephens
Silver Life Master  Helen McCool, Steve Mansour,  Fay Pacchioli
We have a new member in the Pittston area - Rita Groves. Everyone make sure to say hello.
We recently lost one of our members - Gene Stec who lived in Dalton. I met and paired up with Gene at the Jack Burns game. Gene was a delight to play with and will be missed by many. Condolences to his family.   
Unit 121: Berks Montgomery 
Brian C Snyder 
Unit 121 I/N Sectional 
September 22
Unit 121 I/N Sectional
December 15 
O ur next Intermediate-Newcomer Sectional Tournament will be held Friday September 22 at Sacred Heart Villa. More information can be found at
Sue Wessner will be starting a new series of Bridge Lessons at Boscov's North in Reading beginning on Thursday September 14.
Contact Sue to register -- (610) 972-5327,

Congratulations to the following for achieving their next rank in the ACBL: 
Junior Masters - Ralph C. Leinbach, David Trexler
Club Master - Mrs. Catherine E. Readinger
Regional Master - Keith Ordemann
Advanced NABC Master - Mrs. Sara J. Gainey
New Life Masters - Doug R. Chaney, Philip Presby

Unit 133: Lehigh Valley 
Dave Kresge

Unit 133 Sectional
October 20-22
There is no Unit 133 report this month. Check back next month for an update. 
Unit 141: Philadelphia 
Joan Warren
Bala Sectional
October 13-15
Bala Sectional
November 10-12
Unit 141 STaC
December 4-10

Unit 141 congratulates its New Life Masters and all those who reached new designation levels. 
New Life Masters 
Susan Anthony
Doug Chaney
Suzanne Liebman
John Oehrle
Wayne Rosenberger

Sapphire Life Master  
Jane Ball
William Ravreby

Ruby Life Master
Stephen Horwitz
Ralph Collins

Silver Life Master 
Tom Burns
Kurt Engleman
Art Goldfarb
Sandra Kayson
Anne Morris
Mordecai Schwartz

Bronze Life Master
Andrew Rosenberg

We hope to see you at the fall sectionals at Bala Country Club.

On a personal note, my teacher, partner every time she asked, and friend Jane Segal passed away this month after a valiantly fought long illness. I always noticed how many people would stop by our table to say hello to her wherever it was we were playing. She taught so many. I will miss her greatly.

Unit 168: Central Pennsylvania 
Jeanne Parrett

October 13-15

November 13-19

News From Harrisburg:
In addition to our regular day and evening schedule, we are featuring the following special games during September.
  • 9/02:  Brunch & Bridge STaC game; food @10:30, bridge @11:00
  • 9/04:  Labor Day open pairs special; bridge @11:30, Club provides hot dogs/buns/condiments @11:15 - bring a dish to share!
  • 9/10:  Open Pairs International Fund game @1:00 (birthdays will be recognized with lunch @12:30)
  • 9/22:  Friday evening open pairs International Fund dinner game @5:45; appetizers at 5:00 and chicken parmesan dinner/dessert during the game; reservations required
  • 9/27:  Wednesday night Swiss; food @5:45, bridge @6:30
News From Lancaster:
Special games for the month of September include:
  • 9/01:  Final day of STaC week
Unit 168 NAP Final Game is Coming!   REGISTER TODAY!!
On Sunday, October 1, Unit 168 will be holding its 2017 NAP Final (for points only) at the Harrisburg Bridge Club, 349 N 21st Street, Camp Hill PA.  The event is stratified including A, B and C qualifiers in a single section.  Points include 20% Gold for A, 10% for B and 5% for C.  
All District 4 NAP club qualifiers are eligible to play. 
Preregistration deadline is September 25.  For additional details and preregistration information provided in last month's 4Spot, click here .
CONGRATULATIONS to the following Unit 168 members on their new master point rank achievements:
Club Master:
Susan Cathcart, Joan Saunders
Sectional Master:
Jerry Flury
Regional Master:
Joe Hurlburt, Susan Hurlburt
Silver Life Master:
Michael Young

Unit 190: Delaware 
Ala Hamilton-Day
September 15-17

There has been even more chatter about the food to be served at this upcoming sectional. (Will Fat Rick's BBQ be dethroned as the best caterer?) Come and decide for yourself and enjoy the great bridge and hospitality.

September 23
Ocean View Presbyterian Church

October 24
Unit 190 Dave Treadwell Sectional
December 26-31
Players from Unit 190 who ventured to the fabulous Toronto NABC and scored were Benito Garozzo (133.16) Rick Rowland of the Winning Senior Swiss Teams (115.71) David Venetianer (41.62) Ala Hamilton-Day (24.84) Barbara Rhoades (23.37) Richard Popper (18.36) Amal Dasgupta (12.37) and Marie Anzilotti (9.71). 
299er Winners 
Debbie Jones & Annabelle Curran                              

Flight B Winners 
Mark and Melody Henderson       

Open Winners 
Marie and Pete Filandro

Congrats go out to the Flight C Winners: Andy Rosenberg and Wayne Rosenberger!

CLUB LIFE MASTER :   Janet A. Blanchfield
REGIONAL MASTER Marilyn E. Haskins and Darlene E. Herring
NABC MASTER:  Lee B. Davis
SILVER LIFE MASTER:   Kurt H. Engleman and Anne M. Morris
A patient bursts into a doctor's office, "Doctor, I believe I'm a deck of cards!"  The doctor calmly replies, "Go sit in the waiting room, please, I'll be dealing with you later."
The Hunt Valley Regional was well-attended by Unit 190 members and Barbara Rhoades earned a whopping 43.91 points! Others who did well were Richard Popper, Mary Boyd, Jeff Ruben, Andrew Stayton, William Dillon, Trina Williams, Mary Scharf, Catherine J. Jones and Mervin J. H. Jones.

Unit 217: Susquehanna  
Jim McKeown
Unit 217 Sectional
October 6-8
Congratulations on the following rank advances!!  
Barbara Vandergrift, Joyce Wilson, and Judith Barrile to Junior Master.
Susan Fletcher, Ann Collins, Amy Pitou, and William Lucas to Club Master.
Marilyn Furry, Gerald Arcuri, Kathleen Arcuri, and Sally Manning to Sectional Master.
Jacqueline Humilovich and Patricia Todd to Silver Life Master.
Barbara Mateer and Carol Reitz to Sapphire Life Master.
We held our Summer Sectional in State College June 1 - 3. Estelle Frankl - Irene Harpster and Jim Van Etten - Jess Goodman won the Thursday pair games. Ted Pruss - Arlene Pruss and Ed Bissell - Mary Ann Churba won the Friday pair games. Mary Ann Churba, Ed Bissell, Carol Reitz, and Jim McKeown won the Saturday Swiss. Mary Ann Churba and Ed Bissell were the overall master point leaders. Thanks to tournament chairperson Sarah Soster for a very enjoyable tournament.
We also recognized the 2016 Unit 217 Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKinney winners:
Ace of Clubs
0 to 5
Amy Pitou
Susan Fletcher
5 to 20
Gerald Arcuri
Gerald Arcuri
20 to 50
Jean Dewitz
Jean Dewitz
50 to 100
Angela Sykes
Angela Sykes
100 to 200
Donald Dascher
Donald Dascher
200 to 300
Shirley Miller
Shirley Miller
300 to 500
Joanne Johnston
Joanne Johnston
500 to 1000
David Winters
Jacqueline Humilovich
1000 to 1500
Martha Hodrick
Hayden Clark
1500 to 2500
Fred Gilbert
Fred Gilbert
2500 to 3500
Judy Stein
Judy Stein
3500 to 5000
Sandy Gilbert
Sandy Gilbert
Plus two other guys in uncontested higher brackets.
Please join us for our next sectional October 6 - 8 at the Williamsport Bridge Club, 1042 High Street, Williamsport, PA 17701. We will have our annual Unit 217 meeting between sessions that Sunday October 8.
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