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Special thanks goes to the following people who submitted articles for this DemNews:
  • Howard Katz, Chairman's Corner
  • Suji Fox, Gary H. Bosworth Awards Luncheon
  • Suji Fox, The Legacy of Gary H. Bosworth
  • Bob Warburton, Good News for the Disabilities Caucus
  • Suji Fox, Being Truly Helpful
  • Agi Kessler, Save DACA - Standing with Dreamers
  • Marie McDonald, Did you know?
  • Marie McDonald, Truth Bytes 
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Chairman's Corner
By Howard Katz
The President of the United States of America folded and acceded to the demands of Congressional Democratic leadership on two occasions in the last couple of days.  He said during his candidacy for President that he was the greatest deal maker in the world and that he could make better deals than anyone else.  He didn't even try to make a deal with Democratic Congressional leadership; he accepted their conditions without a whimper.  He left Republican Congressional leadership high and dry.  What a win for us.

On another note, we will have an election for Chair of the Riverside County Democratic Party as one of the first items on the agenda of our October 9th general membership meeting.  The meeting will start promptly at 6:30pm.  Please be early so that you will be seated before the start of the meeting.

The meeting will be held at the Mulberry Life Inn & Suites, located at 24630 Sunnymead Boulevard in Moreno Valley.  This is just behind our normal meeting place, Brandon's Diner.  We chose this meeting place and agreed to its expense because it does not place an additional driving burden on our members and we recognize that we may have an overflow crowd; guests who want to see the election and its outcome.
The meeting room will accommodate 150 people.  We need approximately 75 seats for our membership, if they all attend.  We will reserve seating for them at the front of the room and have an additional 75 seats for guests.  If all seats become filled, additional guests will not be allowed to stand or sit in aisles or doorways.  They will be turned away.

We have food service at our meetings when held at Brandon's.  There will not be food service in the meeting room on October 9th and food will not be allowed to be brought in.  There will not be tables in the room upon which to eat.  However, coffee and water will be provided.  Please eat before attending the meeting.

We will have oversight of the election.  Ms. Julie Bornstein has agreed to attend and make sure the election process and the processing of its results are properly performed.  Amongst other activities, Ms. Bornstein is currently on the Board of Directors of the National Rural Housing Coalition and a member of the Adjunct Faculty at the College of the Desert.  She was previously the State of California Director of the Department of Housing and Community Development and an Assembly Member in the California Assembly representing the Coachella Valley.  She is a practicing attorney in the Coachella Valley.

Lastly, we expect proper behavior at this meeting: before, during, and after the election.  Unruly people, members or guests, will be asked to leave so we can complete our business with decorum.  If we cannot attend to our business because of interruptions, such as demonstrations or outbursts, the meeting will be paused and resumed in closed session, that is without guests, or adjourned and resumed in closed session at a to be determined later date and another location.

---Howard Katz
Gary H. Bosworth Awards Luncheon
By Suji Fox
Hey, Democrats!

It's time to get your tickets for the
Riverside County Democratic Event of the Year:
The Gary H. Bosworth Awards Luncheon and Fundraiser!

You may also:
  • Make an extra donation towards our Candidates and HQs Fund
  • Place an ad for your business or organization
  • Offer a special gift basket for the Silent Auction

See the flyer and sponsor sheets below, also the bio of the volunteer extraordinaire after whom the biennial banquet is named!

The Legacy of Gary H. Bosworth
By Suji Fox
Eleven years ago, the Riverside County Democratic Party named its biennial awards celebrations in honor of Gary H. Bosworth, a devoted Democratic activist. Gary's volunteerism and empathy encompassed not only politics, but extended well beyond to championing social justice and humanitarianism in various spheres.  

For years, he was in the midst of the fight for Civil Rights, including being an early champion in bringing the needs of Americans with disabilities to public and political awareness. Ironically, he was denied entry to the actual signing of the ADA (American Disabilities Act) at the White House because his arrest record at the Washington DC protest had not been erased.

Gary was the first person with a disability to become elected to the Desert Hot Springs City Council and to serve as Mayor Pro Tem. Additionally, Gary was known for his computer analysis of voter registration data, availing our candidates of that important information, and for being an early advocate of Vote-by-Mail.  Read more.
Good News for Disabilities Caucus
By Bob Warburton
I have been going to Disability Caucus meetings of the State Democratic Party of and on for 16 years, and something happened this August 26th in Anaheim at the Sheraton Hotel that I have never seen before.  Our new Chair, Eric Bauman, came to the meeting, ready to discuss accessibility for attendees to Executive Board meetings and hotels, accessibility to local Democratic events, and legislation affecting people with disabilities.  That does not sound like a big deal, but as much as I respected Art Torres as Chair, and loved John Burton as he led the party to the left, both did not really understand our issues and were somewhat afraid of our caucus.  We can be rather loud.

Bauman participated in a discussion with Chair Hene Kelly and the caucus, calling forward our own Ruthee Goldkorn to join in the discussion.  Ruthee had been asked by Bauman to submit a report on the state of our community for him to review.  In the hour-long back and forth Bauman said, "These hotels all proport to be accessible, but really are not."  By working to make these hotels more accessible for our people, "we will make it better for the public outside the Democratic Party."  Read more.
Being Truly Helpful
By Suji Fox
For years, we've asked Congress members to find the common ground that engenders social and economic justice for all and protection of our Earth. 

The lack of concern, however, for these values has now set off alarms around the country and world. Undeniably, we're at a crossroads.

And what do so many of us do?  We throw up our hands; we ridicule and criticize and blame. My experiences, however, as a wife, friend, volunteer, and as a veteran classroom teacher tell me that blaming does not yield the results we want.

It seems to me that too many of us have lost the impulse to be truly helpful. Yes, we're heartened by the selflessness of so many during these past weeks of flood and fire. But, do we need to wait for disasters before we choose to be truly helpful in all our circumstances?  Read more.  
By Agi Kessler
The following resolution was reviewed and endorsed by the Riverside County Democratic Party general membership on Monday, September 11, 2017.

No, White Friend-You Weren't "Embarrassed" by Barack Obama
By JohnPavlovitz
I remember the day after the [2016] Election, a friend of mine who happens to be white, remarked on social media that he "finally wasn't embarrassed of America and our President."

I sprained my eyes rolling them and they have never fully recovered.

Since then I've heard this sentiment echoed by more white folks than I can count, especially in recent months; supposed relief at once again having a leader who instills pride.

Since I don't have the time to ask each of them individually, I'll ask here:
So, you were embarrassed for the past 8 years, huh?

What exactly were you embarrassed by?  Read more.
Did You Know?
Contributed by Marie McDonald
The purpose of "Did You Know?" is to bring to your attention a wide selection of articles that represent our Democratic values. It is our hope that you will follow at least one of the links and read one or more of the articles. They will broaden your understanding of current events and strengthen your commitment to our democracy.
  • The Persistence of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Suddenly, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a thing, or is trying to become one.    Read more.
  • Midterm trends threaten GOP House majority.   Republicans controls both the House and Senate, but the unified GOP Congress might not last past the midterms. House Republicans are seeing signs that Democrats could take a significant number of House seats in the 2018 elections.    Read more.
  • Lawsuits could force feds to pay Obamacare insurers.  A pending court decision could force the Trump administration to pump billions of dollars into Obamacare insurers, even as the president threatens to let the health care law "implode."  Read more.
  • Will New Scientific Breakthroughs Pave The Way For More Climate-Related Lawsuits?  As climate change impacts worsen and become more expensive to address, the question of financial responsibility will become more urgent.  Read more.
Truth Bytes
Contributed by Marie McDonald
TRUTH BYTES are news items that either refute or correct articles or rumors that have been published or aired and that are either false or include inaccurate facts. We always give the source of the correction.
  • Trump's Signals to White Supremacists Aren't Dog Whistles. They're Flares.  "They may not be ready for the Ku Klux Klan yet, but as anti-white hatred escalates, they will."  Read more.
  • It's Time for Congressman Issa to Come Down From the Roof and Support the First Amendment. On May 30, Rep. Darrell Issa's San Diego County constituents saw a different side of the nine-term member of Congress.  Read more.
  • Democracy Wins One as a Federal Court Strikes a Big Blow Against Gerrymandering.  A game-changing federal-court ruling orders Wisconsin to redraw legislative district lines that unfairly and unconstitutionally favor Republicans.  Read more

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