September News!

Welcome Back!
Now that we are in full swing of classes, we wanted to take a moment to touch base!  We hope that you and your dancer have eased back into dance. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 

Most days we have someone in the office. You will see Kate, Samantha, Amani or Anna Claire in the office! We do not have office hours on Fridays. 

I f someone is not there to answer your question, feel free to ask your child's instructor! We never want you to feel unwelcome or that your question or concern is not important. Many of our office staff are in school so there will be times they may not be here. 

Please make sure your child has received their welcome folder! If they have not received one, please check with your child's instructor.  In each folder is a calendar,  Referral cards, Studio Contact Information and Student Conduct handouts among other things. 
Class Teaching Assistants

Most of our combo classes have teaching assistants.  They assist the class and instructor in many ways.  Make sure you take an opportunity to meet them at your child's next class! 

This is not only helpful to us as instructors, they also:
  • experience dance from a different angle
  • enhance their dance knowledge
  • enhance personal technical understanding and instil leadership skills
  • ability to breakdown and communicate "how and why" of movement
  • have acceptance of all children regardless of skill level
  • develop mentoring skills
  • manage and lead a dance class and or group
  • have proper understanding of age-appropriate movement and choreography
  • learn dance and choreography notation
  • get an overall introduction to education from a teacher perspective
  • gain the potential to make teaching a career
  • get reviews with constructive feedback to enhance their teaching skills 

What is my child learning in class? 
Each month we are going to give a brief overview of what classes are working on. This will give parents a better understanding of what your child is gaining from dance class and conversation starters! 

Basic Classroom Rules for all of our combo classes:
Listening ears
Respect to other dancers

Tutu's & Bowties 
  • learning what it means to be  part of  a class
  • following instructions & listening skills (always a work in progress!)
  • Instilling a love for ballet
  •  working on basic tap skills and sounds
  • All of the above plus;
  • Physical awareness 
  • Musical Awareness (soft and loud, high and low) 
  • Working with and respecting others
  • Patience and Manners
  • PLUS Ballet terminology and tap terminology
  • identify and demonstrate different and basic steps as an individual 
  • continuing to work on single and double sounds and make clearer sounds in tap
  • Ballet terminology, still incorporating some creative movement into classes
  •  Plus, continuing to instill dance manners, musical and physical awareness
Dancing Kids  
All of the above PLUS some classes are now introduced to jazz! Ballet classes (some) are introduced to barre and center work. Tap will incorporate faster tempos and more difficulty! 

All of our technique classes are continuing to build on previous knowledge and are reviewing through September.  

We highly encourage multiple days of dance technique classes! Dancers will improve at a faster rate!  


What's Coming Up Next? 
Check out our google calendar on our website! 

Bring a Friend Week is October 9th-14th! We are so excited for this event. We will be sending home invitations in the next week or so. Dancers may also choose to try a new class that week! 

Dress Up Week is October 24th-30th! Dancers just need to make sure they can move in whatever they choose to wear to class.  We will be taking class pictures :). 

Door Code 
We will be using the code for the door this week. There are lots of "ways" for us to set up the door and we aren't sure what is best! 

During our business hours, if the door is locked, please use code  5678 and  nothing else.  

This code will not work at any other time, except during our open hours. 

This week is a test ;). But, the code should not change for you or your dancer! 

Many parents of younger children walk their dancer in, but many of our students walk themselves in. We will talk them through this as well! 

Other Tidbits
  •  Our doors will not be set to unlock or accept your code of 5678 until 15 minutes before the start of the FIRST class of the day. 
  • Email is checked daily in the late afternoon as well as voicemail, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Fridays we do not have office hours. 
  • Dancers should be in dress code by now, unless they are new to the class. We appreciate you adhering to the dress code!
  • Please make sure you read the contents of your folder that was sent home. We want to make sure that everyone is up to date with information. 
  • We have remind 101 set up for quick reminders and notices. The information is located in your folder. 
    • Text  @dancetheat  to 81010 

Coming up! 
  • We will be having our yearly costume sale! 
  • Logo order forms (great for holiday orders!)
  • Bring a Friend Week 
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