Nikola News

Issue 62
Sept 2017

Many thanks to this month's model Liz Smith

Liz has worked in the corporate world 
here in Calgary and eastern Canada for over 45 years.  Five years ago she had the opportunity to sell her legal recruitment business and retire.

She thoroughly enjoys being retired and spends her free time either on a spin bike, weight training and walking her 2 year old Old English Sheepdog Lola and travelling to far off exotic locations like Japan, Hong Kong, biking through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Morocco, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, hiking across England (twice!), hiking in Switzerland, New Zealand, and Australia and a long bucket list of locations yet to be explored.  

Liz has a love of fashion and design.  Over the years she has built and renovated numerous homes for herself and husband Peter and their children Talia and Alex.  Her love of interior design resulted in their Springbank home being featured in Western Living and Avenue magazine.

While travelling in Rwanda, she fell in love with the country and its people.

Liz is currently on the Board of the charitable organization Rwanda Seniors Life Centre which is currently fundraising to build a senior's home in Kigali, Rwanda.  In Rwanda  there are no Senior's homes...it is their culture to look after their mothers and fathers in their old age, but with the genocide over 20 years ago, a whole generation of family members were wiped out leaving a large number of senior citizens living alone and isolated with no one to look after them.

She is also involved with the Wellspring Foundation in Rwanda who provide quality education from  Kindergarden to grade 10 - the students include orphaned and impoverished children.   She attended their very first gradation class in 2016 in Kigali.

The Rwanda Seniors Life Centre: Purpose and Goals
The goal of the Rwanda Seniors Life Centre is to provide food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare to Rwandan seniors that are survivors of the 1994 Genocide.  Our aim is to promote physical activity, reduce loneliness and address overall health concerns.  Rwanda Seniors Life Centre plans to build a senior Centre with a capacity for up to 200 residents.  Seniors will be housed in shared rooms, with two residents per room to promote a more family like environment and to eliminate loneliness. Also the centre's goal is to promote a social environment, reduce acute social isolation and enhance overall quality of life through fellowship, dignity and compassionate care and a healthy environment.
Nikola will gratefully accept donations for the Rwanda Seniors Life Centre until the end of October, 2017.  

Bryn Walker Cotton Bamboo Dress, Soma Mo Jewellery.

Alembeka Coat   

Grizas Linen Coat, Bryn Walker Cotton Capri.

Soma Mo Jewellery 

New Designer to Nikola:  Each shirt is Hand Painted and Signed by  artist Lennard Taylor of Winnipeg.


Grizas Linen Jacket


Grizas Linen Jacket and Capri also available in Teal. Black Polished Cotton shirt by Grizas and Jewellery by Sonja



Grizas Linen long Coat also available in Grey and Cream. 


Bryn Walker Linen Dress/Tunic also available in Black.  Silk scarf from new Designer to Nikola:  Maggie Walt from Edmonton. Bracelets are a Fundraiser for Operation "Smile" by Bracelets 4 Humanity.


Maggie Walt Fabulous Linen and Silk Coat.   One of a Kind.

Cotton Blend Knit from Chalet.  Bryn Walker Dress. Soma Mo Jewellery and also long necklaces new Designer from Edmonton.

One of a Kind Maggie Walt Velvet Jacket. 

Grizas Linen Coat.


One of a kind Kimino from Albina.  New arrivals in store now.

The new Bryn Walker Bamboo/Organic Cotton Coats are now in store.   Other colours available are Black, Grey, and pale Green. 


Grizas Coat.


Bryn Walker Heavy Linen Jacket and Oliver Capri.  Silk Scarf a new designer to Nikola from Toronto: Tanya Love.  Tanya hand paints her scarves using eco friendly inks she makes herself.  Bracelets 4 Humanity.


Bryn Walker Knit Jacket, Tunic, and Skirt.  Long pant also available in this fabric.  Necklace: One of a Kind by Vancouver Designer is Chalcedony Gemstone and Tibetan Silver. 


Fraas Scarf from Germany.  All clothing Bryn Walker.

A first for Grizas:  Puffy Coats.


Many thanks to Master's Art Gallery for allowing us to use their beautiful gallery on a cold rainy day.


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