Our Next RSFBPW Meeting
President's Message:

Dear RSFBPW Members and Guests,
It's "back to school" for kids, and even though most of us adults aren't going back to school, it doesn't mean we never stop seeking education and knowledge.  And when it comes to "reading, writing and arithmetic",  some business people don't care to delve into the writing or arithmetic part, but we can ALL keep reading as one of our daily habits and practices.    
"Readers are leaders" and there are TONS of amazing books out there for business building, sales, mindset, and balance.  It's hard to narrow it down to the best books, but here are 3 of my favorites that I recommend to my clients:  
The One Thing -  by Gary W. Keller
This book is so freeing!  It truly helps the reader dial it down to the ONE thing that must get done today to make a positive domino effect throughout the rest of the day.  
   Switch On Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf
Mindset isn't a mysterious woo-woo thing.  It truly is scientific on how our subconscious and conscious thoughts CREATE the feelings, actions, and results in our life.  Changing our thoughts and creating positive neuropathways can dramatically change our results! 
The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks 
 Conquer your hidden fears and take life to the next level.  This book shares how to go beyond your internal limits, release outdated fears and learn a whole new set of powerful skills and habits to liberate your authentic greatness.  The secret word is read. 

 We have 4 months left in 2017!  Let's make it strong, purposeful, and powerful in both our personal and business life.  And feel free to share YOUR favorite book on our RSFBPW facebook page: 
Change your thoughts, Change your life,

Gina Ruby, RSFBPW President  
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"To love what you do and feel that it matters - how could anything be more fun?" ~ Katharine Graham

Announcements:  Meeting Dates and Interest in being on the 2018 Board
Our regular 3rd Thursday has been interrupted due  
to circumstances out of our control and  
we appreciate your patience with this.
                    Here are the dates for October through December.  
                    October 12 , November 16, December 14 
If you are interested in being on the 2018 RSFBPW Board,  
please attend our next Board meeting - September 21, 10am, RSF Country Club.
Please email Gina Ruby to express your interest:

          Our next social event is 
        Wednesday Oct 4, from  4 pm- 6:30 pm
             W e are hosting a happy-hour social at  Dr. Deena Stacer's office. 

Located at 16516 Bernardo Center Dr # 130, San Diego,  92128
It is behind the Rubios Restaurant off of Bernardo Center Dr.
in the Clock Tower Plaza Bldg.

Sheila Henry is planning our social:
Sheila Henry's Cell Phone : 858-775-8124 and email her at                Dr/ Deena Stacer's at 858-229-8072 or 

PLEASE RSVP to Sheila or Dr. Deena
Cost is $15.00
For wine and non-alcoholic beverages and Hors d'oeuvres and food.
Our Speaker:  Von Marie May - RSF Historical Society

  We're excited to have Von Marie May,  
            author of "Rancho Santa Fe".
The exclusive community of Rancho Santa Fe is truly the town the railroad built. Though it began as a failed attempt to grow lumber for its railroad ties, the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway soon transformed the area into an exclusive community offering "gentlemen's estates."  
Among the first to sign on were Hollywood's reigning couple, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. Santa Fe officials hired the best engineers, architects, landscape architects, and naturalists to affect a utopian community. It was not long before Rancho Santa Fe was home to celebrities such as Bing Crosby, Howard Hughes, and astronaut Wally Schirra. 
We're looking forward to learning more about RSFHS, a nonprofit organization andits mission "To preserve the history of Rancho Santa Fe in order to connect us to our Past, Present and Future"!  

RSVP Information - RSVP by Monday September 18 5pm
Reservations may be made online at  (using PayPal - do not have t o have an account). Any questions email    Alexis Ranglas  

NOTE: Alexis is traveling so Linda Melikian will be assisting till 9/17/17.  Please email Linda at  for rsvp questions.  Or Betty at
NOTE: All reservations will close at 5 pm on the Monday before the event or when  70 reservations are made.    NO refunds or changes after September 18.
Alexis Ranglas is the RSVP chair. All requests must be made through Alexis prior to the meeting. Please call to cancel - see Lunch Choices section for special requests requirements.    858-204-3800
Questions- Call
 Alexis or Linda 760-390-1142.

MEMBERS: Get a 2nd entry in the drawing - email secret word to Alexis or Linda by 5 pm .  September 18.  (Members get one entry when registering and paying for lunch)
Lunch Choices:
chicken salad

I mportant Note: Unless a serious health challenge exists, i.e., gluten intolerance, no special requests except no dressi ng or dressing on the side.  Please email Alexis Ranglas directly
Salad:   Chicken avocado salad w/shredded chicken, chopped cilantro, diced avocado, chopped romaine & crispy bacon.  Gluten free

Hot Dish:  Seared bass w/golden beet hummus, crispy brussel sprouts, grilled hearts of Palm, ginger reduction.  Gluten free
Vegetarian:    Grilled portobello w/eggplant caponata, crispy capers, yellow tomato sauce , fresh basil  (Gluten Free)

Drinks: ice tea, hot tea, coffee, soft drinks (does not include mineral water)
Dessert: Chef's choice
No host wine- purchase drink tickets from Board member at $15 each.

Member Price: $30            Guest Price:  $35
R SFBPW Board Members
& Leadership Volunteers
Honoring our Member's 
September Birthdays
                  Gina Ruby
Alexis Ranglas-Behseta
Linda Melikian 

Recording Secretary:
Beppie Mostert

Pamela Croft

VP Membership:
Deena Stacer

VP Programs:
Julie Hetherington

Betty Potter-Englishbee
Laurenn Barker  
Rosemarie Litoff  
Roohi Darugar 
Judy Foster 
Andi Frimmer 
Dana Green 
Sandi Marvich
Michele Miller
Julia Uhll  

Inspirational Leader: 
Julia Uhll

Sarah Morgan

Please say Happy Birthday to:

    Frauke DePetter         Sept. 6
    Beckie Samuals          Sept. 7
     Roni Telmosse           Sept. 8
     Marla Belbel              Sept.  18   
     Denise Levine            Sept. 25
     Cheryl Giustiniano      Sept. 30
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RSFBPW Mission Statement
OUR MISSION: To encourage, support and motivate each other to achieve professionally, to develop our true  potential as women, and to have fun in the process. 

If you have a colleague who you think would enjoy being part of our professional group, please bring them as your guest. For more  information about becoming a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Business & Professional Women's Association, please visit our web site at We are a diverse group of women so be sure to check out all the members' profiles on the  member's page of the website!  


Membership Benefits

As a member of RSFBPW:

Your contact and business information is placed in our directory, as well as on our website in the membership section. Please remember to update your information whenever it changes, including new photos and logos. You are invited to participate in the monthly drawing for members only by bringing and talking about your donation during the drawing portion of our meeting. You can place your items for sale on 1/2 of a table located in the back of the room before, and after our monthly meetings, from January through October. You should arrive around 10:30 a.m. to secure your spot. You can share a 20 second commercial during our meetings. You can apply to speak at our member's showcase, some restrictions apply. You can post announcements for your products, services or events on our Facebook Business Page and participate in our LinkedIn Group page.

Monthly speakers are the only ones allowed to place their information on the luncheon tables during our meetings.  Due to the size of our membership, we are unable to send out group emails to all members regarding a special event or announcement you may want to share with members. Be sure to post your announcement on our Facebook Business Page.  Thank you. 

Quick Links
Shout-Outs and Testimonials

We may  run out of time at our meetings to share our testimonials for each other's services, products, and community announcements. We encourage you to write your praise and mail an email or note to the member who you want to applaud. Send your friends a special email sharing your testimonial about the member you are highlighting. Post your Shout-Out on our RSFBPW Facebook page and on your own FB page.
We offer Shout-outs and testimonial time at the end of many of our meetings, however it depends on the time left after our speaker has concluded their presentation. We do not offer testimonial time at our November and December meetings because of the length of the program. We encourage you to pass out your information, flyers, handouts and community announcements during the open networking time which is between 11:15 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. 

You may also want to use your 20 second commercial time during the meeting to share your business event or announcement with the group and invite interested members to pick up a flyer with more details in the back of the room. Thanks for cheefully working with us!

A Gentle Reminder about Spamming RSFBPW members

Members and visitors must individually ask each member for permission to place them on any form of mass communication-email blasts, newsletter lists, U.S. Mail lists or group texts.  Without each member's individual permission, we consider this type of communication to be an act of spamming. To build long-term relationships with members please write personal notes and emails first and after developing rapport, ask these members only for permission to place them on your mailing list. Thank you for your cooperation.  
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