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September 2017 News
Small Grants available!
Bike repair stations, bike racks, and other such bike facilities could be funded with these state grants. SC Office of Regulatory Staff, Energy Office, is offering small grants up to $5,000.  Application deadline is September 15, 2017.  Make a persuasive case for a reduction in fossil fuel consumption, and you might just win the cash you need for your special project. These are  Competitive Demonstration Project Mini-Grants , for E nergy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels, a program of the US Department of Energy.   Eligible applicants include state agencies, local governments, public  colleges, universities, technical colleges, K-12 public schools, and 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations. 
Bike Safety Certification course
Get trained in a comprehensive, 3 day course on bike safety education.  This is the best training in the country - the League Certified Instructor (LCI) course - from the League of American Bicyclists. Held in Charlotte, NC,  Oct 6-8  over a weekend, this signature course is intended to also be accessible to volunteers seeking the knowledge and ability to reteach, with this valuable LAB certification.
Local Advocacy Corner:  Funding
The PCC's own Amy Johnson Ely delivers a presentation on Funding Biking and Walking Facilities in SC, Monday, Oct 23rd, at the ESMM-SC Leadership Summit for Healthy Communities.  Curious how to break through the opaque nature of transportation funding - for bike lanes, sidewalks, and other public spaces?  Come hear Amy break it down, so you can see just how easy it can be to fund safer biking and walking.
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Good Read: 
Bikes and the Innovation Economy -  WOW. 
What happens when three dockless bike share companies hit the same city, Seattle, in one summer, where a dock-based bike share already exists?  A total bike revolution, and system disruption.  Tom Fucoloro, editor of the Seattle Bike Blog, says: "In Seattle, there are now 3,000 dollar-a-ride dockless bikes on the streets, and usage has crushed the old docking-station-based project. Everyone's scared to death of these piles of bikes. I find that kind of funny - too many bicycles would be an amazing problem for a U.S. city to have. Almost all the bikes are parked out of the way, more or less properly, and if they aren't, someone will just come and move them out of the way. Seattle's kind of a rule-following town in that way..."   Read  one two , and  three  articles about how the bike share economy is shifting dramatically.
Local Event Spotlight:  River Relays!
As the signature event and grand finale of the East Coast Greenway Alliance's 25th-anniversary celebrations, the East Coast River Relay will be the largest program in the organization's history. The River Relay will be a series of organized walks, runs, and bike rides along the 3,000-mile East Coast Greenway from Calais, Maine, to Key West, Florida, from August through early November 2017.
Oct 9:   Myrtle Beach, SC
Oct 10:   Georgetown, SC
Oct 11:  Charleston, Ashley and Ravanel, SC
Oct 12:   Beaufort, SC
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Sept 30
Sept 30
Oct 1-3
Oct 6-8
Oct 9-12
Nov 8-12
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