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""Peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal"" 

~ Martin Luther King Jr
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Summer, 2015
Newsletter Header
CPI is a local-global Peacebuilding Initiative uniting our strengths along diverse pathways to realize a Culture of Peace for all. 
CPI highlights inter-generational and inter-cultural Peacebuilders who are revealing the emerging Culture of Peace.

Dear  Culture of Peace Initiative ( CPI ) Participants,  Peacebuiling Colleagues and Friends,
As we enter PeaceWeek (11-21 Sept), the theme for this year's United Nations International Day of Peace - on Monday, September 21st - is "Partnerships for Peace, Dignity for All." Reflecting on the meaning of this year's theme, we discover its great depth, with many levels of understanding and action.   We discover that Peace Day is every day.
Who are our partners in peace personally, in our family, in our community, and at work? What does it mean to acknowledge and respect the diverse perspectives of those in our lives  and enhance their well-being,  thereby contributing to  dignity for all ? Let us commit to explore such questions and bring this theme into our daily actions. In so doing we arrive, inescapably, at the truth that each one of us is a pathway to Peace!
For the past year, Pathways To Peace (PTP) has been quietly transforming in order to engage on a deeper level the challenges in the world as well as evolution in the Peacebuilding movement and field. Since personal & planetary Peace are inseparable, these next few years are a critical opportunity to commit fully to building together a Culture of Peace for the "dignity of all".  For this purpose,the PTP team has been fully engaged in developing new services that will offer more effective ways for all of us to collaborate/partner, highlight what each organization/group/network/program/individual is already engaged in, to share ideas and resources, and to make evident that a Culture of Peace is emerging within humanity through diverse pathways. These pathways can heal the underlying causes of conflict, and illuminate the foundations of Peace that are growing deeper and stronger.
These offerings will be the focus of future Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) Newsletters.  
On this 33rd Annual International Day of Peace, Pathways To Peace  encourages everyone to participate in whatever ways feel the most natural and inspired. Venture to the InternationDayofPeace.org to see  the many and diverse activities that are occurring for PeaceWeek and PeaceDay, and to post your own. Some examples of ways to join millions of  people around the world in the annual (and daily) PeaceWave: a Minute of Silence-Moment of Peace at 12 noon wherever you are on September 21st, participate in a "Feast for Peace"  or in the Be The Peace's global synchronized meditation and connect in with many others at the International Day of Peace Facebook page and Peace Day Philly Facebook pageBe sure to include the hashtag #PeaceDay in all comments, posts, and tweets!
Pathways To Peace offers several ways of spreading the news about activities connected with the International Day of Peace. As already noted, you can post your activity of on the International Day of Peace website. On this site you may also search other event listings and explore suggestions for what you can do on Peace Day. Additionally, Pathways To Peace provides support for the Culture of Peace Initiative  and Minute of Silence Moment of Peace Facebook pages.

Blessings of Peace Day to all!   May we, as a human family in the interconnected web of Life of Earth/Gaia, build a Culture of Peace by living "Partnerships for Peace, Dignity for All" on Peace Day 2015... and every day of every year.

With Love and respect, 

David Wick
Director, Pathways To Peace

And the Peacebuilding Community

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CPI newsletter and helps bring this voice to others. Thank you.
BELIEF Days of Compassion and Healing

September 11-21, 2015

This fall, Oprah Winfrey presents the landmark television event Belief, a week-long documentary series airing over seven consecutive nights that
depicts how people with a wide range of beliefs search for deeper meaning and connection with the world around them.

Inspired by Oprah's landmark upcoming BELIEF Series and the International Day of Peace, from September 11th - September 21st, people around the country will be engaging in a conversation called the BELIEF Days of Compassion and Healing.
The idea is simple: we still see many divides in our world, particularly along spiritual and religious lines. During this time we want to begin to build a vision for what's possible in a world of deeper compassion for one another - and begin to tear down the walls.

Pathways To Peace is proud to partner in inviting people from different backgrounds to engage in conversations on social media and within their communities - Twitter Town Halls, Facebook Forums, dinner dialogues, coffees, community gatherings - where you share the BELIEF trailer
, discuss why these divides still exist; and what we can each do to begin to break down the walls, in our communities, every day.

The guiding questions for this period are:

1. What is your vision for a healed world? #BeliefDays
2. Why do you think we see lines of division across belief systems? #BeliefDays
3. What is one step that you can take to promote healing across belief systems? #BeliefDays

Join the conversation on:

Twitter: #BeliefDays @OWNTV, @joshuadubois, @eridgnal

For More information on the BELIEF Series, visit: www.beliefteam.com or to view the Belief Trailer, click here: www.beliefteam.com/resources.

2015 Peace Day Global Broadcast

For more information contact:
Bill McCarthy (760) 464-0334


The  2015 Peace Day Global Broadcast will stream around the clock around the globe from September 19th through September 21, joining global dignitaries with world-famous actors and musicians in a marathon of video entertainment and inspiration celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace. 

Dignitaries include UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, former US President Jimmy Carter, the Dalai Lama, Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafazi, Canadian tribal leader Marilyn Baptiste, and global peace ambassador Prem Rawat.  Featured performing artists include UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry, Beyonce, Bono, Janelle Monae, Linkin Park, Melissa Etheridge, Ringo Starr, Sting and Stevie Wonder.  The broadcast includes calls to action by Leonardo DiCaprio, official UN Messenger of Peace, Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy of the UN High Commissioner on Refugees, Liam Neeson, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and Forest Whitaker, Special Envoy for Peace and Reconciliation of UNESCO on Children and Armed Conflict. The street musicians of the not-for-profit Playing for Change blend their artistry in videos shot around the world and blended into seamless streaming productions.
The 2015 Peace Day Global Broadcast will stream live from United Nations headquarters in New York, beginning September 19th to the 21st. The broadcast will stream on more than 2,000 websites and Facebook pages.  Viewers will enjoy peace messages from citizens around the world, including such notables as Jane Goodall, Michael Douglas, Paul McCartney, Tavis Smiley, Marianne Williamson, Dolores Huerta and others,
"We invite groups everywhere to join us as peace broadcasters," says Bill McCarthy, founder of Unity Foundation and one of the broadcast's executive producers.  "We make it possible for everybody to embed our broadcast on their own websites.  We hope to see the broadcast in thousands more places in 2015."
Unity Foundation, an organization with a 40-year history of promoting peace, cooperation and unity throughout the world, produces the Peace Day Global Broadcast.  "Most days, the news broadcasts all the problems of the world - war, violence, disease, hunger, corruption - but it seldom offers solutions," McCarthy says.  The Peace Day Global Broadcast is different.  It looks squarely at problems and spotlights practical solutions developed by ordinary people throughout the world.  A teenage girl promotes education and wins the fight against child marriage in her refugee camp.  A farmer in Peru devises planting methods to preserve the rainforest.  A farmer in Burkina Faso holds back the desert.  Neighbors in Bangladesh raise small fish to fight malnutrition. Young mothers in South Sudan clear land mines from village farms. A teenage boy deploys his own low-cost technology to filter tons of plastic garbage from the Pacific Ocean.  These stories and many others are featured in the Peace Day Global Broadcast. 
 "We spotlight the vital work of the United Nations, its humanitarian agencies, and organizations throughout the world working for peace, the environment, human rights, and social and economic justice," McCarthy adds. "We highlight the UN Millennium Development Goals and the new Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.  We look at stories of how these goals touch individuals in many troubled parts of the globe."
"Every year on the International Day of Peace, the United Nations calls on the people of the world to reaffirm their commitment to living in harmony as members of a single human family." UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon declared in his 2015 Peace Day announcement. "This year's theme, 'Partnerships for Peace -- Dignity for All', highlights the importance of cooperation in silencing the guns and advancing the cause ... Together, as 'partners for peace', we can achieve a world of peace, prosperity and dignity for all."
Unity Foundation President Bill McCarthy and Vice-President Laurien Towers are the founders and executive producers of the annual Peace Day Global Broadcasts. They also serve as the Co-Chairs for the Global Broadcast Team of the NGO Committee at the UN for the International Day of Peace.
Tim Powell, three-time Emmy Award winning director and director of the Television, Film and New Media Program at San Diego State University directs the Peace Day Global Broadcasts.   
David Weinberg and Darlene Shelton of PeaceChannel, Inc. and Bill McCarthy are the producers of the 2015 Peace Day Global Broadcast. Darlene Shelton is the program designer.
Ashland, Oregon Launches - Ashland Culture of Peace Commission #PeaceDay

Mayor of Ashland, Oregon introduces the 
Ashland Culture of Peace Commission

On The International Day of Peace Mayor John Stromberg will welcome the community and introduce the newly formed Ashland Culture of Peace Commission. This will take place during 
Ashland's 1st Annual Culture of Peace Festival 
& Peacebuilding Resource Fair.

The Ashland Culture of Peace Commission (ACPC), endorsed by the Ashland City Council, is a body of diverse citizens who were invited based on the general community sector guideline of the Pathways To Peace Peace Wheel seen at the bottom of the ACPC websiteMembers now include the Chief of Police, head of the Ashland Public Library, member of the School Board, educators, editor of the newspaper, lawyer and Justice of the Peace, business people, artists, musician, young adults and youth, councilors of Non-Violent Communication and mediation, TV program producer, community developer, and others still joining.

Learning from the years of experience of the Culture of Peace Initiative and the United Nation's Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace ( A/RES/53/243) the Commission will chart its path ahead keeping in mind from the UN, "A culture of peace is a set of values, attitudes, traditions and modes of behaviour and ways of life." They will highlighting the elements of the Culture of Peace which currently exist (often "under the radar"), and the important personal and community essentials yet to be discovered. Fundamental elements include working with City Government and the Community to maintain and enhance respectful and caring relationships between all sectors of society and the environment upon which they depend.
There are two primary goals on September 21st. The first is to have a public introduction of the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission and its members. The second is to offer the community the Peacebuilding Resource Fair which will have information and demonstration tables including displays of local Peacebuilding resources such as mediation, conflict resolution, Non-Violent Communication, Restorative Justice, Collaborative law, and inner peace practices. The finale will be a great dance for all.

For additional information contact davidwick111@gmail.com. 



11 Days of Global Unity - 11 Ways to Change the World
Celebrating our 11th Anniversary in 2015!

September 11 Through September 21

From empowering students and teachers in Zambia to interfaith dialogues in San Francisco, thousands of organizations around the world have taken part in the annual  11 Days of Global Unity  September 11-21. Launched by  We, The World  and global partners in 2004, 11 Days is a worldwide convergence of festivals, concerts, forums, rallies and other programs promoting peace, justice, sustainability and transformation that annually includes as many as 700 associated events in over 60 countries around the world. It culminates on September 21st, the  U.N.International Day of Peace.

Join Rick Ulfik, the founder and board chair of  We, The World, in the  11 Days of Global Unity Tele-Summit and participate with:

Each session starts at 1:00PM USA Eastern Time
Sept 11 Unity - Deepak Chopra 
Sept 12 Interdependence - Indigenous Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim & Carole Hart 
Sept 13 Environment - Rhea Landig 
Sept 14 Economic Justice - Andrew Mazzone 
Sept 15 Health - Patch Adams 
Sept 16 Children And Youth - Cherine Badawi and Mariah Lin 
Sept 17 Women - Eve Ensler 
Sept 18 Human Rights - Jacqueline Murekatete 
Sept 19 Freedom - Rabbi Michael Lerner 
Sept 20 Disarmament - Helen Caldicott & Alice Slater 
Sept 21 Peace (the UN International Day of Peace) - Deborah Moldow & Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury (Philip Hellmich, Co-Host with Rick Ulfik)
(Note: Schedule is subject to change - please check back here for updated information.)

The  11 Days of Global Unity Summit September 11-21, 2015  is co-produced by  The Shift Network  and  We, The World . You are invited to join Host Rick Ulfik and an incredible array of visionary leaders including Deepak Chopra, Eve Ensler, Patch Adams, Helen Caldicott, Rabbi Michael Lerner and many others speaking each day on each of the  11 Themes of Change.

Samples of Events posted at internationaldayofpeace.org 
2015-09-21 12:15 pm

The Global Studies Small Learning Community (SLC) at Luther Burbank High School will promote unity and peace on September 21st, Intenational Day of Peace. The SLC we will be:

Playing (Soccer) for Peace at lunch (see details below)
Encourage students and teachers to wear white to bring awareness to the day (perhaps by offering extra credit) i f possible in each subject talk about ways in which peace is promoted

Soccer or futbol is a sport played worldwide and a game that regardless of socio-economics can be played by all people. Global Studies students will be coordinating a 4-way soccer match, where each grade level will defend a goal and attempt to score on one another. The grade with the fewest number of goals scored will win the game.

Location: 3500 Florin Road | Sacramento | CA | USA | 95823

Another Event

Join us this October 16- 20 for our Be the Movement! National Conference in Washington DC!The conference will focus on the Five Peacebuilding Cornerstones of Be the Movement: Empowering Community Peacebuilding, Teaching Peace in Schools, Humanizing Justice Systems, Cultivating Personal Peace, and Fostering International Peace.

Come together with like-minded allies from around the nation as we dialogue with, and learn from, some of the world's most inspiring leaders and experts for a kind of peacebuilding think tank. (Speaker announcements coming soon!) We'll explore practical, yet transformative, actions we can collectively take to change the trajectory of our nation. And, we will make our voices heard to our Members of Congress.
Location: 10 Thomas Circle NW | Washington | DC | United States | 20005

And one more...
2015-09-21 06:00 pm

This year, Oklahoma City will observe the International Day of Peace -- Monday, September 21st -- with a program on Police and Community Relations. The program will feature OKC Chief of Police Bill Citty and Rev. Jesse Jackson, pastor of the East Sixth Street Christian Church in Oklahoma City. A moderated Q&A session is included.

On a per capita basis, according to the Guardian.com, more people have been killed by police in Oklahoma than in any other state (2015). The racial disparity is startling. 

"Our event is a talk between Bill Citty, Oklahoma City Police Chief, and Jesse Jackson, a Disciples minister, about relations between African Americans and the police in Oklahoma City."                                              --Don Heath, Edmond Trinity Christian Church (Disciples)

The program will take place in the Tom & Brenda McDaniel University Center at Oklahoma City University, 2501 N. Blackwelder Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73106. The event is free and open to the public. 

As defined by the United Nations, the theme of this year's International Day of Peace is "Partnerships for Peace - Dignity for All" which aims to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace. 

To illustrate the possibility of bringing the community together in search of solutions, we are aiming for an honest discussion of police / community relations in the OKC metro area -- including the controversial subject of police violence. We are calling our program, "Healing the Breach." 

Rev. Jesse Jackson
6:30-8:00 PM OCU Great Hall, McDaniel Student Center

6:00-6:30 PM 
Peace Drumming Circle outside of the Great Hall 

6:30-7:40 PM 
Moderated Discussion featuring: 

Rev. Jesse Jackson
Rev. Jackson is the pastor of East Sixth Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma City and the President of the National Convocation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of the United States and Canada, a nationwide gathering of African American Disciples. He holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Phillips Theological Seminary.

Chief Bill Citty

Chief of Police Bill Citty
Chief Citty is a lifelong resident of Oklahoma City. He began his career with the Oklahoma City Police Department in 1977. Chief Citty worked throughout the Police Department including Patrol, Narcotics, Homicide, and other divisions. He was the Department's Public Information Officer during the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building.

Co-sponsored by: 
Campaign Nonviolence
Center for Conscience in Action 
Edmond Trinity Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Joy Mennonite Church
Pax Christi USA
The Peace House
Respect Diversity Foundation
United Nations Association, Oklahoma City Chapter

Location: 2501 N. Blackwelder avenue | oklahoma city | oklahoma | united states of america | 73106

Please share any and all of this information on your web sites, in your newsletters, on your Facebook posts, or in other media.  Also please invite others to sign up for this newsletter so they can receive the information directly.

Thank you!   Building Pathways To Peace toward a Culture of Peace for the Common Good.  May Peace Prevail On Earth!


The Pathways To Peace Team

Pathways To Peace is a nonprofit (501c3 U.S. tax exempt) organization, whose work would not be possible without our volunteers and your support. To help our efforts, please donate and click PayPal button on the left column.

  About Pathways To Peace and the Culture of Peace Initiative
This newsletter is offered by Pathways To Peace (PTP), International Secretariat of the Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) which was inaugurated in 1984 and received a UN Peace Messenger award from the UN in 1987. CPI  is inter-generational, inter-cultural, and has Participants in all regions of the world. PTP has consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC), (DPI). PTP has worked with the UN to observe and promote the International Day of Peace since it's inception in 1981, and has nurtured this occasion from a single event of a few hundred people into an annual global observance that now reaches hundreds of millions of people.
PTP has created and maintained the dedicated websites for the International Day of Peace and the Culture of Peace Initiative, including event locators for all to use; we produce this newsletter and also provide daily updates on the International Day of Peace Facebook page; we held a successful campaign to have the International Day of Peace printed on calendars across the globe; and we are continually involved with communications and planning about this event both inside and beyond UN circles. To learn more about our programs, networks, campaigns and support materials please see our web sites or visit our Facebook page.
The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) is a cooperative local-global Peacebuilding Initiative uniting the strengths of organizations, networks, projects and people to realize a Culture of Peace for the Common Good. The CPI also serves as a vehicle for bringing to light many previously unseen and unheard Peacebuilders working along diverse paths, who are embodying the emerging Culture of Peace within Humanity.  The annual highlight of the Culture of Peace Initiative is the International Day of Peace, which provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to work together, on a shared date, to create practical acts of Peace with a year- round impact.

Thank you.
Pathways To Peace is a nonprofit (501c3 U.S. tax exempt) organization, whose work would not be possible without our volunteers and your support. To help our efforts, please donate and click PayPal button on the left column.
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