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September 4, 2012

Last month we wrote about a new development.  We realized that there was a way to put a couple of pieces together to solve an existing problem, namely, greater flexibility for importers in developing nations and even continents, like Africa. The pieces, simply, are finance compatible with importer needs, and suppliers with whom we might cooperate.


We began working on a structure to provide rice to African importers who know us and who have an interest in importing into the continent of Africa.  This engendered quite a bit of interest, and we can now offer 5% and 25% broken long grain rice.  This includes the inexpensive varieties and expensive Thai jasmine, subject to reaching agreement on financing arrangements too.

Garment Stock Lots

We now work with a UK-based partner with extensive access to garment stock lots, through its broad network and interests in a number of factories in Bangladesh.  With a substantial flow of offerings, we're confident that many of our readers will be in position to take advantage, especially since the source country is not only competitive, but may also include cost savings on import tariffs as well.

We also have the financing structure to assist you if you require a copy of shipping documents to be able to complete the transaction through your bank. We'll stand ready to assist on the finance side where necessary and practical.  In the meantime, please indicate your interest in this product segment by return email and we'll make certain you have access.

Visit to Dubai
We expect to visit Dubai later in the year, although travel dates have not yet been determined. If it would interest you to meet when we're there, please get in touch with us, and we'll get in touch when we can firm up the dates and set up a meeting time.
So Get in Touch Already
We can assist you much more effectively if we know more about your needs.  So please write us at doug@jigsaw-capital.com and let us know if:
  • you have interest in importing rice;
  • you have interest in garment stock lots;
  • you want to meet when we visit Dubai.
As always, we appreciate your continuing interest and look forward to working with you whenever we can help you fit business pieces together.

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