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Thanks to all who attended Back-to-School Night!  This newsletter contains a recap of the information that was presented by the Principal, PTA and the Neighborhood Program.




Principal Varveris:


Thank you for attending Back to School Night. If you were not able to make it, here is a brief summary of what I presented Thursday night:

I am thrilled to be the new Principal at University Park!  Although this is the 2nd time I have stood up in front of the UPark community, many of you might not know about my background.  I taught in the Chicago Public Schools for twelve years in grades 1st - 8th, and was an Assistant Principal for the past seven years in both the Chicago Public School system, and here in DPS.  I was born and raised right here in Colorado, and am very happy to be home.

Here are the 3 topics we'll cover tonight:

  1. COMMUNICATION - Our Thursday Newsletter will be our primary source of getting information to you, and is sent via email.  Please take the time each week to open, and read through the newsletter.  If you know of anyone NOT receiving this weekly email, please have them contact the office.   
    • PTA - Get involved....time, money and/or however you can best volunteer your talents.  Our PTA President, Jen Frenkel, will provide more information on PTA, and our Apple Campaign chairs, John & Stephanie Treusein, will explain the importance of our Apple Campaign. (Summary of their presentations below in PTA)
    • Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students) - This is a group I'd like to start right away.  We'll find volunteer opportunities throughout the school that fit our skill sets.  Please have any interested Dads (Dads, Step-Dads, Grand-Dads, etc.) contact me ASAP
  3. NEW BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM - Omid Amini now heads up our Neighborhood Center at University Park.  He will explain how this encompasses both FREE & PAID-FOR enrichment programs, as well as Kaleidoscope. 

Thank you again for your attendance - enjoy the time in your student's classroom!


Please click here to see detailed information on the leadership framework for UPark.



I hope you all had a chance to look over one of our PTA brochures, and if not, it is attached here.  It is an overview of last year's PTA budget, our committees, and frequently asked questions.  


UPark cannot be successful without committed parent volunteers.  The PTA asks that everyone do the following three things to make an impact on our children's education:  

  • Volunteer your time.  There is a volunteer opportunity for everyone at this school.  We need people with a wide variety of skills and interests and hope that you find a place at UPark to get involved.
  • Volunteer your opinions.  Our first PTA meeting is this coming Tuesday at 6 pm in the gym.  We will provide childcare and have pizza. Everyone is welcome.  By joining the PTA for just $10 and attending our monthly meetings, you are able to vote on how PTA funds are spent, be more informed and connected with what is happening around the school, and have your voice heard.  You can join here: www.cheddarup.com/member/tabs/1409073565417.
  • Volunteer your money.  DPS funds alone are unfortunately not enough to provide our kids with all of the extras they need for a well-rounded education.  The PTA provides money to the school so we can have specials teachers, paraprofessionals, classroom supplies, teacher training, technology, etc.  Please use our free grocery cards when you shop at King Soopers or Safeway, and UPark will earn 5% back for all of your purchases.  To get a card, please email uparkpta@gmail.com.  Please come to the Silent Auction in February and the Home Tour in May, and contribute to the Apple Campaign, our direct giving program and largest fundraiser.  Checks made out to UPark PTA can be dropped in the Apple Box in the office, or online contributions can be made at www.cheddarup.com/member/tabs/1409072440056
  Apple Campaign
  1. In 2005 our school was on the shortlist to be closed by DPS. As a community we have come a long way since then because of our joined efforts.
  2. This year, we have committed a $98,000 grant to the school.  The Apple Campaign is tasked to raise at least 50% through direct donations. It is not a fun campaign, but it is a necessary one!
  3. The money we raise goes to several different programs that are vital to our school, such as funding for our Para Professionals, Librarian, Technology, etc., to support our children's growth and attract new families to our neighborhood.
  4. We need to raise at least $300 per child to keep these programs going. Apple has raised on average $55,000 per year, making it our largest fundraising committee in our school. We cannot let this money go by the wayside.
  5. Out of the 320 families that attend UPark, ONLY 63 actually contributed last year, a mere 20%! We need 100% participation whether it is $5, $10, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or $5,000.
  6. Please don't be afraid to ask friends and family to help with contributions.
  7. For the past 2 years, we have been able to create a match challenge with a handful of very generous  families willing to donate a total of $20,000 if we, as a community, can match or exceed that amount.
  8. We have been able to create this match challenge again this year, even though most of our large donors have moved on to higher education  and for the 1st time have a challenge within a challenge. We have a family that is willing to gift $2,500 which is wonderful.  However, they will double that if we can find another family to match it with their $5,000. Please, let's not let this opportunity pass us by!
  9. All we need is a commitment to donate by October 31st. Your actual donation can be received within the timeframe you prefer for tax deduction purposes: by December 31st for 2014 taxes or by June 30th for 2015 taxes.
  10. Please go to our UPark Website if you would prefer to make an online donation at http://www.uparkelementary.org/ or please find our Apple box for cash and check donations in the front office. If you would like to talk more about how your money is spent or how to be a part of our Challenge within our Challenge, please call Stephanie Treusein at 720-231-9955 for details.


Thank you so much for your support of UPark Elementary!


University Park Elementary

The place where students are inspired, engaged, and having fun!


Thank you to all our families who have registered students in both our FREE & PAID-FOR enrichment programs, and for you patience with some of our longer registration lines. All of our PAID-FOR enrichment programs have reached their minimum number of students needed, so they are all a GO!  Through our early morning Kaleidoscope program, to our after school Kaleidoscope and enrichment programs, our goal is to provide a fun and engaging experience for your children during every part of their day.  Click here to view both our free and paid-for after school activities.


Questions about After School programs or KC? Call Omid Amini at 303-241-7938