State College hasn't seen a hotter August since 1900. This past month the average August temperature of 74.89 broke the 116-year-old record. However, it wasn't just State College which experienced record-breaking temperatures.
NASA revealed that July was the hottest month the Earth has seen since instrumental records began, and 2016 will most likely be the hottest year. Furthermore,  the projections don't bode well for the coming decades. By 2060, the United States will have considerably more 100-degree days than in the past two decades (see map above).
Unless we can all become conscious towards our effect on the environment, conditions will only become worse. This is why it's essential to help your family, friends, and neighbors to understand the relationship between human actions and global climate impacts which you can do using  this tip sheet.

Christine Novinskie Olbrich is the leader of Smeal's Green Team and was selected as the winner of the 2016 Staff Sustainability Award. Christine's leadership of the Green Team featured five events that reached over 70 people. She approaches her work as a servant leader and has proven to be very dependable, creative, hard-working and a real self-starter.  


August 25, 2016 marked the 100th birthday of the National Park Service. The centennial marks America's commitment to historical preservation and the conserving our nation's natural beauty.  "Those of us who love the outdoors, we have a responsibility and an opportunity," says explorer Gregg Treinish.  Watch how this  explorer came to love and protect the national parks.

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Clothing retailer H&M will be opening in the long-awaited Fraser Center on Oct. 6. The Swedish company also happens to be a leader in their industry in terms of sustainability, including being the first to launch a global garment collecting initiative. Garment collecting is a sustainable process that allows any used clothing or textiles to be reworn, reused, or recycled to eliminate waste. Donate your clothing/textiles to receive a 15% off coupon at H&M.

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