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Volume 19 Issue 1September 2014
Your Social Footprint
Back in the "old days" when an employer was looking to hire you for a job, they would call your references and perhaps run a background check. Today they do that and more; you get "googled" as well as checked out on social media sites. How do you measure up? Your social media footprint can keep you from landing a job so make sure your "social footprint" is one that will help you get that job. The two articles below have some great tips and info for you! 
Budget Struggles
Do you struggle with your budget? Lots of us do and just because you "fall off the budget wagon" doesn't mean that you can't get back on it.
Recognize that you made a mistake and decide how to fix your problem. This article provides you tips on refocusing your mind to stick to your budget.

Christmas Countdown

As this newsletter is being prepared, it's 98 days till Christmas. Yes, you read that right; 98 days. If you wait till the last minute to start shopping you are more likely to overspend and damage your budget as well as add stress to your life. Are you preparing NOW as to what you will buy, what your total budget is for Christmas items and are you buying along the way to help keep your budget in check? 

If not, you need to be devising a plan now to keep you out of trouble down the road.

Dave Ramsey has some great ideas AND a budget tool that can help you stay on track this holiday season.

Dave Ramsey Christmas Tool 









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