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September  2015                                                                         Louise Reichlin & Dancers 

Excerpt from Adagio Ballroom section/ Tap Dance Widows Club
Excerpt from Adagio Ballroom section/ Tap Dance Widows Club


- Performance of new works at the San Pedro 
Festival of the Arts

- School Residencies Begin

- New Matching Grants 
from two sources
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We are Performing at 2:15 at the San Pedro Festival of the Arts
 - Sept. 20, 2015
We have been promoting the entire SAN PEDRO ♥ FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS (formerly the Tri-Art Festival) as it is one of our company's special projects. To find out more about this FREE family event coming up this week-end in the Ports O'Call Village on the waterfront, go to the
official web site. This will be its 9th year, and the 5th at this beautiful outside location. You'll see bios of all the companies and music groups there. Or download the  flyer/program with photos and the approximate times of all the performances. We were just selected as an LA Times Event Pick for the week-end.

Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers will be performing two exciting works from 2015. The first was conceived by Linda J. Albertano as part of her recent work performed at Beyond Baroque and Louise created the choreography about a poet who on his 70th birthday is approached by four apparitions (the devil as a flamenco dancer, a clown ballerina, Marilyn Monroe as an angel, and the Reaper as a Middle Eastern Dancer) who each try to convince him it is time leave this world with one of them.

We will also be showing a brand new work called  Invasion, still to have media added for its official premiere on October 2nd and 3rd at LATC on the IMPLOSIONS Program. We will send out another E-news about this, but look for a link at the end of this article to the box office. 

Invasion is sci-fi, and has to do with what happens when we are invaded by another species (or metaphorically, what happens when very diverse qualities from diverse cultures come together). Who changes who? What is the result? The piece begins with 2 beings who see a carefree, almost childlike person. They interact, and all 3 are now part of the "beings". Next is a duet of love and great sadness that is passed on to the beings. Last is a passionate Tango that is sexual and violent. They all merge in the electrifying ending. See it first at this free outdoors festival. 

Then go see it at LATC with digital media by the amazing Audri Phillips whose work you may have seen in our Remembrance or Mourning Light. That link to tickets I promised is on their calendar in theater 3 called "Pairing of the Arts"   Oct 2 @ 7pm or  Oct 3 @ 7pm
School Begins Next Week! And we have grants for more schools!
A Residency Culmination at Taper Elementary/ 2nd grades & us
A Residency Culmination at Taper Elementary/
four 2nd grades & us
Next week we begin a dance residency at New Academy of Science and Art (NASA) in partnership with Angels Gate Cultural Center.

We are happy to announce we have again been awarded matching grant funds from LA County Supervisor Don Knabe's Arts Education Partnership. If you are a district or school in his County District, please contact us for information. *************************************

We are also happy to announce that we have again been awarded matching grant funds from the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles, for two schools in South LA or the Valley (districts 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 or 12. If you are one of these City districts, please contact us for information.

We are now in the 2015-2016 Season - Please help support our activities!  

Special thanks to you for your support to date.

We hope to share our dances and teaching with other areas, and new funds from you can also take us to any location in LA and much further.  If you donate, you can help us get to your location!! Please visit our website to make your donation.
Our non-profit IRS # is 95-3509028. Your contributions are tax deductible. 



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Videos of Louise Reichlin & Alfred Desio:


click here for Reichlin on You/Tube 


click here for Desio on You/Tube 


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Louise Reichlin, Director

Louise Reichlin & Dancers/LA Choreographers & Dancers


Patchwork Girl photos: Sallie DeEtte Mackie

Louise in Lark In the Morning photos: Theodora Litsios