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With downtown's growing residential population comes the welcome addition of the region's first Fresh Thyme Farmers Market this fall. Hear how The North End served as a major catalyst in fueling the growth in this northern downtown neighborhood, and see how our residential and employee populations stack up to peer cities.
Also, learn how two entrepreneurs expedited their business plans through Milwaukee Downtown's partnership with the Kiva Zip loan program.
Plus, Historic Milwaukee kicks off its fifth installment of Doors Open Milwaukee this weekend. Get the scoop on how you can explore more than 150 architectural gems.

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Matt Dorner
Economic Development Director
Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21

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Progress continues on the third phase of The North End along North Water Street - an area that has become a busy residential corridor with several hundred units either being built or near groundbreaking.
With beginning phases completed in 2009, The North End combines market-rate apartments, commercial space and public green spaces with RiverWalk extensions. The North End is the catalyst in transforming the northern edge of downtown into a highly desired and well connected mixed-use neighborhood.
The third phase of The North End is a six-floor, $53 million investment featuring 168 apartments, underground parking and the region's first 28,000 sq. ft. Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. The project is financed through traditional financing, New Market Tax Credits and tax incremental financing for part of the 420-ft. long publicly accessible RiverWalk segment that is being constructed with the project. Phase 3 is expected to be complete in late fall 2015. 
The two completed phases, along with the soon-to-be-complete third phase are expected to be joined by a fourth and final phase of The North End to cap off a multi-year mixed-use redevelopment that will add approximately 650 units to the strong downtown market-rate apartment market.
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Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21, a proud trustee of the recently launched Kiva Zip , is seeking small businesses interested in operating in downtown Milwaukee to potentially endorse for the program.
Kiva Zip is a loan program that provides 0% interest loans for small businesses and entrepreneurs through a crowd-funding platform. Kiva Zip expands access to capital (loans up to $5,000), reduces the cost of capital (0% interest) and connects applicants with a global community of potential lenders.
Real results! To date, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 has endorsed and assisted two entrepreneurs in successfully meeting their loan goals. A combined $12,500 was raised to help make their business ventures a reality.
For more information about Kiva Zip or any other assistance program, please click here or contact Matt Dorner, Economic Development Director, at or 414.220.4700 x4.
September 19 & 20 | 10am to 5pm
Various Locations

The fifth annual Doors Open Milwaukee returns this weekend. The free event offers access to over 150 of Milwaukee's greatest architectural gems. See the hidden treasures they hold and hear special stories.
From churches and museums to office buildings and theaters, attendees will satisfy their architectural curiosities. Tickets are not necessary to check out the sites; however, nearly 40 locations will host in-depth tours. Tickets for these in-depth sessions are required and are available for $5 each online.
A complete list of participating locations, as well as information on the in-depth tour sessions can be found here.
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One key metric of a downtown's health is its population - both daytime and nighttime. With 25,000 residents and 81,000 employees, downtown Milwaukee ranks middle of the pack when compared to 11 peer cities.

Source: Hunden Strategic Partners, US Census Bureau, various downtown organizations

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Founder, NEWaukee
Ian Abston, founder of NEWaukee, describes the organization as a social architecture firm that inspires a collision of all Milwaukee has to offer. Learn why his network is so influential.
What inspired your decision to start NEWaukee?
When I first moved to Milwaukee in 2007, I found it difficult to meet people outside of work and get involved with organizations of interest. A year later, we started NEWaukee to connect people to people, and to the city. I think our first tagline was "Meet People, Meet Milwaukee." 
Which of your NEWaukee accomplishments or initiatives are you most proud?
Night Market...hands down my favorite initiative we've ever been a part of. The Mayor's office is working to redevelop Wisconsin Avenue into the bustling corridor it once was. 10 years from now I hope to be standing on a Wisconsin Avenue filled with businesses, apartments and bicycles and know that it started with a small idea that the community got behind.  

What do you believe is the most important development project that is either currently under construction or being proposed?
Obviously the Bucks/ancillary development is big, but to avoid the obvious I think the housing units being built are ultimately the lifeblood of downtown as they create the density. We need to focus on options not just for millennials, but for families and empty nesters too.  
What is your favorite NEWaukee event and why?
YP Week is my favorite event because it's a collision of the city's greatest spaces and the region's brightest minds all put on display within an action-packed week. It's been so successful that we expanded it to seven cities last year, including Madison and Green Bay.    
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