Benton County Fairgrounds
Connecting Our Community
Thank you to all who attended the Benton County Fair & Rodeo this year! It was a hot one but those who came enjoyed a lot of great entertainment, food and fun.  See you next year!
10th Annual Chili Cook-Off & Emergency Preparedness Fair
Benton County Sheriff's Office, along with local community organizations, compete for the honor of "Benton's Best Rootin' Tootin' Shoot'em Up Chili!" 

The BCSO Chili Cook-Off raises money for local charities and is fun for the whole family. Activities include live music, raffle prizes, the REACH Air-Medical Services helicopter (when it's not in service), demonstrations by public safety professionals, activities for the kids, and...of course...chili tasting!
Fairgrounds Floral Courtyard 
Taste of Tupperware
You can build a Tupperware collection that helps safeguard your health, organize your home and reduce waste.
Fairgrounds Auditorium 
Save the Ta-Tas
Join the Ta-tas community and help put some fun in the fight against breast cancer. Attend their bazaar and do some early Christmas shopping and check out the breast cancer fundraiser. Vote for your favorite decorated bra and bid on it in the silent auction; all the proceeds from the bra fundraiser go directly to Breast Cancer Awareness.
Guerber Hall
Benton County Advisory Committees
Interested in Serving?
Participation on county boards and commissions involves citizens directly in local government in an impactful way and provides the Board of Commissioners with timely input on important issues. Members of Benton County's various advisory boards and committees are unpaid volunteers who devote numerous hours of their time to these community activities. Members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners to fill vacancies, which have set terms.

Click here for more information about Benton County advisory committees, or join us for our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and recruitment event on Thursday, September 21, in Guerber Hall.  Contact the Board of Commissioners office for information.

Oregon Meat Goat Producers Wine Country Fall Finale Show
Boer goats commonly have white bodies, distinctive brown heads and long pendulous ears. The Boer goat was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s for meat production. Their name is derived from the Afrikaans (Dutch) word "boer," meaning farmer. They are noted for being docile, fast-growing and having high fertility rates. Come check them out!
Benton Arena
OSU Home Game Parking & Shuttle Service
Park at the fairgrounds and enjoy shuttle service to the stadium! Shuttle start three hours before kick-off and run one hour post game. Cost is $5.
Want to organize a tailgate party? Then break out your RV and join the fun at the fairgrounds where you can camp with fellow football fans.

Click here to make your reservations at the Benton Oaks RV Park
Click here to view the full
fairgrounds events calendar!   

Top image depicts the fair's Radiance Works stilt walker with Wings of Isis and audience during the Main Stage performance of Mantra: Celebrating the Music of Santana, Saturday, August 5. 


Photography by Zbigniew Sikora