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September 2017
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Paul Hay is Retiring from Gage County Extension

Please join us as we celebrate Paul's retirement and 42 years of service with the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension

Monday, October 2, 2017
Open House - 3:00-6:00 pm
Program at 5:15 pm

Gage County Extension Office
 1115 W. Scott Rd., Beatrice, NE 68310

Congratulatory cards can be mailed to the Gage County Extension Office
  S ow Giveaway - Essay Due September 20
SCC, Ak-Sar-Ben, Nebraska & Iowa Pork Producers are sponsoring a Sow Giveaway to a 4-H or FFA member in Nebraska and surrounding states. Youth must submit a 500-word essay addressing how your project will benefit winning the sow and her piglets and how the award will improve the profitability and growth of your livestock project. Application must include letter of reference. Call the Extension Office or Annie
Erichsen, SCC, 402-228-8258.

Painted Lady Butterfly

As a nature-loving person, with major interests in plants and bugs, I love going outside in the warmer months of the year to enjoy all the plant and insect life outdoors. One of my favorite things to view would be the butterflies. I love the unique coloration patterns and flying abilities of butterflies. This year there is a bit of an increase in population of one particular butterfly, the painted lady butterfly.

Painted Lady Butterflies
Planting Trees Season

It's hard to believe that September is here already! With that, brings tree planting season. Fall is a great time to plant tree. When planting your trees, remember to pay close attention to where you plant it to ensure that the tree can have a long, happy life in this new location. Often when we plant a tree, it is hard to visualize the full size of a tree, but remember, that small tree will grow into a much larger version. Plant the tree where it can spread its branches and live happily for many years to come. 

Where to plant trees
Got Talent?  Records & Award Apps Due October 1 

4-H Career Portfolio is a record of your 4-H career. It includes a listing of your personal growth and
leadership experiences related to your knowledge learned, skills gained and community service experienced through 4-H. The form may be filled out by hand or computer. Form is available at the Extension Office. 
Download the form from the State 4-H website: Nebraska State 4-H or our website, Gage County Extension. Forms submitted to the Extension Office October 1 each year, read and signed by Extension staff, and returned. In addition to 4-H awards, you will use your Career Portfolio for other award applications, scholarships, college entrance, building your resume, and applying for jobs. 

The 4-H Council will award $2.00 per member to clubs whose membership has 100% completion of the forms turned in to the Extension Office by October 1. All names on your club membership printout are included.
September -  National Food Days
Ak-Sar-Ben Horse Show - September 23-24 

Ak-Sar-Ben Livestock Show - September 28 - October 1
Ak-Sar-Ben Stock Show, the nation's largest 4-H livestock show, is
moving to Fonner Park/Nebraska State Fairgrounds after 89 years in Omaha. The facilities offer state-of-the-art livestock show barns & horse arena built in recent years to host the Nebraska State Fair. These facilities allow and ensure growth and sustainability of the livestock exhibition.
- On-line entry & payment of entry fees: August 10.
2017 AK-Sar-Ben online entries, schedule, programs, and judges information:

Extension Events
See all Gage County Extension Events on our Online Calendar

Getting Green runs every Tuesday morning at 7:45 am on News Channel Nebraska 1450 AM

Sept. 18 - 4-H Council meeting, Extension Office
Sept. 23-24 - Ak-Sar-Ben Stock Show, Grand Island
Sept. 28-Oct. 1 - Ak-Sar-Ben Stock Show, Grand Island

Oct. 1 - Deadline: Career Portfolio, Awards Application, Diamond Clover Application
Oct. 2 - Paul Hay Retirement Party, Extension Office
Oct. 1-7 - National 4-H Week
Oct. 8 - First Orientation Meeting - 2018 Citizenship Trip, DeWitt Community Center

Nov. 5 - 4-H Achievement Party
Nov. 18 - Make it With Wool Contest, Lincoln
Nov  24-28 - National 4-H Congress, Atlanta, GA

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