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SEPTEMBER 19, 2014

The large Spark and TSM Model shipment we've been telling you about finally arrived this week. Everything is unpacked and all advance orders have shipped. 

More than 50 new models were in the shipment. There are quite a few highlights, including the spectacular 2013 LeMans winning Audi R18 e-tron quattro in 1/18 scale pictured below. 

Spark's 1/18 scale models, LeMans winners especially, tend to disappear quickly and we suspect this one will be no different. $199.00 plus shipping. Click here to order.

Another gem from this shipment is Spark's 1/18 scale Porsche 917PA as driven by Jo Siffert in the 1969 CanAm season, pictured below. Also $199.00 plus shipping. Order here.

You can access the complete list of all 50 new arrivals HERE

Since decent photos of many of the items were not available when listed, we've added some of our own, including those of all 5 variations of TSM Model's Brabham Alfa Romeo BT46, including the "Press" version pictured above. 

Gordon Murray's unique design originally called for flat panel heat exchangers instead of radiators, as seen in the photo above. When the concept failed in practice, conventional radiators were mounted in the front wing, as seen on Niki Lauda's second place finisher from the 1978 Monaco Grand Prix, at left.

The 5 Brabham Alfas are available for $75.00 each.

Speaking of Brabham, we're pleased to announce our offer to include a poster autographed by 3-time World Champion Sir Jack Brabham with the purchase of Schuco's 1/18 scale Cooper Type 53, his 1960 World Championship winning mount, resulted in a complete sellout of our initial order.
I'm even happier to announce that we were able to acquire a few more Coopers this week and will extend the offer until the end of the month, or until these are sold. Order here.

This week, Spark announced that they will produce 67 different entries from the 2014 Spa and Nurburgring 24 Hour races in 1/43 scale as part of their Belgian and German National Series. The Spa winning Audi R8 LMS Ultra is pictured above. 

These models are available via advance order only for $80 each plus shipping. You can download pdf files of both the Spa 24 Hour and Nurburgring 24 Hour entries by clicking on the links. 

Please have all orders to us by the close of business Thursday, October 2.

This week, we're offering another 1/18 scale BBR LaFerrari. This one is number 25 of a 25 piece Limited Edition featuring the new Ferrari supercar in Red with a Black roof and is priced at $499.95. Purchase hereOne of the final Montezemolo-era Ferraris, LaFerrari is sure to become highly collectible.

We'll tempt you with one more Red Car before we close today's Update:

In Stock: This beautiful 1/12 scale Ferrari F2012 as driven by Fernando Alonso. Produced by Amalgam, it is number 072 from a Limited Edition of 500. $1,450.00 plus shipping. Purchase here

Contact us for information on other exceptional display models from Amalgam.

This very interesting Michael Turner original, circa 1957, recently re-surfaced. 

We'll have more information next time!

- Paul

PS - 

I just received confirmation that 'James Garner's Motoring Life' will arrive in the next few days.

Don't forget, we'll be closed tomorrow. See you at the Meadowdale, Motorsports & Memories Car Show at Meadowdale Raceway, Raceway Woods in Carpentersville, Illinois!

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