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Kit Specials from Pure Romance by Cindy
September 2011
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Why Pure Romance?
Thousands of women, just like you, have become Pure Romance Consultants and are enjoying making over $1,000.00 a week holding just a few parties. Now is the perfect time to take the step toward the life you deserve!

Women begin this business for many reasons. Some of these are Financial Freedom, Flexibility, More Free Time, Recognition, Develop Relationships and many more. Every woman looks for and finds different benefits to being her own boss, having unlimited earning potential and still begin able to spend time with family.

When you begin your Pure Romance journey, you will have my support and training to help you realize your dreams!

My Pure Romance Story
I began my Pure Romance journey over 8 years ago. At the time I began, I worked as a Registered Nurse full time and quickly discovered that I could earn at least twice my nursing salary as a Pure Romance Consultant. The benefits are great! I am able to set my own schedule, earn a great deal of money and have tons of fun with women who are very interested in our products! I have found there to be a great reward in helping women to understand themselves and their bodies better. I have also earned and won several incentive trips from Pure Romance! I have been to Mexico, Alaska, St. Maarten, Hawaii and the Bahamas. All that and so much more with the incredible opportunities Pure Romance offers me. 
Current Events - Pure Romance Style
Cindy on Stage at Rally

The Fall season is always a whirlwind in Pure Romance! We have our New Product Release tied in with National Training - our annual training event where consultants from all over the country come together to learn, network and bond! This year I had the great privilege to be featured as a corporate trainer with Pure Romance! I taught 5 different classes to all levels of consultants!

This was such an honor and privilege to share my message with other consultants. Part of my joy in this business is educating women. I educate women at my parties about sexual health, intimacy and relationships. In my role as a corporate trainer, I help to educate women in their journey to find what they are looking for in Pure Romance!

My team is also a huge part of my life! We are getting together to celebrate the Labor Day Holiday with our Families on Sunday, September 4th. This is a fun-filled family day where local consultants will get together for fun and games!

Then we will continue on with one of our busiest seasons of the year! Thanks for 'tuning in' to this little blurb of "A Day in the Life of a Pure Romance Consultant!"


What a fun and HOT summer we have had! Pure Romance just hosted our annual event National Training in Cincinnati, OH in August. We introduced over 30 new products into our line! This is exciting news for you because this is one of the reasons our Fall season is so busy! Now is the time to begin your journey with Pure Romance and take advantage of this busy selling season!

You are receiving this e-mail because you have either requested information on our website, attended one of my parties or wanted to start your own Pure Romance business.

Feel free to forward this e-mail to your friends that may be interested in making extra money or anyone that would like to pay off one credit card a month!

If you are ready to take that step that will lead you down the path toward financial freedom and independence, please give me a call today and I will be happy to discuss the benefits of Pure Romance and help you explore whether Pure Romance would be a good fit for you.

I would love to have the opportunity to help you live your life by design - not by default!


Cindy Faulkner
(423) 595-3194

Cindy at Christmas Party
Platinum Kit - Save over 60%!!!
 Begin your Journey Today! 

The Platinum Kit is the best deal available from Pure Romance - this kit has unlimited value! Here are some of the benefits your receive when you begin your business with the Platinum Kit:

  • 50% buying discount for life!  
  • Over $3,800 in Pure Romance product! 
  • Automatic Activation - savings of over $150!
When you begin your business with the Platinum Kit you will receive all of these benefits plus more! The benefits of this kit are endless! A 50% buying discount means you will be earning more money right away! 
  • Platinum Kit Valued over $3,800 for only $1,499!
Platinum Kit

This kit has unlimited value! You will be earning 15% over consultants who begin with the Bronze or Silver kits! By holding one party per week you could be earning an additional $300.00 per month! What could you do with an extra $3,600.00 this year?

Gold Kit - Save over 50%!!!
This is a great deal! 
The Gold Kit is a great savings and it offers a 45% buying discount for life! This means you are earning 10% more on every item you sell when you begin your business with the Gold Kit!

When you purchase the Gold Kit you will receive over $1,600 in product and will receive all the necessary paperwork to begin holding parties, and earning money, right away!   
  • Gold Kit - Valued over $1,600 for only $799!
Gold Kit
This kit has unlimited value! You will be earning 10% over consultants who begin with the Bronze or Silver kits! By holding one party per week you could be earning an additional $200.00 per month! What could you do with an extra $2,400.00 this year?
Silver and Bronze Kit -
You Can't Pass up This Deal! 

Now is the time!

Now is the best time to begin your Pure Romance business! With our recent New Product Launch - Fall is one of our busiest season! Begin your new business today!

  • Silver Kit - Valued over $725 for only $399!
Silver Kit
Silver Kit.
  • Bronze Kit - Valued over $330 for only $199!
    Bronze Kit
    Bronze Kit 
I look forward to hearing from you!

If you are ready to take the next step and be a part of my team - please contact me today! When you join Pure Romance with me - you are joining one of the most successful teams in the business. My team is named Team Golden Girls - because we are living the Golden Life! Here is a picture of my team that attended National Training with me in August!

Team Picture NT 2011


If you have questions about the Pure Romance opportunity, I would love to talk with you and answer your questions. I am happy to help you explore whether Pure Romance would be a good fit for you.

Have a great September!


Cindy Faulkner
www.Pure RomancebyCindy.com