September 2017
Smiling Happy Faces of BYX
Kara Rubinich
When did you start practicing yoga? 
Last November and the timing could not have been better to start.  My young family of five was in the process of moving, switching schools, and celebrating the holidays. Yoga helped me slow down and breathe during those chaotic days.
What brought you to BYX? 
I heard great things about it from ladies at my boot camp class. The core strength toning and stretching instead of bouncing and weights interested me.
Why do you keep coming? 
I like the early classes. 5:30am is my time! Nobody is awake to interrupt me, and I have been an early bird my whole life. If it were up to me, BYX would have 5:30AM Saturday classes! Also, the teachers' positive attitudes and vibes make me somehow want to embrace not only the poses, but the yoga mentality. I am still trying to figure out just how to learn that! 
What benefits have
you seen from your practice? 
As a long-distance runner and triathlete, I realized the benefits of stretching. My sore muscles are gone after 90 minutes at BYX. The breathing helps me at home when my fuse is short with three little ones, too!
What has surprised you about practicing? 
It took me awhile, but I've learned that pushing to the max, and pain, is not always necessary to gain benefits or to improve at some things. 
How has yoga improved/changed your life? 
I believe yoga increases my endorphins and improves my mood. It is similar to when I get the "runner's high" from a great run outside. The teachers have helped me to believe in the now and not turn over and inside out the past and future.
What's your favorite posture and why?
I love the half moon pose to start the class and stretch and lengthen. Standing head to knee pose and triangle used to be frustrating, and I wanted to skip them because I couldn't grasp how to lock my knees, open my hips, look for the triangle, etc., and so forth. But the difficult poses and cues from teachers are what make those poses top favorites too.
Do you have any new goals that you did not have before practicing yoga?
I plan to continue on a regular basis, improve my standing bow, and learn more about how to increase student athlete involvement because I feel like it's a great preventive injury tool that could be learned early on in life.

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Welcome back! While I'm sad to see summer come to an end, I'm so happy to see all of your happy, smiling faces back in the hot room.
Smiling Happy Faces of BYX

We've decided to highlight members of our community so you can better get to know them, and perhaps be inspired by their stories.


Meet Kara Rubinich, a long distance runner and triathlete. She has found both physical and mental benefits from practicing Bikram yoga.

Enjoy Kara's interview in the column on the left.

Fall Schedule Change

Tuesday  &  Thursday  evening classes will be at  5:30pm  (no longer 6:30pm).

All other classes on the schedule remain the same.

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Mini Clinic

Mini clinics will return in October!

In a regular Bikram class, teachers give students the information they need to do the postures safely and correctly while creating a moving meditation. There is no time to go into an in-depth discussion about each pose. This is what the mini clinics are for. 

It's  your opportunity to ask questions about  technique, or to show us your posture and get some great individual feedback. 

Each mini clinic will be one hour long and cover 2-3 postures. 

Check the October Newsletter for details about the next mini clinic!
CFDP Fundraiser

Party time... "off the mat"!

This year is the last year Kim Cermak will be hosting an African Dinner Event to benefit 
 Cameroon Football Development Program

CFDP is a n organization dedicated to changing the lives of youth through soccer by promoting:
  • life skills
  • health education
  • leadership skills
  • gender equality

On Saturday evening, October 7, 
please join Kim and Co-Hosts  Bikram Yoga ExtonAmy and  James Houston, Laurie Derres and  Bill Gleason for an evening of fun for a great cause.  YOU too, can make a difference!

To get your tickets, make a donation, become a sponsor or learn more about the event go to: 

Hope to see you there!

Thank you for being part of this growing yoga community. It wouldn't be the same without each of you!
Kristin Sapp
Bikram Yoga Exton