September / 6 / 2016

I hope you enjoyed a nice Labor Day weekend! This month's newsletter includes important information about Medicare's open enrollment period so please be sure to read through to stay up-to-date.

An update on our Pinnacle Customer Satisfaction Surveys: we have now completed the 1st two months of surveys and are grateful to everyone who has already participated in an interview. For those who have not yet participated, we hope you will help us by sharing your feedback if you are contacted for an interview. Once we have a meaningful amount of data, we look forward to sharing results with you. Your continued cooperation and participation are very important and much appreciated.  

Thank you for your continued support of Forest Hills. We look forward to seeing you around!
Best Regards,

Mary Savoy, RN, MS, LNHA
Forest Hills of DC & Forest Side Memory Care
Medicare Open Enrollment 

A quick reminder: Medicare Open Enrollment for the coming year runs from October 15th to December 7th. During this period, you can switch from original Medicare to Medicare Advantage, or vice versa. You can also switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to another, or from one Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plan to another, or you can drop your Medicare Part D coverage altogether.

If you have experienced claim denials and/or would like to learn more about Medicare, please click here for a brief, user-friendly explanation.  

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Upgrading our Health Care Center
Dining room makeover
As you may already know, Forest Hills has recently embarked on plans for major upgrades in our Health Care Center: the new, beautiful, expanded day rooms are the initial results of these efforts, and we are now beginning our next phase for a complete makeover of the dining rooms.
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September Activities
Highlights from the upcoming month

Wed., September 7th
10:30am - Robert Jenner Lecture: "The History of the Olympics" (Library)
Sat., September 10th
10:30am - The Jazz Classics & More with pianist Wendell Bunyan (Lounge)
Tue., September 13th
10:00am - Exploring technology through your laptop, tablet & smart phone (Library & Lounge)
Thu., September 15th
3:30pm - Comedy Hour & Sing Along with Chris Covell (Lounge)
Mon., September 19th
10:30am - Art Lecture with Joey Manlapaz (Library)
Tue., September 20th
12:30pm - Make a Meal with AHCA (Lower Level)

3:30pm - Ice cream social with cellist Julian Naimon (Lounge)
Sat., September 24th
3:30pm - Dramatic readings & tea with Chris Covell (Library)
Fri., September 30th
2:30pm - Robert Jenner Lecture: "The Life of Irving Berlin" (Library)

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Ceca Award Winner
Francis Lawson, Revel Security Officer

Last month we celebrated the Ceca Award winner for July 2016: Congratulations to Francis Lawson! Here are some kind words about Francis:

"Francis' job duties include a wide array of responsibilities. Even at the busiest of times Francis makes time and puts residents' needs first. During one afternoon shift change - the hustle and bustle of family members arriving for visits, a physician arrival and a new admission - Francis was sought out by a resident for help. He took the time to establish the resident's need, determined the appropriate department to assist the resident and ensured the resident's need was met. The resident told him 'thanks a lot, I knew I could count on you for helping an old guy out.' Francis demonstrates acts of kindness daily and has truly proven to touch many residents' and staff hearts."

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