September 2017 Newsletter

VOICe has a new look! Don't worry, we still offer the same free and confidential services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes.

For more information about VOICe's services, please call our 24-hour hotline at 1.800.400.8551, or visit our website .

#GetNebby 5k & Fun Run
About #GetNebby 
Join us for VOICe's 1st Annual #GetNebby 5k & Fun Run! VOICe provides year-round 24-hour services to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other violent crimes. Our clients often experience life-threatening violence, and that has already resulted in too many Butler County deaths this year. It's up to us to help prevent mourning another loss.

All Yinz know how to be nebby n' help support your community and #GetNebby! Educate yourself on the signs of abuse. Know how the issue affects your loved ones and neighbors. Know available resources. Believe and support survivors.

Register for #GetNebby 5k & Fun Run 
Time for yinz to #GetNebby n'at!

VOICe's 1st Annual #GetNebby 5k and Fun Run will be held at North Boundary Park ( 1171 N Boundary Rd, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066) on Sunday, October 29, 2017 in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and in memory of Missy Barto. Registration begins at 8:00 am. Race starts at 9:00 am. Children's Fun Run begins at 9:30 am.

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Sponsor #GetNebby 5k & Fun Run 
Time for yinz to #GetNebby n'at!

VOICe's 1st Annual #GetNebby 5k and Fun Run needs your support! You encounter survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes in your everyday lives. It's important for employers and businesses to understand how violence affects their employees and their customers; show your support of those that need your help.

Other Events
End the Violence: Making Out Community Aware 
Presented by The Passavant Hospital Foundation and the UPMC Passavant Domestic Violence Advisory Council, this year's Domestic Violence Conference will work toward further educating health care professionals in order to best serve victim of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Domestic violence is prevalent through the United States and among higher education institutions. This program will review the prevalence, signs/symptoms of domestic violence, factors related to, treatment pathways, and the psychological social needs of this population.

This conference will review "The Hunting Ground," a documentary that highlights the severity and response to sexual assault on college campuses. The conference will also discuss:
  •   University & Regional Efforts with Campus Assaults
  • Enhanced understanding of local efforts in coordinating a collaborative response to survivors of sexual violence and preventing sexual violence on campuses
  • Increased awareness and information to connect survivors to local services
  • Increase awareness and connection to resources and programs for prevention within college communities
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Zombies of the Corn 
Enjoy a hauntingly good time weekends between September 29th and October 29th from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am at Zombies of the Corn! With a zombie shoot, haunted compound, wagon rides, ghost stories, campfires, and food, you'll be in for a great time that'll test your zombie apocalypse survival skills.

Be sure to support VOICe on your way in. The Cranberry Sunrise Rotary will be collecting donations from drivers upon entry, and all parking proceeds benefit VOICe!

Make a Difference
It's Happening in Butler's Backyard

It's easy to view domestic violence as something that "doesn't happen in our backyard," but with 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experiencing physical violence by an intimate partner, that's exactly where it's happening. It's happening in the home of your neighbor, your coworker, your siblings, and your best friend. It's affecting families, workplaces, schools, and our community. If we continue to ignore the signs, then Butler County is going to continue to suffer the losses of women, children, and men at the hands of abusive intimate partners.

In 2016, Pennsylvania grieved the loss of 102 victims of domestic violence; Butler County has already grieved multiple deaths this year. The presence of a gun in the home during a domestic violence incident increases the risk of homicide by at least 500%. Sometimes victims don't leave the relationship because they fear for their lives. Sometimes victims don't leave the relationship because they don't know how they'll be able to support themselves. Sometimes victims don't' leave the relationship because they hope the abuser will change. Sometimes victims don't leave the relationship because they don't know the resources. The most important steps you can take to help a victim in your life are:
  • Be supportive and non-judgmental
  • Do not think you know the best course of action. The most lethal time in an abusive relationship is when the victim leaves, so refer to VOICe for safety planning
  • Know the resources. VOICe's hotline (1-800-400-8551) is available 24/7.
Victim Outreach Intervention Center (VOICe) provides free and confidential services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes to individuals and families in Butler County. Our services include: 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, housing programs, supportive and educative crisis counseling, legal advocacy, medical advocacy, children's services, and prevention & outreach programs.

We are dedicated to the safety of victims. It's time that the community takes responsibility for its members. Get involved in your loved ones' lives. Know their friends and intimate partners. Don't assume they are safe at home-ask if they're okay and let them know that you care.
Volunteer at VOICe

There is only so much our staff can do without help from dedicated, compassionate members of the community such as yourself.

Every hour you can give, and every task you can help us complete, helps survivors in Butler County. No matter how big or how small your actions, YOU make the difference.

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