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Here is this month's useful information for you...

"Are all utilities on before the inspection?"

At least once a month I arrive at a home only to find that the gas meter has been locked out or totally removed (see pic below). Sometimes the water meter is locked out. And a few times, the electric meter has been removed. And almost every time, the home buyers or agents did not notice. So my inspection report is turned in as "Incomplete due to all utilities not on."

Here is a short check list to go by to make sure all utilities are on during a viewing and before scheduling an inspection:
  1. Flip a light switch.
  2. Open a water faucet for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Turn on a gas stove top.
If there is no gas stove top, open a hot side water faucet for 30 seconds. if you have hot water and the water heater is the gas type, then you know the gas service is on.

How do you know if the house has gas service?
  1. Check for an unlocked gas meter located in one of the front corners of the house or in the alley.
  2. Look at the roof for gas vent pipes sticking out of the roof. They are the long, silver metal vents with a round cap on top.
  3. Look at the water heater. If it is gas, you will see a yellow gas line and gas valve box at the bottom and a metal gas vent on top.
  4. Look in the fireplace. Gas fireplaces will have a gas pipe on the floor of the firebox.
  5. Look for a gas stove top.

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