United Christian Parish Preschool
September 2017 Newsletter 

Coffee & Relax          

If you do not have errands to do while your child is at his or her short class this week, join other parents in the Library (Room 118) for coffee.


All About Car Line - Just for parents of 3's & 4's 

Stop by Room  117 for a short presentation about Car Line. This is when you will receive your car line signs.

Dear Parents,
     The past few days have been really exciting at Preschool.  
     The staff had two great days of getting ready for school to begin.  
      Visit days were lots of fun.  We love meeting children and families and welcoming you to our School Family.
     We are appreciative of the work done by parents who have done some odd jobs here at school. I include the tuition credit form on each regular monthly newsletter.  Whenever you do work like repairs and playground maintenance and want tuition credit, fill out the form and send it with the remainder of your payment for that month.
     Please join in the opportunities to get involved in your child's school.  Participate with the Parents Group, attend Preschool Parents Night and come enjoy the fun at our Picnic.       
2 Easy Ways to Help Our Preschool Earn Free Educational Resources!
1.  Link your Harris Teeter VIC card to United Christian Parish Preschool.
3. Buy Mabel's Labels to keep track of your child's belongings and select UCPP during purchase.
You'll get a flyer with more details later.

Join Our List
Snacks are listed here each month.  Fresh fruits and vegetables may be served on a different day of the week due to delivery uncertainties.
9/11    Raisins & Cheerios
9/12    Cheese & crackers
9/13    Bananas & gr. Crackers
9/14    Carrot chips & hummus (not 208)
9/15    Repeats
9/18    Applesauce & Ritz
9/19    Potato wedges, ketchup
9/20    Bagels & cream cheese
9/21    Oranges/gr. Crackers or Repeats
9/25    Wheat Thins & soy butter
9/26    Pineapple & graham crackers
9/27    Granola bars & milk
9/28    Peaches & Graham crackers
9/29  Repeats
If your friends or neighbors ask, there are a few spaces for 2's and 3's in our classes.  Encourage them to visit and take a tour.

Find a Bag or Purchase It at Preschool!  


Name It!          

Your child's bag needs his/her name on it, the bigger and brighter the better. Another helpful touch is an identifier that makes the bag special especially for the children who don't read their names yet.


Some suggested supplies can be seen on the right.  White fabric paint will show up nicely on the blue bags.  An iron-on decal like the stars shown would be fun for your child to pick out at a craft store. 

Please No Backpacks
Save those cute backpacks for kindergarten.  Our children do a much better job waslking up the steps, hanging up their bags and taking care of their belongings with a bag rather than the straps and zippered compartments of a backpack. 

     Please join us on Thursday, September 21 at 7:30 pm for this special annual event.  You will have an opportunity to join your child's teacher in the classroom and see first hand what your child does each day and understand our goals for him or her.  Please leave your little ones at home; this is an adults-only evening.
     Look at the signs in the entrance when you arrive to see the agenda.
     Parking might be tight.  If the parking lot fills, park on the street and walk up the stairs.  The main door facing North Shore Drive will be open. 
Monday, September 11, 5-6:30 pm
     Bring everyone in the family, a couple pot-luck dishes to share, lawn chairs or blankets and come have fun!  We will gather in the playground area to eat and play together.  Preschool supplies plates, flatware and cold water. Very casual, just a relaxed time to have fun with other families.
     You may park on North Shore and come up the steps or park in the parking lot and walk through the building to get to this area.
     We will have a special treat at 5:30 as we gather by class inside to have a Mini-Gathering.  Please try to arrive before then.
Making Arrivals Safe and Happy This Week         
We can all work together to help your child get to their class smoothly.
  • Walk you child into school every day this week.  The teachers will be sitting at the door greeting the children.  If your child is hesitant, do the greeting with the teacher yourself.  Please stay in the hall so that the children can learn their routine for hanging up bags and washing hands with the teachers.
  • After you drop off your child or children on Monday or Tuesday, stop by Room 117 for a 5 minute presentation on using car line.  This is when you will receive your car line sign.
  • Use car line to pick up your child Monday, Tuesday and the rest of the week, so that we all learn together.
  • Use car line to drop off your child on next Monday, September 19 so that we all learn together.  Please be on time.
  • We have given you tags for your child's school bag so that we can more easily guide the children into their classrooms.

Yard Sale
    Mark your calendar for the Annual Yard Sale on Saturday, October 14. While purging your toys and clothes this summer, please consider saving them for the Yard Sale.  How can you help?
  • Save and donate gently used children's items (please no holes or stains).
  • Tell your friends we will take their items.
  • Store donated items in your garage or basement.
Got questions about the Yard Sale?  Contact your Jessica Campbell at bairjd@hotmail.com.
Mo, 9/11               Classes begin
Mo, 9/11               Pot-luck Picnic 5-6:30 pm
Mo, 9/18               Car Line begins for arrivals
Mo, 9/18               Add-on Lunch Bunch starts
Tu/Th, 9/19 & 21 Chapel
Th, 9/21                Preschool Parents Night, 7:30 pm
Fr, 9/22                 School closed, FCPS is closed
Th/Fr, 9/28 & 29  Gatherings
Mo, 10/9             School closed, Columbus Day Holiday 
Sa, 10/14               Preschool Yard Sale

New families might wonder, "What are Gatherings?"  Gatherings are the times when everyone in school gathers to wish other classes well, do our I Love You ritual of the month, welcome new children, celebrate birthdays and other special events.  Parents are always welcome, especially in the month when your child has a birthday.
Round and Round the Garden 
The concept of I Love You Rituals is new to many of you, but we hope these little rituals will become part of your life as they are part of ours at school.  As we work to create a School Family here, you can help us and strengthen your connections with your child by doing each month's I Love Ritual with him.  One that all of us are doing this month goes like this:


Hold your child's hand gently palm up. Draw circles with your index finger as you say: 

"Round and round the garden"

"Goes the Teddy Bear (or other animal)"






Walk your fingers up your child's arms as you say:

"One step, two step"


Give the gentlest tickle under the throat as you say:

 "Tickle under there."

As those who attended Conscious Discipline groups have heard, the important components of I Love You Rituals are Touch, Eye Contact, Presence and Playfulness.  These moments of connections are vital for brain development.  It is important for children and parents, children and teachers, and children with other children.
Note the procedure for 3's and 4's
Please read over the Parent Handbook about what to bring to school.  Send a set of clothing including socks in a zip-lock bag.  The teachers will keep these items in the classroom until needed.
Tuition Credit Voucher
If you do work for the preschool and wish to get credit for tuition, complete this form and attach it to your next tuition invoice and payment.  This
does not apply to volunteer activities with Parents Group.


Child's Name ___________________________________________


Work done _____________________________________________


Hours __________ X $12/hour = ___________________________