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Rhonda Musak, Acting Coach

As an acting coach, I help actors unlock the magic in their acting.
I cannot speak highly enough about Rhonda. Before working with Rhonda I was struggling with my confidence as an actor. She knows exactly what I need to focus on when I'm tripping myself up so I can get out of my own way.
~ Psacoya M. Guinn ~
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Time to dust off those books and get back to school!

We will be doing just that here at Art & Soul Acting as the Drop-In Acting Class will be back in session next Wednesday, September 14. Join us for soul-inspiring classes that will ground your technique and get you ready to tackle your fall projects with joy and mastery.

And if you want to dust off even more books, there are still 1+ reading weeks before we tackle the plays of Katori Hall for our next  Book Club for Actors meetings.  See details below.

And for you early planners, please see below for tentative Leap with Passion dates. So hard to believe that my end-of-the-year workshop will be 9 years old as we leap into 2017!

I always find it tough to say goodbye to summer, but I do look forward to kicking off a fabulous fall full of classes, coachings and acting projects.

Fire Island 2016 - #nofilter

Wishing you a great start to the fall season!


Rhonda Musak
Acting Coach
Acting class is the actor's laboratory and the Drop-In Acting Class at Art & Soul Acting is the place to play, explore, express and nail down your technique so that your next audition rocks it out of the park.

Class Structure
Each class begins with a brief warm-up so students can approach their work centered and focused. Actors then work on their material of choice in an individual work slot.

Work Slot Options
Actors may choose to work on any of the following: 
  • Monologues
  • Cold Readings for Film or Stage
  • Audition Process & Technique
  • Preparation for an Upcoming Audition
  • Exercises to Stretch the Actors Instrument
  • Scene Study
  • Preparation for an Upcoming Role
  • Acting Technique Breakdown for an Acting Issue
  • Get Unstuck Coaching  
DAY: Wednesdays
TIME: 6-10 PM
DATES: weekly
LOCATION: NYC Studio/Union Square Area
FEE: $55/class

For complete details & registration please visit:

If you've ever cringed because you've been asked about a play that you think you should have read, then the Book Club for Actors is your remedy.

The 34th Book Club for Actors will focus on the plays of: 
Katori Hall

Remaining Reading Weeks

The Book Club for Actors is offered twice. Please choose one of two meetings:

Monday, September 12, 7-9 PM
Saturday, September 17, 3-5 PM

East Village location will be e-mailed with RSVP confirmation.

Read plays from the following selection of Katori Hall's work:
  • The Mountaintop * (included in Plays I)
  • HooDoo Love (included in Plays I)
  • Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (inc. Plays I)
  • Hurt Village (included in Plays I)
  • Our Lady of Kibeho 
  • Children of Killers
So all participants are on the same page with at least one play, please be sure to read the play marked with an asterisk (*). And t
o ensure a robust conversation, participants are asked to read at least 3-4 plays.

Be ready to share what you have discovered about this amazing playwright so we can all learn and grow together!

For complete details & RSVP please visit:

Super charge the New Year with vision and focus. In this life-aligning, 5-hour workshop, participants create a plan for the year ahead...a plan that will stick.

Leap with Passion into 2016!!!
2016 Leap attendees will receive Leaps & Bounds -- a bite-sized monthly reminder to inspire deep integration of all the discoveries made during the Leap workshop. 

Please look for it in your e-mail inbox near the middle of each month.

Leap with Passion into 2017!!! - Tentative Dates :
Leap 2017 celebrates the 9th year of the annual 
Leap with Passion Workshop.
  • Wednesday, December 28, 2016 - Chicago
  • Saturday, January 7, 2017 - NYC
  • Saturday, January 14, 2017 - Online Live
  • Sunday, January 15, 2017 - NYC
  • TBA - Portland, ME
LOVE this workshop and will make it an annual MUST!  
~ Tiffany Hodges ~

Delve deeper into the craft and business of acting with articles that break it all down and build you up.

Despite your best intentions, have you abandoned a project? Here's hope to get growing again:

by Rhonda S. Musak
What do we do when we abandon an artistic endeavor we care about?

I abandoned my blog. I never meant to do it, it just sort of happened. Or I let it happen. Two years ago. My last posting in the Book That Job Blog was October 14, 2014. If you're reading this from the blog, it's just one page over. Ironically, the post is about getting things done and staying organized.

As this abandonment was happening I wanted it to not be happening ...

* * * * *

Feeling unconfident every once in a while is part of the life of an actor, but staying in that place isn't. Here's how to identify the problem so you can keep moving forward:

While I was on tour I was invited to dinner at the home of a tour-mate's friend. As we sat around the dinner table one of the hosts, a business guy, stated that he thought that actors were prone to prideful, self-arrogance because the actor, him or herself, was the subject of the art. He went on to say that business people, on the other hand, don't have that struggle because they're able to separate themselves from their work.

What!?!? I could hardly believe what I was hearing...

You've studied with me, you've booked the job -- now share the FAB news!

Kevin Cusick
Film:  Happy Birthday, Marsha
Performing the role of Ed

Alejandra Mia
Congrats on recent indie film casting.

Ellen Orchid
Congrats on performing in the TAPNYC Monologue Challenge.

Duvall O'Steen
Congrats on recent projects:
* The Motherline Story Project
* Stranger Than Fiction: A Slice of Life 

Duvall O'Steen
Theatre/Solo Show: THRIVE
developed & performed by Duvall O'Steen 
United Solo Theatre Festival
Monday, October 3 @ 9 PM 

Shade Rupe
Congrats on recent film/TV work:
* Orange is the New Black
* Falling Water
* The Three Christs
* Elementary
* Pepsi Commercial 

Julie Voshell
Theatre: Letters to Sala
The Museum of Jewish Heritage

Julie Voshell
Workshop: The Odyssey: A Return to Love

Gena West
Film: Who Ever Knew
Performing the role of Kim

Gena West
Film: You Gotta Be Shi$$ing Me
Performing the role of Irma 

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,
and paints his own nature into his pictures.
~ Henry Ward Beecher ~

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Rhonda S. Musak

Hone your Art. Feed your Soul.