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Holiday Calendar

Sept. 13- Eid-al-Adha
Feast of the Sacrifice - Abraham's willingness to Sacrifice his son.
Oct. 3 -  Hijra
Islamic New Year

Jewish High Holidays
  Oct. 3&4 -  Rosh HaShanah
  Oct. 12 - Yom Kippur
Oct. 17 - 23  Sukkot 
Feast of the Tabernacles
Oct. 25 -  Simchat Torah
Marks the conclusion of the cycle of the Torah reading and the beginning of a new cycle

* All Jewish & Muslim Holidays start on the preceding evening at sundown.

** Jewish Holy Days and Muslim Holy Days are determined by the lunar calendar. 

Save the Date
Nov. 2
MA Leaders Meeting
Nov. 6
Fall Gathering

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Voices from Abroad
Update from Louise Gramstrup

     When Louise heard about Daughters of Abraham, she wanted to  learn more. We seemed like an ideal group for her PhD dissertation in Religious Studies at the University of Edinburg.
She wrote to ask if she might meet us, visit some group meetings, talk to members, and learn about the mission of Daughters of Abraham . 
     We were delighted to be the subject of an international study and invited her to come. Many chapters offered to host her at group meetings and many members met Louise to tell her about their experiences as members of Daughters.
     Louise spent the better part of 2014 in the Boston area so that she could get to know us, attend meetings, ask questions, and gather information. She has been busy with studies and teaching, lecturing and finalizing her dissertation. Her expectation is to be finished in one more year.
     Louise recently contacted Mary Lou LoVecchio to bring her up to date on what she has been doing.
     After a summer visit with her family in Copenhagen, she will be returning to the university in September. This past Spring, Louise presented a paper about inter- religious dynamics, especially between Muslims vis-à-vis Jews and Christians in the Daughters of Abraham. In mid-September she will be speaking about Daughters of Abraham at the British Association for the Study of Religions.
     In Louise ' s words: " As I write about the group, I become increasingly aware of how unique it is ..." and " I wish that the compassionate, open, listening mentality of Daughters of Abraham was not so unique, but one held by most people ... maybe one day. It is encouraging to know that you are expanding. I do still dream of living and working in the U.S., preferably in the New England/Mid Atlantic area ... after finding a job and getting a visa. " Louise hopes to visit the Boston area soon.
     Those of us who have had the pleasure of getting to know Louise hope that she will do that. We look forward to reading her dissertation and to welcoming Dr. Louise Gramstrup to a Daughters of Abraham meeting. 

From England 
A former Member of Newton 2
Dear Sisters
     When I opened the newsletter I was overwhelmed by the rich contents.  The poems, and in particular Mona Khan's moving account of the Spiritual Retreat, offer such a powerful beacon of hope for unity at a time when (in Europe as well as your side of the Atlantic) the rhetoric is becoming horribly divisive in new ways, and people ... are making it OK for people to express and enact hate.  Your newsletter has reminded me powerfully of the strength of our voices, speaking back against this hatred.  Thank you!
     For the last 6 years I have been living back in my home country, England, in a rural area where there is no chance of belonging to or starting up an interfaith group like the chapter of Daughters of Abraham I attended in greater Boston.  I love still being in touch through email newsletters, so I hope I may remain on the list.  One day if I live in a more multi-faith environment I would love to start up a British chapter of DofA.
Thank you again,
Frances (Whistler)

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