No. 171                                                 Septembre / O ctobre 2017

Message from the President:
M. Silvia Bettega, Ed.D.
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En Alliance,
Upcoming Events events

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017
 Fall classes begin! (See article and listing below).
Sunday, September 24 , 2017 @ 10:30 AM. Visit to Springfield Art Museums

Saturday, September 30, 2017 @ 4:00 PM. 
Sur la Table, La Cuisine Francaise.  Date night - Autumn in Paris.

Saturday, September 9th and 23rd ; October 7th and 21st, 2017, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM. Café et conversation at Café Mozzicato, 329 Franklin Ave., Hartford. Join your Alliance Française friends on Saturday mornings for French conversation and socializing. This is a great opportunity to practice speaking French or to maintain fluency. All levels are welcome.

Sunday, October 15th @ 3:00 PM    More information to follow.
La place du français en Côte d'Ivoire

Saturday, October 21st @12:00 
Club de Lecture. 
Discussion en français de Chanson Douce par Leila Slimani (See article). 



Exciting Fall Course Offerings!



See the course listing below for fun and interesting options for French study this fall. AFH professors Jenny, Marianne, Yves and Dahmane are offering academic courses from beginner through advanced levels. Advanced offerings will also include "Les rois de France sur le petit et grand écrans" and AFH professor Sylvie will return with a new theater class, "Le petit monde de Gontran."


There is something for everyone at all levels! Email Linda at or call (860-278-9999) to register. 

110 Albany Tpke Suite 609
Canton, Ct. 
Do you like to cook? Do you like French food?
Join us for a demo and tasting in Canton, Ct. at "Sur la Tab
le" on Saturday, September 30, from 4:00 to 6:30.  Cost is $79 and you must register dire ctly with Sur la Table (Choosee Date Night - Autumn in Paris). Hands-on classes are limited to 16 students so do not delay in sendin g in your reservation! You can go online or reserve by phone:  800-243-0852

MENU:  Herbes Chèvre Souflé - Seared Salmon with Tarragon - Warm Potato and Leek Salad with Mustard - Chocolate Ganache Tartlets

What to expect:  Great cooking isn't about recipes - it's about techniques.  In our classes you'll work together with other students in a fun, hands-on environment led by our professional chef instructors.
  • Classes are for students 18 years and older and rune for 2 2/12 hours
  • You will work with other students in groups of 4.
  • You will be standing, cooking and working for most of the class
  • Please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and have long hair tied back.
  • You will enjoy a generous taste of every dish

Springfield Art Galleries
We can enjoy French paintings (18th and 19th century) very close to us in Springfield. Join us for a Sunday jaunt up Route 91. We will have a docent-led tour with some French, eat lunch together at the café and then free time to visit any of the five museums, including the recently opened Dr. Seuss Museum.   There are treasures to be found!

When: Sunday, September 24. Meet in Welcome Center at 10:30.
Where: 21 Edwards Street, Springfield, MA 01103. Park across the street from Museum Complex.
Cost: Pay when you arrive: Adults: $25, Seniors (60+): $16.50 (This is ticket for all five museums).
Reservations: Please call Linda Zabor, our Executive Director for headcount: 860-278-9999.

Plan du Jour:

10:30 A.M. Pay individually, get ticket bracelet, go to gift shop and restrooms. (Also reserve timed ticket for Dr. Seuss; I suggest 1:00 PM)
11:00 - 12:00 Docent led tour to three French galleries of D'Amour Museum of Fine Art
12:00 - 1:00 Café: Sandwiches, paninis and wraps (Average price: $5.00 - $7.00)
1:00 on your own to see The Science Museum and Planetarium, the Smith Museum, The Dr. Seuss Museum, the Wood History Museum or D'Amour Art.


                                      AFH Club de Lecture
  Prochaine réunion: 21 October 2017 Chanson douce par Leila Slimani; Parilla y Sabores Restaurant 342 Franklin Ave., Hartford (Pour plus d'information, addressez-vous à John Soares @

Chanson Douce  n'est pas un policier car on connaît le dénouement dès le début, et l'analepse commence très tôt dans le récit. Le roman est intéressant pour l'analyse psychologique des rapports entre le jeune couple bobo et la nounou qui leur devient petit à petit de plus en plus indispensable. Le roman a gagné Le Prix Goncourt en 2016. Leila Slimani est partie du Maroc à l'âge de 17 et s'est inscrite aux Sciences Po à Paris. Elle a gagné une renommée comme journaliste pour Jeune Afrique et a écrit son premier roman "Dans le Jardin de l'Ogre" en 2014.
Venez nous joindre pour une discussion passionante du livre.  Les prochains livres à discuter sont:

  Ru   Kim Thuy
Désolée, je suis attendue par Agnès Martin-Lugand.
En Voiture, Simone par Aurélie Valognes
Le Quatrième Mur par Sorj Chalandon
Le Rapport de Brodeck Philippe Claudel


On Friday morning, June 23, 2017, Sharon Straka and Christi Moraga represented the Alliance Française de Hartford
at the French Canadian ceremony: The Raising of the Quebec flag over the Connecticut State Capitol. This was for "La Fête Nationale Québec", also a celebration of Saint Jean Baptiste whose saint's day is the 24th.  

Since the American flag was at half-mast due to a fallen Connecticut soldier, the Quebec flag had to be hoisted to a slightly lower level. There were several speeches from French Canadian congressmen followed by the keynote by Monsieur Blanchette who recounted the Battle of Quebec of 1759. The ceremony was followed by a breakfast inside the Capitol cafeteria.

Class Schedule 2017 - 2018
Alliance Française of Hartford
75 Charter Oak Ave., Suite 1-202, Hartford, CT 06106
All our language classes offer an immersion experience in the French language. Students are encouraged to express themselves in French. Grammar is a tool, not a goal.
Fall semester dates: Tuesday, September 5, 2017 to Monday, November 13, 2017

Winter Session dates: Monday, November 27, 2017 to February 13, 2018
Tuition: $309 ($299 if registered before August 29 or before November 20)
All Class Hours: 5:45 - 7:45 pm at AFH offices

French 101- Tuesday
French 102- Wednesday
French 104- Wednesday
French 106- Monday
French 109- Monday
French 204- Wednesday
French 204- Thursday
French 308- Tuesday
Intermediate / Advanced
Les rois de France sur le petit et grand écrans- Thursday
Theater class: Le petit monde de Gontran - Thursday

French 101
In this French introductory class, you will learn basic language skills. You'll be able to introduce yourself, exchange greetings, say the alphabet, count, tell time, ask questions, use negation, make invitations; and talk about nationality, people, preferences, studies, days of the week, months, seasons, and dates.
Contacts, 8th edition, Valette/Valette, Houghton Mifflin Company
(Can be purchased at Amazon Secondary Sellers,, or other sources.)
(a) textbook                                                ISBN-10: 0-618-39578-4
(b) Student Activities Manual (SAM)           ISBN-10: 0-618-39580-6
Strongly recommended
(a) Student Activities Manual (SAM) audio CDs
(14 CDs in 2 sets of 7 CDs each)      ISBN-10: 0-618-39588-1
(a) In-text audio CDs (4 CDs)            ISBN-10: 0-618-39589-X
(b) Video DVD                                    ISBN-10: 0-618-39586-5
French 102
This course will continue the work of the 101. You will talk about personal objects, sports, music and places in your city. You will expand your use of descriptive adjectives and adjectives to describe personality. Grammar includes use of articles, possession, adjective agreement and placement, c'est / il est, aller with prepositions, the preposition chez and direction words.
Materials : See French 101
French 104

This course is a continuation of the 100 series. You will continue to construct simple sentences in the present and the past using passé composé (avoir and être). You will use dates to describe some vacation activities and movies.

Materials : See French 101
French 106

By the end of this course, you should be able to construct a correct sentence by complying with the dispute agreements and using it in different situations. Emphasis will be placed on past participles and the role of direct object complement in some of their agreements with the subject. Particular attention will also be given to the various complement and simple and complex sentences. It will be the same for the formation of the infinitive in a sentence; Which will inevitably lead us to be interest in semi-auxiliaries such aller, devoir, pouvoir, vouloir...... and reviewing to the prepositions. These chapters will be completed by a work on conjugation of the verbs essentially and occasionally reflexive and on the impersonal verbs. The work of enriching the vocabulary will be maintained at the same pace as in previous sessions. The ultimate goal of this course is to promote student expression.

In this continuing French class, you will learn more basic and intermediate language skills. You'll be able to talk about various events, sports, health, refer to places previously mentioned, describe daily routine, the body, personal relationships, feelings and emotions, interactions, different personalities, past events, how we do certain things, and rank people and things.You will learn to use the pronouns y and en, reflexive verbs, the verb ouvrir, recevoir, adverbs in -ment, the construction verbe + infinitif, ordinal numbers, when to use the passé composé vs. the imparfait, the plus-que-parfait.
Materials : See French 101
French 109

By the end of this course, you should be able to speak about professional life, car and train travel and vacation plans in general.  You will be able to speak in the present, past and future tenses.  Use of irregular verbs will be expanded.

Ordinal numbers, expressions of time and use of si and quand clauses with imparfait
and conditional will be taught.  You will learn formation of adverbs and review comparisons with adverbs. Use of conjugated verbs with infinitives will be expanded on, especially those
verbs that require à or de.
Materials:  See French 101
French 204
This course constitutes a revision of and reacquaintance with the grammatical principles presented in the first two years of French study, a furthering of the understanding of French phonology and pronunciation norms, conversational tactics and fluency in everyday situations, the ability to speak in the future, the conditional, and the past tenses, to express wishes, opinions and beliefs, to talk about work and professional life, to travel, and to interact more freely and with confidence in French society.  We will also delve deeper into our exploration of French cultural mores and the fascinating continuum of French history, arts, and entertainment, plus engage in spirited discussions of contemporary France.
A votre tour ! Intermediate French, 2nd Edition , Valette / Valette.
Houghton Mfflin Company or Wiley
Required : Textbook                         ISBN-10: 0-618-69315-7
Note: No workbook is necessary for this course, only the textbook.
French 308

Intrigue presents a unique mystery styled textbook to facilitate conversation and peer interaction through the discussion of the developing storyline of a Frenchman names Jean-Louis and a Québécoise student names Claire who meet in New Orleans in search of a rare manuscript. Advanced language skills will be presented. Students will review and reinforce previously acquired skills. There will be an emphasis on authentic cultural context: reinforcing communication skills by developing language acquisition, reading and speaking skills, and cultural awareness.
Course materials
Intrigue - langue, culture et mystère dans le monde francophone , 3rd edition,
Blood/Mobarek, Prentice Hall/Pearson Higher Ed
(a) textbook                                                      ISBN-13: 978-0-205-74132-8
(b) Student Activities Manual (SAM)                 ISBN-13: 978-0-205-74142-7
Audio for the text                                             ISBN-13: 978-0-205-78310-6
Audio for the Student Activities Manual (SAM) ISBN-13: 978-0-205-78311-3
Le petit monde de Gontran
In this advanced class, you will continue to perfect and enrich your French while enjoying a 2 act comedy in French written by our own Sylvie Hau. The story is a vaudeville that takes place in France during the summer of 1972. French actors and playwrights such as Louis de Funes, Pierre-Richard, Georges Feydeau and Molière have been the inspiration for this little comedy.
"Gontran de La Pâte Feuillettée is a well-bred and distracted fellow. His beautiful and demanding wife, his two unusual sisters and the confused family cat "Molière" know it all. During the 59 th Tour de France of July 1972, the whole family decides to embark on a long ride into Gontran's favorite car - an old shaky 2 CV Citroen - to spend their vacation near Bordeaux.
"They will never forget the ride..."
Les Têtes Couronnées sur le petit et le grand écrans

Les rois de France sur le grand et le petit écrans Dans le sillage de notre session consacrée aux dirigeants français, il serait intéressant de voir quel traitement le 7e art avait consacré aux souverains français. Ce choix aura pour avantage de lever le voile sur un aspect particulier de la relation du cinéma au pouvoir en France ; dimension souvent passée sous silence à défaut d'être totalement méconnue. Pourtant, depuis qu'en 1938, le réalisateur américain W. S. Van Dyke avait porté à l'écran le long-métrage Marie-Antoinette avec Norma Shearer dans le rôle de la Reine et John Barrymore dans celui de Louis XVI, beaucoup de films dédiés aux têtes couronnées ont animé les petit et grand écrans. Si Versailles m'était conté (1953), La reine Margot (1994), Le Roi danse (2000), La Mort de Louis XIV (2016)... en sont quelques un des exemples. Les acteurs français les plus talentueux s'y sont prêtés au jeu. Ainsi, entre autres, on retrouve Coluche dans le rôle roi Dagobert, Daniel Auteuil dans celui d'Henri IV, Jean Marais interprétant Louis XV, Jean-Pierre Léaud habité par Louis XIV ... Ce cours aura pour avantage d'associer les méthodes d'interventions classiques aux moyens audiovisuels. Plusieurs films, dont des classiques seront visionnés.

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