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Store Specials
Grand Cru - September Wines of the Month

Red Wines - Cabernet Sauvignon and Vieux Chateau du Roi
White Wines - Riesling and Chamblaise

$20 Off  -  On Site Wine-making Deal - Make it here and save money!
$10 Off  - Cash and Carry Deal - Make it at home and still save money.

Regular Prices vary from $70-$75.

Make them here at the On-Site Winery and your prices will be as low as $3.65/bottle (for 30 bottles)  These kits can be ready in only 4 weeks.  It's fast, convenient, and affordable.  Let us do all the hard work for you!

Offer valid until Sept 30th! Tell a friend!

Fruit Wine Sale - Held Over!

Orchard Breezin' Fruit Wines:
  • Banana Pineapple Paradise
  • Cranberry Craze
  • Cranapple Celebration
  • Green Apple Delight
  • Blueberry Bliss
$40 each (regularly $60 - save $20), while supplies last, supplies limited - Act now!   September Bonus - Free labels too!

Note:  At our On Site Winery we can make any of the Orchard Breezin' kits and have them ready for you in as little time as 2 weeks!  Ask us for details.

Offer valid until Sept 30! Tell a friend!

...and something for the Beer Brewers...

Hop Sale!!!!

50% off Prairie Gem Hops (Manitoba grown)  Leaf Hops 1 oz (Cascade, Centennial, Goldings, Hallertau, Tettnang)

Regularly $5.00 - Now $2.50

Offer valid while supplies last, so act now!

RQ Wines 2017 Announced!

Each year our Restricted Quantities brand offers craft winemakers the opportunity to make truly outstanding wines from grapes grown in world-renowned winemaking regions.

This year we bring you "Le Château Noblesse" -crafted from the original noble grapes of France - these are classic French wines worthy of the most discerning wine cellar.  Craft winemakers often seek out new wine experiences from regions around the world.  But no matter what other wines we fall in love with, like old friends, we always go back to the original noble varieties of France: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

The Wines for 2016-2017
  • L'age de l'Elegance  -  France Cabernet Sauvignon  -  Release date December 2016
  • L'âge de la Grace  -  France Chardonnay  -  Release date January 2017
  • L'âge du Luxe  -  France Merlot  -  Release Date February 2017
  • L'âge de la Vaillance  -  France Sauvignon Blanc  -  Release Date March 2017

The RQ 2017 Order Process
All RQ2017 releases will only be available for pre-order from Sept. 1 to Nov. 1.  Officially, the RQ program will be closed to orders on November 2nd and the supplier then takes our order to manufacture only enough kits to fulfill the quantity ordered.  We strongly suggest to our customers that they get their requests in early to guarantee delivery of their chosen wines.   Grape & Grain will usually order a few spares, but sometimes these all get bought up early.  There is no certainty you will get your kit if ordered after November 2nd.

When each of the RQ kits is released, one a month from December through March, the kits will automatically ship to stores where they will be available for pick up or In-Store production.  We will contact you as soon as they arrive (usually between the 7th and 15th of the month).
The Deal.
2016-2017 marks the 1st year that the RQ's can be made for you right here.  Why not let our In-Store Winemaking facility be the birthplace of these awesome new wines?  It's easy and convenient.

Pricing on the RQ kits is as follows:
  • Purchase any 1 kit - Price is $140 each
  • Purchase any 2 or 3 kits - Price is $135 each - Mix and match and save $5 on each kit.
  • Purchase any 4 kits or more - Price is $130  each - Mix and match and save $10 on each kit.
All kits come with unique labels to identify your wine and the vintage.  Shrink tops will also be included.

In-Store Winemaking Bonus - Each RQ kit brewed in house will earn you a $20 gift certificate valid towards your next (non RQ) kit brewed in house.  Make all 4 kits and you will earn $80, which you can combine to essentially get a 5th kit for free.

For full details on the wine descriptions, as well as info on the special oak, yeasts and grapeskins included with the kits please visit our website.

Email or call us to sign up - Deadline November 1st 2016!

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