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Texas Bottle Bill
September Update
Texas PTA Sees the Benefit$ of Refundable Deposit$
One reason refundable deposits have TxPTA support is the easy fund raising opportunities it can provide for every school in Texas. elem school can drive
Burchett Elementary 
(Spring, TX) experienced this phenomenon first hand last year. Watch the VIDEO to see how they struck it rich turning containers into cash one nickel at a time! 
The Texas Bottle Bill applauds Texas Teachers, Bus Drivers, Support Staff and the Texas PTA. The Texas PTA includes over 500,000 parents, educators, students and community members joining hands to advocate for children!
Click here to learn more about the TexasPTA. And remember, school's in sessions; please k
eep your eyes open, phones off, and slow down.
Mother Nature is Under Attack
Dallas' beloved White Rock Creek suffers from beverage container pollutants (as well as other floatables) that do NOT belong there. The problem is highlighted in D Magazine's article Mother Nature Called. She Wants Her Creek Back.
We admire and salute such volunteer cleanup efforts, but note "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Currently, too many Texans allow items to blow out of truck beds, or leave containers behind at parks, or carelessly toss their empties by the roadside. This problem cries out for a long term solution. Refundable Deposits is the nickel solution to beverage container pollution!
Warsaw Groupers' Bottle Belly  
Capt Jeff Gerrans (Cha Ching Offshore Fishing Charters) recently pulled this bottle filled grouper out of the coastal waters Freeport, Tx. What lies beneath our Gulf waters needs fix'en from above.
A nickle solution would curtail this
marine pollution.
TxDOT Sees the Problem
The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has concluded it's 2013 Visible Litter Study. The survey, done every 4 years, found both nullpositives and negatives.  The Texas Bottle Bill team salutes TxDOT for its in depth documentation of what's on our roadways, heading for Texas' waterways. Of particular interest is the highlighted statement "Littered beverage containers (especially beer cans, water bottles, and soda cans) were a larger component of Visible Litter (items larger than two square inches) than normally found in statewide litter surveys, but were reduced substantially since 2009."  Let's push for the 5� solution!

Resource Recycling Reports the Surprising Facts
Contrary to some popular myths, the recycling industry is a bigger economic driver than some folks may think. Consider this report (on data pulled straight from the American Chemical Council and The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries): null
  • Plastic resin industry generates $87.1 billion in revenue. 
  • Scrap recycling industry enjoys $87.4 billion in output.
  • Plastic resin industry employs 54,900 people directly and their supply chains generate an additional 342,800 jobs.
  • Scrap recycling employs more than 460,000 employees directly and indirectly.
  • The scrap recycling industry generate nearly $4 billion in state and local government revenues.
Add billions of Texas beverage containers to our state's recycling industry, and Texas could win similar economic benefits. In short, Refundable Deposits are a "win win" for industry, waterways, roadways, marine life, municipalities responsible for storm water management, schools and other non profits needing funds!
World News - BBC report will turn your stomach  null
A marine expert featured on a
BBC ­documentary reveals that over time the plastic from our polluted oceans has entered the food chain; and that plastic is now lodged in human stomachs.
Looking Forward:
Here is where we will be in the coming months.  Come out and visit!

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