Can you believe that the summer is going by so quickly?    Its still super hot here, but it feels like the summer should just be getting started.  The culmination of my summer was the eclipse - we drove a few hours north so I could see the full eclipse and I was just really blown away by it.  But, of course, my little iPhone camera couldn't handle it so no photos, sorry.

I did get photos of the Toho Challenge from this year- I scored a kit at Bead & Button in June and just now got it complete. It isn't up for sale yet, but I love it. One of my favorite things about the challenges are when the color palettes are new for me.  Last year Rochelle introduced me to the Toho semiglazes with the challenge and a few years beforehand Kim taught me how lovely wine and olive are together. So...this year is blue and champagne. With fringe, of course.

Also with plenty of fringe and in my "usual" color palette of purple and green, a piece that I've had planned for nearly a decade.  It has a centerpiece reproduction by one of my very favorite painters (Waterhouse), a bead crocheted rope on handdyed silk and tons of fringe.  Right now it is available by request only. Just email me.
I decided this summer was a great time to really go through all my art supplies.  I have SO MANY.  I organized and re-organized.  I spent the summer loading clearance onto Etsy.  And then I made lampwork beads and put them up onto Etsy too.  Flower beads now have their own section.  I also have spacers and bracelet sized beads in my shop.  There are a few new dragons including a few sculptures and I moved the collaborative critter beads into my shop to make it easier on you.   I've put the links below.

I finished reworking my old tutorials, and to celebrate put them on sale for a few days on Etsy - 25% off all patterns in the loomwork, peyote stitch and reworked patterns sections.  Sorry, the new patterns aren't on special.  Just check out my Etsy Shop and look for the sections marked SALE.

I have plenty of other Etsy updates below. Also, 2018 is now full for classes.  I'm scheduling 2019.  

Don't forget to email  me i f you have requests and/or questions.     Love, Hannah


* New Lampwork Beads!
* Flowers (they have their own section now)!  You can find them here.
* Dragons and Critters.  Some shells as well as dragons are here.

* New Large Scale Necklaces and Beaded Pendants
Along with finishing up my tutorial updates and releasing new ones, I've been having all kinds of fun finishing up pendants and necklaces that have long been in the planning stage.  There are a few new large scale some, as well as some samples for the tutorials and some new pendants that are looking for their forever homes.  You can find them here.

* Beading and Lampworking Books
Its time to really clean out my studio and make room for all the new stuff I have planned.  So, I've loaded up books in my clearance sections. 
*Beading Books including some in Japanese are here (with the clearance beading items).
*Lampworking Books are available here (along with a few tutorials I wrote myself).

* Beading Clearance
I keep finding things and throwing them into my "Beading Supplies" clearance category on Etsy.  By the time I release this little newsletter, I don't know what I'll have found and listed but most of them are one of a kind items I've been hoarding and so the section changes as I find new things.  You can see what I currently have here.   Also, be sure to check out the Toho Beads section here and the Czech Pressed Glass beads section here.  

* Silk & Chain Steampunk Necklace - beginning level beading tutorial
Just one this time round!  A free version is available on my Good River Gallery site (link below) but this version has more details, more suppliers, more links to online videos to make your own supplies, more photos, more diagrams, more fringe and... a big weird fiber flower.  You can find it here, but the actual necklace is also available (link above).  
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