Important Reminder!
Remember!  All students must log in to their courses through
DO NOT log in directly through Buzz. Students  will not receive credit for coursework they complete when logging into classes this way. Make sure that you have not bookmarked Buzz. Always log into your courses through 
A Message from the Superintendent
October is National Bullying Prevention Month and we are very proud that VCS Ohio is a Bully Free School. October is also National Pizza Month, so ... eat pizza!
You are doing a great job of logging all of your offline and out-of-class hours. Continue to put in your offline and out-of-class hours so we can make sure you get credit for all of the hard work you are doing. Offline and out-of-class hours include time spent watching educational videos, attending Blackboard sessions, communicating with your teachers (texts, e-mails, phone calls, etc...), completing worksheets, going on field trips, doing practice work on other websites, and many other things.
We are almost halfway through the 1st semester at VCS Ohio, so make sure you are keeping up in your classes. With the holidays coming, the remainder of the semester will go very fast. Contact your teachers regularly. Good luck!
Fall Fun & Field  Trips!

9399 Morse Rd.
Pataskala, OH 43062
K-3rd Grade Field Trip 
Plan to arrive between 11:30 and 11:45 am.  
The tour will last 1 hour. 
Cost: $6/per person.  ( Parent's/chaperone's and other family members are also required to pay $6.)
*At least one parent/chaperone must attend with each student.  
On the tour we will:
  • Ride a tractor-driven wagon to Lynd's outdoor classroom
  • Learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin
  • Listen to the story of Spookley the Square Pumpkin (the official "spokesperson" for PACER's National Bully Prevention Program)
  • Enjoy a sample of Apple Cider
  • Explore the pumpkin patch
  • Pick: 1 pumpkin, 2 ears of Indian Corn and 3 Gourds
  • All students will receive a complimentary coloring activity book complete with Lynd Fruit Farm coupons to be redeemed during a future visit!
Sign Up by October 12th with Mrs. Kim Colvin 
through school email, by phone, or by clicking here.
For more information on Lynd's Fruit Farm,  Click Here.

The Circleville Pumpkin Show!
Wednesday, October 19th

Students - Get your FREE VCS t-shirt and a tour of the show by meeting at 10 am at:
Circleville Community United Methodist Church
120 N. Pickaway Street
Circleville, Ohio 43113 

Enter through the Pickaway St. door with the 
"Pumpkin Pie Crew" Sign!
Win A Free Ride Armband for the Day!*
Connect with VCS_Ohio on social media and tell us your favorite thing about VCS or what you are most excited to see at The Pumpkin Show! 
Post on our Facebook page, Tweet @VCS_Ohio, or make a public Instagram post with #VCS_Ohio  and  #whatiloveaboutfall. 
The first 20 students to post get a FREE RIDE ARMBAND!
*Armbands are good 10 am to 4 pm.
Enjoy festival favorites, including:
  • The Giant Pumpkin weigh-in -
    • Last year's winner was a 1,666 lb. pumpkin!
  • Lindsey's Bakery - Giant Pumpkin Pie 
    • 6 ft. in diameter!
  • Little Miss Pumpkin Show Parade 
    • 3:30 pm
  • Giant Pumpkin Sculpting 
    • by Gus the Squash Carver
  • Every Pumpkin-flavored food you can imagine!
Career Exploration and Counseling for K-12

The purpose of this program is to expose students to several career areas, complete career interest surveys to match them to potential jobs, and allow them to explore these matches while building a career portfolio.

Life Skills Coaching Groups
Life Skills Coaching Groups are starting back up for this school year! The first two that will be available are Success for Teens and Social Thinkers.
This year, Mrs. DePompei will be running groups for students in grades K-3 and 9-12 and Mrs. Kile will be running groups for students in grades 4-8. Your student can sign up for the group of their choice and view group descriptions by  Clicking Here
Poster Contest: Constitution Day

Celebrate Constitution Day by designing a poster showing how you benefit from the freedoms embodied in the U.S. Constitution. Entries must be postmarked by October 1, 2016. Winners will be announced on on November 11, 2016. Each winner will receive a Constitution commemorative coin with the Grand Prize winner also receiving a $100 cash award. 
Earth Science Week Contests
Creating videos, photography, visual arts, writing essays... if your student excels in any of these areas, check out these Earth Science Week Contests for a chance to win $300 and a copy of AGI's The Geoscience Handbook!
Grades 6-9:
Essay contest -
"Sharing and Caring for Our Geoheritage" 
Photography contest -
"Our Heritage in Earth Systems"
Grades K-5:
Visual Arts contest -
"Seeing Earth Heritage" 
Teams of Students and Educators:
One Shared Place
 video contest - 
30- to 90-second original video that tells viewers about an outdoor place that is special to them
Video Contests
Cyberbullying Video Contest
2016-17 NO BULL Global Video Contest Begins October 10, 2016! Students ages 13-23 can submit videos to inspire change on important issues like:  Bullying, Violence, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, LGBT, Inequality, Suicide, Internet & Gaming Addiction and Obesity. Short Film: 2-5 minutes OR PSA: 30-60 seconds.
Take Action Video Contest
High school students have a chance to win up to $2,500 in college scholarships!  Do you enjoy shooting and editing short videos? If so, put your creativity and consumer knowledge to the test and enter this contest by December 9th.  
Cincinnati Events
Kids & Family Expo
Check out our table, complete with a prize wheel and VCS swag! Staff will be there to answer any questions you may have.    *Presented by Cincinnati Family Magazine
Saturday, November 12th 10:00am-2:00pm
Mason Community Center
6000 S Mason Montgomery Rd
Mason, OH 45040
After School @ Fountain Square   
This event will run for a total of 14 days (M-Th) beginning  October 31st & ending  November 22nd 
We will have a staffed table with VCS prizes on the following dates:
Wednesday, November 2nd   *    Thursday, November 10th   *    Tuesday, November 15th
*50 vouchers will be given out to current VCS students and families to go ice-skating at the event!
Student Spotlight: Sarah Howells' Rube Goldberg Device
Mr. Foglesong asked his students to tell someone about something they learned in his class. Sarah Howells told her younger brother about Rube Goldberg devices - contraptions that are deliberately over-engineered to complicate what should be simple tasks.
Rather than simply drawing one, as her assignment called for, Sarah and her brother decided to actually create one!
"My little brother, Sam, is really impressed by Rube Goldberg devices ever since he and I built one two weeks ago for Physical Science. He may not have understood exactly how all of the energy conversions worked (I mean, he is only seven), but he did think the Rube Goldberg device was really cool and decided he would make a bunch of his own. Though less complex than the one we built together, his were really cool too, and he made it a point to tell everyone he showed it to that it was 'for science'."
Click Here to see their device. Way to go Sarah and Sam!    
Lupa & Miah
Lupa and Miah, our school mascots, are loving the sunny weather we've been having!
September Calendar Events
Mon., Oct. 17th
11:30 am - 1 pm
Lynd's Fruit Farm Tour
Pataskala, Ohio
Mon., Oct. 17th 
6:30 pm 
Wed., Oct. 19th
10 am - 4:30 pm
VCS Pumpkin Show Meet-Up
Circleville, Ohio
Mon., Oct. 31st
2 pm - 5 pm
After School @ Fountain Square
Cincinnati, Ohio

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