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Happy Eid al-Adha to all those celebrating today.

And welcome back from your holidays if you have now returned from your summer break.  We hope you are well rested and ready for the new season.

As you will see from the many events listed below (make sure you scroll down to the bottom and  click to view the entire email), Middle Eastern art is flourishing!  

In addition to exhibitions, biennials, and auctions, we have a new section listing opportunities for artists as well as our regular art market and inspiration features.  Enjoy.  

Diana Al-Hadid_ Liquid City
24 February to 24 September, 2017
San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, USA

The exhibition unpacks the artist's creative process by bringing together related works and primary source materials. For example, a reprinted folio of Nolli's map and works on paper by old masters offer points of entry into the interwoven intricacies of Al-Hadid's thinking. Avoiding literal translation, Al- Hadid radically takes visual elements from her source materials out of context by reassembling and then fusing them into new narratives. This interest in displacement stems in part from the artist's own immigrant experience.
Rayyane Tabet

Ah, my beautiful Venus!  is presented as part of  Para | Fictions , a cycle of sustained investigations taking as its focus the relationship between literature and visual art through the practice of ten artists; Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff, Mark Geffriaud, Laure Prouvost, Oscar Santillan, Dineo Seshee Bopape, Lucy Skaer and Rayyane Tabet. Each project on display presents a different artistic methodology, constituting a combination of each artist's visual interests and literary underpinnings, to seek the viability of repositioning 'reference' as 'form', 'translation' as 'co-authorship'.
Faig Ahmed
4 August to 22 September, 2017
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, USA

Internationally renowned Azerbaijani artist  Faig Ahmed is among a new wave of contemporary creatives expanding the conventional notion of craft.  Ahmed is best known for utilizing the traditional decorative craft of carpet-making to create contemporary sculptural works of art. He explores fresh new visual forms that challenge our perception of traditions through iconic cultural objects.
Matisse in the Studio
5 August to 12 November, 2017
Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

Step into the studio of Henri Matisse, brimming with the artist's treasured objects. Focusing exclusively on their important role in his work for the first time, we will reveal how this eclectic collection took on new life in his transcendent art.
Cities Of Conviction
25 August, 2017 to 6 January, 2018
UMOCA (Utah Museum of Contemporary Art), Utah, USA

In partnership with the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture and CULTURUNNERS,  Cities of Conviction is an exhibition of contemporary art from Saudi Arabia. While the artworks have been curated by UMOCA, this exhibition and program are part of a ten-city cultural tour with the United States.
The exhibition presents works from artists who are engaged in looking at the struggle and transformations of Saudi society, and who delve into complex issues linking Utah and Saudi Arabia, such as natural resources, pilgrimage and tension surrounding commercial development around cultural heritage sites.
Jerusalem Lives
27 August to 15 December, 2017
The Palestinian Museum, Birzeit, Palestine

The  exhibition will attempt to study and examine the city of Jerusalem as a case study, a microcosm or condensed laboratory that metaphorically represents globalization and its failures, and to find answers that inspire us to struggle for a better future. Veering away from stereotypical clichés that mark the city, between the polarities of the nostalgic, the holy or the nationalistic, this exhibition will expose the deep-set neoliberal colonial and imperial challenges the city of Jerusalem and its people are facing.
Merna Liddawi_ Revelation
31 August to 29 September, 2017
Asia House, London, UK

Merna Liddawi's small and beautifully crafted paintings  act as a kind of palimpsest (from the Greek,palímpsēstos , to be scraped clean and used again) in the sense that they reveal nuanced layers of pigments, encaustic elements and swirling marks made from thread dropped onto the paint surfaces, then removed to leave the negative imprint of  their existence. Yet at the same time, there is a sense of simultaneously layering and of an erasure, of a stripping away of materials.
5 September to 22 October, 2017
American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington DC, USA

I AM is a peacebuilding touring exhibition organised by CARAVAN Arts and curated by Janet Rady that premiered in Amman, Jordan under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah involving 31 of the Middle East's premier contemporary women artists that promotes and celebrates the many accomplishments of Middle Eastern women in shaping our world into a peaceful and harmonious one. 

After a successful exhibition at St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, the inaugural US stop of the tour will be at the Katzen Arts Center in Washington DC. 
Terra Mediterranea_ In Action
5 September to 25 November, 2017
NiMAC (Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre) and Pafos Medieval Castle, Cyprus

A major contemporary art exhibition, an international conference and a series of parallel actions with the participation of a great number of artists from Cyprus and abroad.
Terra Mediterranea: In Action  aims at detecting, investigating and presenting the reflections of contemporary artists on today's universal landscape of economic, political, religious, social, but also deeply existential crisis of identity, especially as viewed through "Mediterranean" eyes, from both a political and a poetic stance.
Hicham Benohoud
13 September to 29 October, 2017
Maison Européenne De La Photographie, Paris, France 

Dans le cadre de la deuxième Biennale des photographes du monde arabe contemporain, la Maison Européenne de la Photographie accueille trois artistes : Hicham Benohoud, Farida Hamak et Xenia Nikolskaya. Issus du monde arabe, résidant dans leur propre pays ou s'exprimant depuis un autre rivage, ces photographes sont fédérés par la volonté de témoigner de la réalité des pays arabes, dans un dialogue des sensibilités et des cultures.
Biennale des photographes du monde arabe contemporain
13 September to 12 November , 2017
Various locations across Paris, France

L'Institut du Monde Arabe et la Maison Européenne de la Photographie présentent la deuxième édition de la Biennale des photographes du monde arabe contemporain qui ouvrira le 13 septembre 2017. Fortes du succès rencontré par la première édition en 2015, les deux institutions poursuivent l'exploration de la création photographique contemporaine dans cette région du monde.
Mehdi-Georges Lahlou - Behind The Garden
14 September to 5 November, 2017
Le Botanique, Bruxelles, Belgium

On the occasion of his exhibition at the Botanique, Lahlou creates an unusual garden in the space of the Museum. It represents a personal paradise, his own projection of "Jannah", in which he cultivates the ambiguity so typical of his work. You can wander through busts with their extraordinary headgear - hourglasses full of couscous, fonts of cinnamon - or past intriguing, faceless madonnas. Balancing, fragile or perishable, his works interrogate their own future and their potential erasure. This air of transience accompanies the thoughtful stroll to which the artist invites us.
Picnic_ Iranian Style
15 September to 20 November, 2017
Golestan Palace Museum, Tehran, Iran

This exhibition is unique in that it addresses for the first time, from a historical, artistic and scientific angle, the long tradition of picnicking in Persian culture, a tradition that is documented in various artistic productions, such as ceramic tiles, miniatures, textiles and carpets, various handicrafts and photographs.
16 September to 12 November , 2017
Istanbul, Turkey

Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), curated by the artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset and entitled "a good neighbour", the 15th Istanbul Biennial deals with multiple notions of home and neighborhoods. Shaped by 40 questions developed by the curators, the 15th Istanbul Biennial invites visitors to explore exhibitions installed in six venues within walking distance. The venues include four traditional biennial spaces - Istanbul Modern, the Galata Greek Primary School, Pera Museum, and Küçük Mustafa Pasa Hammam - and two residential venues: the ARK Kültür Center in the Cihangir district and an artist collective's studio in the Asmalımescit district. 
Stealing from the West -  Cultural Appropriation as Postcolonial Retaliation
20 September to 10 December, 2017
Academy of the Arts of the World, Cologne, Germany

The group exhibition combines examples of artistic and non-artistic daredevil shoplifting, brand counterfeiting, and looting. Consumerism is radicalized through theft; appropriation becomes a conscious artistic strategy for the disenfranchised and the marginalized; it mimics the oppressing power and claims the right to its aesthetics and technologies in an instinctive attempt of the dispossessed to regain their freedom.
Walid Raad
22 September to 15 October, 2017
50th steirischer herbst 2017, Graz, Austria

Phileas is supporting the commission of a new performance work and an exhibition by the acclaimed Lebanese artist Walid Raad for the 50 thanniversary edition of steirischer herbst.
Raad's artwork has been presented at Documenta, Kassel (in 2002 and 2007), Whitney Biennial (2000 and 2002), Venice Biennale (2003), the Kitchen, New York (2006) and the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (2006), and numerous other museums and venues in Europe, the Middle East and North America.
Pop Art from North Africa
22 September to 4 November, 2017
P21 Gallery, London, UK

The 'Pop Art from North Africa' will put together for the first time and under the P21 Gallery roof, the artworks of fourteen creative individuals from North Africa who are all inspired by the Pop Art movement. 
Every country in the region is represented, including artists from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya as well as their diasporas living in Europe. In the style of one of the 20th century's most influential movements that was spearheaded by Eduardo Paolozzi and Richard Hamilton in 1950s Britain, the works tackle the social, political and cultural environments unique to North Africa.

14 to 17 September, 2017
Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) and Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC), Turkey

The 12th edition of the fair will include artworks from both established and emerging galleries, bringing a regional and international focus to the dynamic contemporary art scene in Istanbul.
Notable for its unique position both geographically and culturally, Contemporary Istanbul prides itself on bringing together galleries, artists and collectors from Turkey, the Caucasus, the Black Sea, Russia and the Middle East, as well as from Europe, America and Asia.
21 to 24 September, 2017
BIEL (Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center), Lebanon

The 2017 edition of BEIRUT ART FAIR will offer an exceptional and innovative program that confirms Beirut's role as one of today's most vibrant centers of contemporary creation.
BEIRUT ART FAIR is the leading platform for the discovery of new artists, trends, galleries, institutions, and publications from the ME.NA.SA., thus representing a principal catalyst for artistic development of the region.
23 to 27 November, 2017

The Dubai based on line Middle Eastern auction will comprise works by Emirati, Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi, Syrian, Saudi-Arabian, Iranian, Turkish artists including other surrounding countries and diaspora artists from this region.  Lots from the auction will be on view in Abu Dhabi and Dubai prior to the sale. 

To find out more about the sale or if you would like a free auction appraisal of your art works, please email us with images and the details. 
Write for Art UK

Art UK is the online home for every public collection in the UK. Featuring over 200,000 oil paintings by some 38,000 artists.

Art UK is on a mission to open up the UK's art collection and to seek out unique content that
tells the story of the collection from as many different perspectives as possible, and in particular is keen to promote the voices of artists from the Middle East.
If you are an artist and would like to write for Art UK about any of the artists, artworks or venues on  artuk.org please contact  Alice Payne.
ArtePrize 2017
Submissions deadline: 11:59pm, 
1 October, 2017
Delfina Foundation, London, UK

ArtePrize 2017 is an exciting new art prize which is awarded by ArteVue and the Delfina Foundation. With a prize of US$15,000 and a 3 month artist residency at the Delfina Foundation in London, it's the first significant global young artist prize you can enter through an App. The ArtePrize is non-profit and specifically aimed at young emerging artists aged 18 to 30. To enter, simply download ArteVue App and upload your work by 1 October 2017.

In this age of digital media and search for innovation, we tend to overlook our artistic forebears and what in their time was cool and trending. In a throw back to the art of the still life, we look at how this genre is still relevant and inspirational today.   

History of the Still Life Painting


Master Project - L_onard de Vinci

Sylvain Tremblay documentary follows the painter and art history professor as he discovers the works of the Italian Renaissance artist.
To make his students more interested in art history, professor Sylvain Tremblay came up with a novel idea: to make a documentary film about Leonardo Da Vinci.
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