Saint Bonaventure Alumni Update 
 Winter Edition, 2016 
Hello Alumni -
To all those who gave to our Annual Fund during our Fall Drive, thank you. Your support allows us to invest in vital technology and build a stronger campus. If you have not had the opportunity to support our Annual Fund, please consider giving a gift today.
In a few short months the 50th Graduating Class will walk across the stage to become Saint Bonaventure Alumni. They will join the ranks of business owners, military officers, doctors, judges, actors, singers, professional athletes, teachers, and public servants who got their start on our campus.
This makes us proud. You, as alumni, provide inspiration to our campus.
To celebrate this, and strengthen the bond between past and present students, we will be creating a new Alumni Association.  
We will be formally announcing this new venture next week with more details and information on how to take part.  Until then, we are seeking interested Alumni to take leadership positions and to represent their classes.
Thank you, 
Andrew Peake
Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations
(805) 648-6836 ext. 118
Campus Updates:

Leadership Academy
Saint Bonaventure's Leadership Academy will provide students with practical leadership training through an innovative and creative program, challenging ownership of learning, and a mastery of leadership competencies including: situational leadership, public speaking, planning, program management, and social responsibility. 
The first of it's kind in Ventura County, SBLA is currently accepting applications for the first cohort. 

The 24th Annual Einstein, Wine and Brew Event was a tremendous success - thank you to all who attended. 
Coach Dawn is currently hard at work planning our annual Fiesta - to be held May 1st. Any and all are welcome to attend to enjoy BBQ, games, live music and much more. 
We are currently seeking sponsors and musical acts to perform -  we would love to have alumni come out and perform at this great event.

Alumni Updates:

Sister Mary Joanne
We are saddened by the loss of Sister Mary Joanne Furey - who taught Math and Computer Science at SBHS from 1984 to 2006. She is fondly remembered by many former students and colleagues. 

1976 Reunion
The Class of 1976 will be holding their reunion on September 4th of this year, with more details to come. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Fellowship of Christian Athletes is seeking SBHS Alumni to share their Christian Testimony. Meetings are every Thursday at lunch (11:45 AM). All students are invited to attend, making this one of our most popular clubs. Please contact FCA Advisor Bob Hahn if you have any questions at, or (805) 648-6836 x 122. 

Paul Dufresne
Congratulations to Paul Dufresne ('12) for winning the prestigious W. Oren Parker Undergraduate Scene Design Award. 

Planning a Reunion? Have something to share with your fellow Alumni? Let us know! 
Alumni Interview: Ashley Hansen, Class of 2008

Ashley Hansen ('08) is over 8,000 miles from home, quite literally on the other side of the world. She lives and works in Bamenda, North West Region, Cameroon. Her goal is simple - she want to make a difference in the health of the people of that area.
She has spent time as a librarian, and is now working for the Archdiocesan Health Office helping educate health care workers, organize malaria, hygiene and safe water campaigns and caring for the sick. She is sharing her adventures on her blog: and was nice enough to answer a few questions via e-mail. 
What drove you to Christian Service?
I heard the call to service at an early age. I remember being five or six and falling in love with the study of disease. I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to service. I researched hundreds of programs including the Peace Corps, Maryknoll, JVC, and Lay Mission Helpers. I was working in a Christian high school in Appalachia when I decided on applying to Maryknoll and Lay Mission Helpers.  It's one of the oldest Catholic lay mission programs, started at a time when the Catholic Church saw mission as a calling of religious men and women. I was drawn to the organization's history, morals, established support, but mostly, I was drawn to the inclusiveness, the way the program directors have taken a personal interest in all of us.
Do you have any advice to current or former Seraphs about overseas work?
Do it. You don't have to serve long term, but spend a few weeks. Break out of your comfort zones. Experience something completely different. Overseas work is scary. You leave behind your family and are dropped into a new place, a new culture and a new life. Some days, I sit in my house with no power and no water, knowing I have to go to the market, and I think, I could go home. No one would look at me any differently, but that's not true. I would look at me differently. I would live with the decision to give up for the rest of my life. What I have learned, what I have experienced has changed me for the better.
What would you want your fellow alumni to know about Cameroon?
Cameroon is constantly surprising me. There is so much to do and see: the black sand beaches of Limbe, the dramatic mountains of Njinikom, crater lakes and waterfalls, coffee and cocoa plantations, the mysterious mokele mbembe dinosaur still believe to dwell in the southeast... Cameroon is considered to be the whole of Africa in one country. We have grasslands, deserts, rain forests and mountains. The geography is insane and interesting with volcanic activity (Mt. Cameroon was erupting in 2001 and Lake Nyos "exploded" in the 80s killing entire villages). The people are accepting and happy. Cameroon is beautiful.
What do you miss most about Saint Bonaventure?
Maybe I should tell you what I don't miss... It may be a shorter answer. I miss Mr. McElvogue. He challenged me in ways I didn't think possible. He unlocked a part of me that lay dormant, opened me up to the world of adventure in books, and he believed in me. I miss Mr. Ambler. I miss the way he would poke fun at us (using the sound of a heartbeat to much to Kevin's horror and letting us finish Gattaca the one day Linnea wasn't there just because she wasn't there), but also the way he encouraged us to be everything we could be. I miss Mr. Castruita's art class. I miss how Miss. H made government fun and how Mrs. Basolo used to whip us into shape with "wet noodles". I miss Mrs. Kraus's brimstone and fire rendition in American Literature. I miss World Quest competitions with Mrs. Valle and the insane friendships we built on the team. I miss afternoons spent in the Seraph Room rehearsing plays and learning about our potential. I miss my teachers and friends.
Being at Bonaventure helped shape me into the person I am now. My teachers helped me believe in myself, to trust in my abilities and not be afraid of showing my geek side. The person I was going into high school had dreams, but the person I became in high school made those dreams a reality.
Haven Hill
has accepted a full scholarship to play beach volleyball at Texas Christian University
Rebekah Kaiser
has been offered acceptance to both the United States Naval Academy and the United States Air Force Academy. 
Keegan Romero
has accepted a scholarship to play football at Western New Mexico University

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