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SERVANT to SERVANT                            7-22-16



New Orleans, LA


Minneapolis, MN

National Youth Gathering
Well, if a picture paints a thousand words, then the thousands of pictures we've seen of the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans, LA paints the picture of it being a huge hit! Such a blessing to see all of the youth coming together in worship, praise and service.

You are invited to click on the links below to view photos and listen to songs from the Gathering. To see more pictures on social media, check out Facebook and Twitter with this hashtag #NYG2016.
The following are photos submitted by some of our District's leaders and churches. 
Bishop Jamison J. Hardy attended the Gathering and met many youth and adult leaders from the District. He even ran into his brother, Tim (pictured on the right).

The Rev. J. Derek Mathers, Assistant to the Bishop and Mission Executive, posted many photos! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!
"...fantastic youth leaders in our English District! Leaders look after the youth in their groups. One of my joys is caring for the leaders. I am still looking to catch each of them here so we can add our picture to this humble, honorable, awesome gallery of leaders. As Bishop Jamison Hardy has been good to point out, you don't have to have a title to be a leader." (The Rev. J. Derek Mathers)
Selfies with Rev. J. Derek Mathers
Chapel of the Cross, St. Louis, MO, reported, " The National Youth Gathering may be wearing us out from practicing so much power-walking to make it everywhere on time, but we are still passionate about what we're learning! We took a stroll through the Riverwalk and part of the French Quarter, ending up at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company for lunch. Last night's mass event and this morning's Bible study taught us about humility in many relatable ways. Jesus humbled himself on the cross, and Paul describes in Philippians what humility is like. We look forward to our last night in NOLA! In Christ Alone!"
Youth from Fairlawn Lutheran Church in Fairlawn, OH, shared photos of traveling, the conference and service projects.


Teens from Ascension of Christ Lutheran Church, Beverly Hills, MI, head out to serve the greater NOLA community.



Hanging and supping with the youth from Prince of Peace, Medina, OH. A waitress poured a drink down one young lady's back by accident. Love and care poured out to provide for the startled individual.

Throughout the month of July, the Office of Rosters and Statistics and the Office of School Ministry at Synod is in the process of transitioning to the new Church Worker Update (CWU) and Commissioned Minister Information Form (CMIF) systems, which will replace the existing LEIF system. All rostered workers will need to update their CWU information through the website. You will be able to copy much of your LEIF information manually over into the new system before August 1, 2016. If you do not know your login information for the CWU site, please contact Rosters and Statistics at 888-843-5267 or by email at
The Kaleidoscope Fund
The Kaleidoscope Fund, a granting initiative sponsored by  Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), is now accepting applications! This newly launched granting program helps Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod (LCMS) ministries reflect the love of Christ and share the Gospel.

This initiative was established to impact ministries that have as their focus outreach and expansion, education and rostered church worker wellness. We encourage you to PRAY big, THINK big and DO big for maximum Gospel impact in your community.

Details regarding qualifications and an application for The Kaleidoscope Fund are available by visiting

LCMS entities qualified to receive funds from The Kaleidoscope Fund:
  • The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
  • A Congregation of the LCMS (including its School or Childcare)
  • A District of the LCMS
2016 grant submissions must be received or postmarked by August 30, 2016 . Recipients will be announced November 1, 2016.
Apply now for a grant from The Kaleidoscope Fund to start or expand your program!
Dear Friends in Christ,

The 2013 convention of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod directed the Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR), in concurrence with the Office of the President, to update the 1991 edition of Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation (Res. 3-13A), noting especially the "many changes in the understanding of morals, civil law and natural law in church and society."

All kinds of mind-boggling, society-altering changes have occurred in the 25 years since the last version of the "Explanation" was published. We have entered an age of computers, smartphones and virtual reality. In today's world, bullying involves text messages as often as physical confrontations; Islam is in the news on a daily basis; and the word "marriage" has taken on a radically new, unscriptural meaning.

Along the way, Christianity has not only lost its privileged position, but its teachings are often scorned, and Christians themselves are sometimes treated with hostility. Those who are catechized today are faced with an old question that holds a new sobriety: "Do you intend to continue steadfast in this confession and Church and to suffer all, even death, rather than fall away from it?" (LSB Rite of Confirmation). 

A first draft of the revised "Explanation" is now complete and ready for field-testing. The drafting committee and the CTCR have sought to prepare a fresh and faithful version of the "Explanation" that is:
  • Rich in Scripture and in confessional Lutheran theology.
  • Rich in contemporary application, seeking to address questions and topics that have emerged in recent years.
  • Rich in apologetics, providing reason-focused and natural law-based arguments for the church's moral and social teachings.
  • Rich in practicality, adaptable for use in a variety of settings in addition to youth confirmation instruction (e.g., Bible classes, adult instruction, individual and family study and devotional use, sermon preparation, mission and evangelism settings).
This field-test version of the "Explanation" is set to be published and mailed to all LCMS congregations and rostered church workers by late July 2016. You can download a field test version of your own by clicking on the box below.

The catechism is about teaching the faith. Luther saw the absolute need for that in his day. Five hundred years later, our need is no less than his. Please give this proposed revision a careful look. Share your reactions and suggestions by taking a survey. Click on the survey box below.

You have until October 31, 2016 (Reformation Day), to share your thoughts.

In Christ, the center of the faith we teach, believe and confess,

Rev. Dr. Joel D. Lehenbauer
Executive Director, CTCR and Chairman, Catechism Drafting Committee
Love Your Neighbor
Caring for women and children
Grace Lutheran Church in Vine Grove, KY, collected diapers, wipes, clothing, crocheted blankets, and bags and boxes of all sorts of baby goods in May and June to assist with the excellent work underway at Crossway Pregnancy Resource Center. Pictured are Roberta Tannahill, Evangelism Coordinator from Grace; CPRC Director Shannan Goodrich; staff member Vickie Amos and The Rev. David Tannahill.
Feeding the hungry
Ascension of Christ, Beverly Hills, MI member Sharon Florio, along with her son, Kurt Birnbaum, cooked and served breakfast and lunch at the Welcome Inn at the Berkley Community Church. The center is open once a week during the summer months to meet the needs of the homeless.
Sweet appreciation
Wonderful contribution from the Ladies of Risen Christ, Plymouth, MI to thank the Canton Police and Firefighters for their dedication and service. A great way to show love and thanks to our first responders.

Patriotic music
On July 14, 2016, Dennis Grannan, a Juilliard-trained organist and Dean of the Southern Arizona Chapter of AGO (American Guild of Organists) presented a patriotic music program to the members of Lutheran Church of the Risen Savior, Green Valley, AZ and the Green Valley community. Immediately after the concert, the guests were invited to the Fellowship Hall for the twice monthly S.O.U.L. Lunch Ministry, serving 190 guests.

Our schools
Students at Martin Luther Christian School, Pennsauken, NJ, making a splash on a hot summer day!
Redeemer Lutheran School, Oakmont, PA, hosting Robotics Camp, and it looks like a room of happy campers.
Call Declined
The Rev. Jeffrey G. Miskus from  St. Mark, Mississauga, ON has declined the call to serve Peace, Windsor, ON.

Congregations both large and small face the serious task of managing their funds. The members work unselfishly to share His Word in the local community. In order to do this most effectively, each church must make daily decisions as to how to best manage its finances. Many congregations have in their constitution the requirement of an "audit" of their financial records on a periodic basis. Often times, this can be difficult to accomplish due to a lack of availability of the proper level of expertise.
Bishop Jamison J. Hardy has been contacted by many congregations and, thus, the English District would like to offer an objective and confidential solution.
Paul J. Stanis is a baptized child of God. What he has been doing to support his family since 1976 is to work as a CPA (currently on inactive status). He is experienced in accounting, tax and finance in a wide range of industries. More specifically, he worked as the Treasurer of Peace Lutheran Church in McMurray, PA for three years and had previously held the positions of Provisional Council President, Head Elder, Deacon and Stewardship Chairman.
The English District would like you to consider using Paul to meet your need for this financial review. The only monetary responsibility to the congregation would be for his travel expenses (transportation, lodging and food). This will not require an extended amount of time on site and he would be willing to help defray the cost by staying at a member's home and enjoying Lutheran potluck meals.
The long range goal would be for you to engage Paul every few years, per your constitution.
If you would be interested in exploring this opportunity to strengthen your congregation's foundation, please feel free to contact Bishop Hardy for a personal reference. Since this is currently in the developmental stage, please sign up through the District President's office 248-476-0039 or by November 30, 2016. This will give the District Board of Directors an idea of whether to make this a regular tool for your use .

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The English District Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod supports and funds missions, from our churches' local communities to people across the globe. Whether it is a scholarship or basic humanitarian needs, we try to "love our neighbors as ourselves" in all we do. Your financial support can assist us in doing more in Christ's name. To support English District ministries  click here. Please prayerfully consider making a donation today.
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