Love your neighbor as yourself

Servant to Servant                                   10-14-16
Bishop's Visit
Bishop Jamison J. Hardy visited with the members of St. Mark, Janesville, WI during their morning worship service on Sunday, October 9, 2016. 
Bishop Hardy gives thanks to Rev. Donald G. Fehlauer for keeping God's people together during his time as the vacancy pastor.

The Rev. Samuel Maconachy was installed as the Associate Pastor of Faith, Naples, FL on Sunday, October 9, 2016. The Rev. J. Derek Mathers, Mission Executive and Assistant to the Bishop, officiated. Thank you to all who traveled to participate in such a wonderful day.

The Rev. Bradley Urlaub was installed as the pastor of St. Mark, Janesville, WI on Sunday, October 9, 2016. Bishop Jamison J. Hardy officiated the service.
Midwest Region Pastors Conference
Written by The Rev. James Huenink, Concordia Lutheran Church, Berwyn, Illinois
Dr. Jeff J. Kloha spoke at the Midwest Regional Pastors Conference (October 4-6, 2016) discussing the manuscripts of the New Testament and their application to our understanding of Holy Scripture. Dr. Kloha began by explaining how the Bible was transmitted through human scribes, which means that they had the same human foibles and made the same mistakes as the rest of us. Since the beginning of the New Testament, Christians have known that every manuscript was different from every other while also teaching that Scripture is inspired and inerrant. He described the difference between two often confused disciplines: Textual Criticism and Historical Criticism. Textual Criticism is the comparison of manuscripts to determine the original text of the New Testament. Historical Criticism is the "study" of the sources behind the text. Many scholars, like Bart Ehrman, claim to do Textual Criticism when they are actually doing Historical Criticism. Historical Criticism seems to work towards doubting the New Testament's reliability, while the evidence of Textual Criticism points to incredible fidelity and reliability in the transmission of the New Testament. He described the history of the transmission of the text from the formation of the canon in the first and second century to the development of current editions of the New Testament. One of the main misconceptions about Textual Criticism is that people are changing the Bible. Instead, the question is, "What should have been in the Bible in the first place?" As an example, he described the textual evidence of John 7:53-8:11, The Woman Caught in Adultery and the Long Ending of Mark, Mark 16:8-20. Both show evidence that they are not part of the original text of the New Testament, but they have made it into our English Bibles because of accidents of transmission. 

Deaconess Kim Schave, Chairwoman, LCMS Task Force on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, spoke at the conference as well. She described the ways that children and adults are abused by their families and trusted caregivers. Children are abused both in the home and by other people in authority. Many are intimidated into silence by their abusers. Detecting child abuse relies on finding symptoms in the children and reporting it to the appropriate authorities. Pastors and church workers should not attempt to investigate child abuse or attempt mental health counseling. These things are best done by professionals. When one suspects any form of child abuse, we should report it to the appropriate authorities, and they will determine whether abuse is happening. Domestic violence against adults is another matter. When one suspects domestic violence against adults, it is dangerous to report to authorities. One should have private conversations with the abused person and follow his or her lead. Do nothing without permission, because alerting the abuser could lead to more violence and even murder. She reminded attendees that counseling survivors is best done by qualified mental health professionals, while pastors and church workers should provide spiritual care.

Church and school activities
Highlights from the LWML Fall Rally
The fall LWML Chicago Zone rally was held Saturday, October 8th at Faith Lutheran, Arlington Heights, IL. The women shared in worship with Word and Sacrament and had a mission speaker - a young lady, who grew up at Concordia, Berwyn. She shared her experiences in three short-term mission trips that she took with Campus Crusade for Christ to Estonia, Ecuador and New Caledonia. A business meeting was also held and lunch which was prepared by the ladies of Faith. The in-gathering was a collection for a local homeless shelter.


Bags of Hope
Operation Barnabas chapter members were hard at work at Catalina Lutheran Church, Tucson , AZ readying the bags for Tucson HopeFest on October 22, 2016.





Boxes of Hope
A box of goodies for service members may not seem like a big deal, but for those stationed away from home, it reminds them they are being thought about and prayed for. Packages4Patriots, a ministry of Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, Elk Grove Village, IL, received a note from some grateful service members.

In our schools
Students at Faith Preschool of Jacob's Well, Ft. Wayne, IN, learned the importance of fire safety during Fire Safety Month.
In our churches!
Pastor Appreciation Month
Pastors at Fairlawn Lutheran Church and School, Fairlawn, OH, were recognized during Pastor Appreciation Month. Thank you, pastors! (L to R) Associate Pastor Adam Thompson, Visitation Pastor Ryan Beffrey, Senior Pastor Jim Gau, Visitation Pastor/Pastor Emeritus Larry Leuthaeuser (seated).
Spirited learning
The confirmation class at Hope Lutheran Church, Hastings, MN finished learning about the Apostles' Creed and the third person of the Trinity: the Holy Spirit. As part of a learning activity, students were challenged to use straws and breath to guide ping-pong balls through an obstacle course. Ping-pong balls are like us (human), the breath is representative of the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Spirit guides us, leads us, and pushes us to faith, we can do nothing apart from the Holy Spirit, which leads us to Christ.
English District Blog
Why does it mean so much to share the Gospel with college students - international and American - on campus? Ken's story helps to explain why we do what we do.

I knew something was wrong when the letter from Japan came from Ken's parents and not from him. Why would they write, when he'd always been the one to send his own hand-written letters and postcards? His grief-stricken parents wrote to tell us that their son had died of a heart attack shortly before he was 40 years old. Although they are not Christians, they knew what Ken's faith meant to him. Ken found his faith right here at All Saints Lutheran Church and Student Center, and at First Trinity-Oakland, with Rev. Eric Andrae, campus pastor, and with senior pastor Rev. Douglas Spittel.

Stereotyping might lead us to think that a student from Japan would not be open to Christianity, but Ken was interested from the first day we met him. Right after the first Welcome Meal he attended at All Saints, he told us he would like to come to All Saints to study the Bible. Ken let us know he was searching for a purpose for his life. He was planning to major in philosophy, but found he did not agree with the teaching in the Philosophy Department. He mentioned that he had talked with Christians in Japan about faith, but he wanted to know more

Augusta R. Mennell is the Campus Ministry Director at All Saints Lutheran Church and Student Center in Slippery Rock, PA. If you would like to highlight your work in the ministry, send a submission for consideration to Lynne Cobb, Communications Coordinator for the English District LCMS.

Disaster Response/Relief
Thanks to compassionate people in the LCMS who respond generously in the wake of disasters.

Hurricane Matthew has come when  LCMS Disaster Response resources are strained this year amid the ongoing response to the recent flooding in Baton Rouge, LA, and after the Synod's response to this year's California wildfires.

If you would like to assist the LCMS in responding  through a donation, please call 888-930-4438.
Join the LCMS in prayer for those who suffer in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Pastors may offer the prayer in congregations and all are invited to include these victims in personal prayers. Let us pray.

Lutheran Church Extension Fund's (LCEF) Consecrated Stewards program is a uniquely Lutheran perspective on creating Christian stewards in your congregation.
Over 620 congregations have completed the Consecrated Stewards program with an average increase of giving between 15% and 30%.*
Other benefits include:
  • Minimal time commitment.  The program takes just four weeks to complete.
  • The congregation is not required to attend additional meetings since the commitment process is tied to the Sunday morning act of worship.
  • Can be used at any time throughout the year.
  • Includes Lutheran Bible study materials and sermon outlines.
  • Includes publicity and communication aids like posters, bulletin inserts, and emails.
  • Offers guidance for anyone who wants to share their stewardship journey story (this is an important and powerful component of the program).
  • You'll work with an LCEF-trained and certified Guest Leader who supports and guides you through the program.
  • And more.
Contact Rev. David Thiele, English District LCEF Vice President, for more information.

* Individual results vary. Increases in amounts committed to annual envelope giving typically range between 15% and 35%. A congregation's results could be greater or lesser.  LCEF cannot guarantee results in a Consecrated Stewards program or the fulfillment of member commitments. Success depends upon the cooperation and participation of congregation members.

Reformation 2017 celebration services
What better way to celebrate Jesus in the Lutheran Reformation than to join with Christians everywhere in worship? Download our series of free Divine Service settings and walk your church through the events that refocused Christianity on Jesus and His grace alone.

Each service package includes two fully planned settings of the Divine Service, preaching resources, and a children's message. Plus, you'll get a wealth of FREE music and hymns from artists such as Stephen P. Starke and Kevin Hildebrand!

With ready-to-print liturgies and music in multiple file types, you can just download, print, and assemble your worship bulletins.

The services include the "Commemoration of Martin Luther (Birth)," "Commemoration of Martin Luther (Death)" and "Presentation of the Augsburg Confession." The "Reformation Day" Divine Service is expected to be available on the website in January.

Service 1   I  Service 2  Service 3  Service 4   
November prayer list
We encourage you to use the prayer list for your daily personal, congregational, school, classroom, staff, and circuit prayers to the Lord, our God. The Scriptures tell us to "pray without ceasing." Please feel free to use this list in your weekend service folders, on the congregational website or in newsletters.


November prayer list

Travel opportunity
November 11-21, 2017 Lands of Luther and Eastern Europe, Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  Hosted by Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, IN, the tour will include stops in Berlin, Wittenberg, Eisleben, Leipzig, Eisenach, Erfurt, Prague, Augsburg and Munich. Those interested are encouraged to email at or call 260-452-2119.

News from our international workers
Click here  to read our newsletter. This includes a special plea for one or more donors to come forward, to enable the purchase of a new seminary property in Sri Lanka. 

Please print and distribute this newsletter widely, thank you!

In Christ our Lord,
Pastor Edward Naumann
Theological Educator, South Asia

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Whether it is a scholarship or basic humanitarian need, we seek to "love our neighbors as ourselves" in all we do. Your financial support can assist us in doing more in Christ's name. To support English District ministries 
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